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Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureCommercial Landscape

Edgar Street Towers

IwamotoScott's contribution to the Greenwich South design study commissioned by the Downtown Alliance & led by ARO, Beyer Blinder Belle & OPEN: A visionary 1,300' tower at Greenwich and Edgar Streets sited adjacent to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in Lower Manhattan. Proposed sustainable building strategies include an environmentally-modulated skin, fiber-optic daylighting and bio-filtration terrarium floors within dual branching atria spanning Edgar Street. More

Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureOffices

Obscura Digital HQ

IwamotoScott designed this renovation of a 36,000sf 1940s warehouse in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood, housing the headquarters for Obscura Digital and the offices of IwamotoScott Architecture. Obscura Digital, a ten year old well-recognized immersive and interactive media company, recently relocated from their former headquarters in a warehouse on Bryant Street. The project called for innovative strategies regarding construction techniques and material selection to meet the very strict budget and schedule constraints while still offering a unique design that reflects the company’s cutting-edge artistic ethos. Obscura’s work involves design, r&d, fabrication and installation across a range of digital media, including architectu... More

Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureHousing

Ordos Villa 043

The design of the Villa 043 affects a subtly dynamic relationship between architecture and landscape. The project synthesizes the inward focus of the Chinese courtyard house, together with the outward orientation found in the western villa typology. This outward orientation is particularly relevant given the siting of our parcel (number 43) at the edge of a plateau, which offers views to the distant horizon in several directions. Working within the recommended footprint from the FAKE Design masterplan, the mass is extruded, cut and skewed in response to both program and site specificity. An underlying formal purity in the diagram of the villa is transformed to more fluidly house the program while adapting to site conditions of slope, su... More