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Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPERestaurants

Al Dolcenero Restaurant

Al Dolcenero Restaurant is located near Udine, in the Friuli Italian region, a land of exceptional wines and flavors.The warm season invites you to indulge in lunches and dinners on its terrace: they renovated the floor by installing porcelain stoneware from our Percorsi Extra line, Pietra di Vals version, rectified K2 format 60x60. The material covers that comfortable space in a realistic and sober ceramic quartzite that showcases the authentic patina of time without fearing it. More

Project • By STUDIO NINÉRestaurants


The space I was given was underground, narrow, without a view or any lighting. This posed the questions of “How do I maximize the effective space?” and “Can I create a compelling microcosm?” In response, I attempted to minimize the fit and connecting dimensions of necessary functions and conditions, and connected these locations with straight lines—avoiding pillars and beams; shielding duct and pipe spaces; securing light sources at necessary angles; including necessary equipment; securing necessary storage spaces; placing door openings at welcoming angles; creating angles that avoid splashing or dripping from cooking processes; giving the walls and ceiling sprawling angles that do not create a feeling of oppre... More

Project • By YOD GroupBars


We made a full redesign of the restaurant and rethought old Italian traditions with a contemporary design angle. Lucca restaurant has been working in Solomensky district for ten years and has gained a reputation as one of the best Italian restaurants in Kyiv as well as high rates on Google and TripAdvisor. In the beginning of redesign, we had recollected the history to find the right new concept for the venue. The restaurant was named after the city Lucca in the Italian region Toscana. It is quite a small ancient city, which still keeps some influence of Roman culture. The main tourist attraction is the Guinigi Tower with an oak garden on the top of it. All here is about traditions – traditions of cuisine, culture and hospitality.Some... More

Project • By Ohlo StudioShops

Dough Pizza

Dough Pizza is located within a new, bustling hospitality precinct. Thus it needed to evoke a distinct atmosphere and personality reinforcing the cultural heritage behind the food and the team behind it. Using contemporary lines that intersect a rustic base, the design creates diverse spatial experiences within a tight footprint.   How is the project unique? To unify the space and increase flexibility, a structured modular booth seat was designed. The structure of the sofa modules is housed within the cushioning and allows each independent seat and back module to shift along a carpeted platform.   In particular, this addressed the need for the private dining room to cater for smaller groups if necessary while maintaining the... More

Project • By Plus ArchitectureBars

Persone Bar and Restaurant

THE ITALIAN LANEWAY REDISCOVERED Overlooking the Brisbane River from the podium of the new W Hotel, along Brisbane’s North Quay, this exciting new Italian restaurant creates a unique, raw Italian environment inspired by the authentic Italian laneway that sets this restaurant apart from all other offerings in Brisbane.   Persone brings about discovery and intrigue to this riverside venue. The thoughtful design creates a space of tapered light, paired with a little grit, to become a moody and memorable space that inspires feelings of curiosity and comfort.   The restaurant seats 210 diners, along with a 12-person private dining room with wine cellar and an outdoor terrace bar with lounge and dining. It appeals to the larg... More

Project • By Taller ADGRestaurants

Buna Sartoría

The project provides a solution for two adjacent commercial spaces, separate but sharing  access, foyer and services. Buna is a coffee shop, and Sartoria is one of the best Italian restaurant in the city by the chef Marco Carboni. The main idea was to create a vault that provided a sensation of warmth reminiscent of old Italian trattorias. This is the guiding design principle for Sartoria. Buna’s space is solved by tilting the vault shape, generating a curved wall that provides a sense of continuity in such a small space. A play of arches that form the personalities for two different concepts   A sliding glass door provides access to both spaces through a small foyer. Which are met by a concrete wall that becomes the base... More

Project • By NOWADAYS officeRestaurants


Enclosed by five-meter ceilings and plate glass windows, the restaurant consists of an airy open plan space with an interior aesthetic drawn from mid-century Milanese cafés, but adapted and modernised to feel contemporary in the early 2020s. Some of the walls are finished in concrete plaster, while others are hidden behind a long velvet theatrical curtain. The floor is mainly palladiana terrazzo apart from the area adjacent to the brick counter.  Generous natural lighting is complemented by a giant lightbox above the open kitchen, and designer neon lights scattered throughout the space. The bar area is highlighted by coloured marble blocks. All the chairs in the restaurant are European vintage, and while the rest of the interi... More

Project • By KCA InternationalBars

Si Ristorante Italiano

Si Ristorante is a modern Italian restaurant inspired by the setting of Ristorante Al Vagon of Venice. The 156-seat cover restaurant is modern while at the same time it attempts to embraces Guest with its warmth of an ethnic restaurant.   Guest experience a play of volumes all the way from the Entrance to Bar area and leading onto the Main dining space. Display Kitchen, live pizza station and Antipasto counters all create dramas adding to the much-wanted ambience of an Italian restaurant. More

Project • By Hiroki Tadokoro architect's officeRestaurants


A finest Italian restaurant consisting of counter seats where you can enjoy a meal prepared in a kitchen and private seats where you can enjoy greenery over a large glass. More

Project • By Hiroki Tadokoro architect's officeRestaurants


An Italian restaurant featuring dishes that make the most of the ingredients. In order to create a space where you can feel the nature and the seasons, you can plant many kinds of plants in the facade and the store, and enjoy your meal while enjoying seasonal flowers and autumn leaves. In addition, the planting of facades also plays a role in appropriately blocking the line of sight of the road and shops. The warm and gentle space that the owner wants is expressed by the texture of natural materials such as wood and soil. More

Project • By GenetoRestaurants


This is an Italian restaurant in Gunma prefecture.In contrast to a big city, this town has a typical local city view. There are many chain stores and giant shopping stores in roadside.   The client is originally from here and he has a strong thought that his hometown should have identity and it needs a place(restaurant) which can be a foothold for local people.   We researched the building forms and the use in this town. We tried to get identity as a restaurant and make an opportunity to change the town by making a building form not existinghere.   The client thought that the building has a statement toward the town and it arises from the construction stage already.He decided to build as self-build and had a communicati... More

Project • By YUDIN DesignBars

ITALIST Prosecco Bar

The first bar of the new Italian restaurant chain ITALIST Family in Kyiv. Twin designers Vladimir and Alexander Yudin were invited to the project as active participants and conceptors.Italist Family is about local culinary traditions and, thanks to its modern minimalist style, represents the typical Italian traveller and expressly hedonist. 
The designers of the studio YUDIN Design have not done a simple job in the creation of a stylish and functional interior and a clear brand identity for the cafe.ITALIST Prosecco Bar is located in the centre of Kyiv. The mission of this institution is to give positive mood and an atmospheric piece of Italy. Crossing the threshold of the institution, you leave behind you a multimillion-dollar Kyiv, to re... More

Project • By 370studioRestaurants


Posypane Dom Makaronu is a new concept on the culinary map of Warsaw. The pasta is made on the spot according to original recipes. In the whole restaurant plaster was removed, which allowed to reveal reinforced concrete construction elements as well as brick walls, which we decided to use in the interior design. Their lower part was painted yellow and green, which created a characteristic sort of dado around the interior. The intense colours on the walls were combined with a dark navy blue floor made of microcement as well as with vintage patterned tiles. A characteristic accent of the restaurant are its two bars, made of copper sheet constituting two protruding elements. In one of them, behind a glass wall, in full view of the guests, pa... More

Project • By Davide Groppi srlRestaurants

Le Calandre Restaurant

Illuminating Le Calandre was an incredible experience. Like I often do in restaurants, I wanted to put the light in the plate. On the table. Starting from the idea that the egg is one of the fundamental components of cuisine and talking with Massimiliano and Raffaele, Ovo and Ovonelpiatto were born. Light is only on Massimiliano's art. Light is thought to makes us the unique guest in the restaurant and to makes us live a real multisensory experience.   Originally opened in 1981 by Erminio and Rita Alajmo, Le Calandre is currently one of eight restaurants in Italy to be recognized with three Michelin stars,an honor that the restaurant has held since 2003. Ranked at the top of all the major Italian restaurant guides, it is also one of... More

Project • By Banker WireRestaurants

Che Figata

Che Figata is an Italian restaurant with a European-style market located in Naperville, Illinois. The restaurant serves up “Italy to Table” themed meals focusing on homemade pasta and pizzas with a few twists on Chicago classic dishes. At 7,500 square feet, Che Figata seats around 220 people. In Italian, Che Figata (pronunciation: /kay fah-GAH-tah/) is a slang expression that means roughly “that’s cool” and is used when discovering something special. The restaurant itself is designed and inspired by the phrase to bring a fresh and modern, yet authentic Italian dining experience to Naperville. Outside the restaurant, Banker Wire architectural woven wire mesh pattern H-1 sits within Banker Wire U-Edge, used as... More