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Project • By STUDIO NINÉRestaurants


The space I was given was underground, narrow, without a view or any lighting. This posed the questions of “How do I maximize the effective space?” and “Can I create a compelling microcosm?” In response, I attempted to minimiz... More

Project • By YOD design labBars


We made a full redesign of the restaurant and rethought old Italian traditions with a contemporary design angle. Lucca restaurant has been working in Solomensky district for ten years and has gained a reputation as one of the best Italian restaurants... More

Project • By Ohlo StudioShops

Dough Pizza

Dough Pizza is located within a new, bustling hospitality precinct. Thus it needed to evoke a distinct atmosphere and personality reinforcing the cultural heritage behind the food and the team behind it. Using contemporary lines that intersect a rust... More

Project • By Plus ArchitectureBars

Persone Bar and Restaurant

THE ITALIAN LANEWAY REDISCOVERED Overlooking the Brisbane River from the podium of the new W Hotel, along Brisbane’s North Quay, this exciting new Italian restaurant creates a unique, raw Italian environment inspired by the authentic Italian l... More

Project • By Taller ADGRestaurants

Buna Sartoría

The project provides a solution for two adjacent commercial spaces, separate but sharing  access, foyer and services. Buna is a coffee shop, and Sartoria is one of the best Italian restaurant in the city by the chef Marco Carboni. The main idea... More

Project • By NOWADAYS officeRestaurants


Enclosed by five-meter ceilings and plate glass windows, the restaurant consists of an airy open plan space with an interior aesthetic drawn from mid-century Milanese cafés, but adapted and modernised to feel contemporary in the early 2020s.... More

Project • By KCA InternationalBars

Si Ristorante Italiano

Si Ristorante is a modern Italian restaurant inspired by the setting of Ristorante Al Vagon of Venice. The 156-seat cover restaurant is modern while at the same time it attempts to embraces Guest with its warmth of an ethnic restaurant.   Gues... More

Project • By Hiroki Tadokoro architect's officeRestaurants


A finest Italian restaurant consisting of counter seats where you can enjoy a meal prepared in a kitchen and private seats where you can enjoy greenery over a large glass. More

Project • By Hiroki Tadokoro architect's officeRestaurants


An Italian restaurant featuring dishes that make the most of the ingredients. In order to create a space where you can feel the nature and the seasons, you can plant many kinds of plants in the facade and the store, and enjoy your meal while enjoying... More

Project • By GenetoRestaurants


This is an Italian restaurant in Gunma prefecture.In contrast to a big city, this town has a typical local city view. There are many chain stores and giant shopping stores in roadside.   The client is originally from here and he has a strong t... More

Project • By YUDIN DesignBars

ITALIST Prosecco Bar

The first bar of the new Italian restaurant chain ITALIST Family in Kyiv. Twin designers Vladimir and Alexander Yudin were invited to the project as active participants and conceptors.Italist Family is about local culinary traditions and, thanks to i... More

Project • By 370studioRestaurants


Posypane Dom Makaronu is a new concept on the culinary map of Warsaw. The pasta is made on the spot according to original recipes. In the whole restaurant plaster was removed, which allowed to reveal reinforced concrete construction elements as wel... More

Project • By Davide Groppi srlRestaurants

Le Calandre Restaurant

Illuminating Le Calandre was an incredible experience. Like I often do in restaurants, I wanted to put the light in the plate. On the table. Starting from the idea that the egg is one of the fundamental components of cuisine and talking with Massimil... More

Project • By Banker WireRestaurants

Che Figata

Che Figata, an Italian restaurant with a European-style market located in Naperville, Illinois. This “Italy to Table” themed restaurant serves meals focusing on homemade pasta and pizzas and showcases an outdoor patio enclosed in an architectural wov... More

Project • By Norm ArchitectsRestaurants


With Cofoco’s new restaurant concept “italy” Norm architects have been exploring the balance between the unknown and the familiar. Creating an atmosphere that is Italian, but seen from a Scandinavian mindset.With its simple douce and ultra matte yell... More