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Project • By JansenShopping Centres

Schultheiss Quartier

Only the name serves as a reminder that beer was once brewed here: Berlin company High Gain House Investment (HGHI) has built an urban shopping and service centre on the premises of the Schultheiss brewery in Berlin’s Moabit district. Two new large-scale buildings form the frame for the ensemble of brewhouse and various individual buildings built on the site over the years. The main design principle of the renovation was to maintain the unique character of the ensemble of listed buildings. With a respectful approach taken to the stock, damaged parts of the building were carefully renewed and the sometimes large-scale industrial glazing restored true to the original with the thermally separated Janisol Arte 2.0 steel profile system. &... More

Project • By JansenPrivate Houses

Karel Du Jardinstraat

From factory to office to apartment block – there is no better way to spell sustainability than by reusing existing buildings. Amsterdam-based architects ZZDP Architecten B.V. have done just that, transforming what was once a work space into residential apartments in the trendy De Pijp district. The three-metre-high doors on the ground floor were designed as an object solution using the Janisol steel profile system with a face width of only 50 millimetres.   “We tried to restore the façade as sensitively as possible,” explains architect Joris Deur, Partner at ZZDP Architecten B.V., “and replaced the existing aluminium windows with steel profile windows.”   Merford Special Doors B.V. ma... More

Project • By JansenFire stations

Fire department Fulda

The Fulda Fire Department responds to around 2400 calls a year. In terms of efficiency and equipment, the station which was built more than 40 years ago in the Neuenberg district is behind the times. It is safe to say that it is time for a change here. Extensive renovations and a partial reconstruction are now scheduled to be carried out on the site to the east of the city centre. Jansen AG was hugely involved with the geothermal probes. The new control centre in the main fire station was completed in 2020, with a total of EUR 10 million being spent in total on the major project. However, the new control centre is not the only new addition on this site. Another special project is the development of the underground bunker, which houses the... More

Product • By JansenJANSEN easy distributor chambers

JANSEN easy distributor chambers

JANSEN easy distributor chambers offer the optimal solution in every situation. They impress with low weight and straightforward installation. All connection lines are leak-proof welded to the chamber wall, as per DVS 2207/1, and provide a distribution system ready to connect. High-quality materials in conjunction with first-class workmanship ensure a long service life and trouble-free operation. The distribution system is pressure tested in the factory and SKZ-certified. You will find further technical details in the JANSEN easy product information. Special versions are available on request. For further information please visit our website More

Product • By JansenVISS side-hung door

VISS side-hung door

As part of the steel profile system, VISS Side-hung doors are based on VISS standard profiles. They offer a unique system solution for large façade openings that can be integrated into the building shell visually without compromising its aesthetics. Thanks to their integration as a system solution, they offer planning reliability with BIM data, data from JANIsoft and article availability ex stock (subject to prior sale). With the CE marking, it is suitable for wide-ranging use. Materials / surface Bright or hot-dip galvanised steel strip, suitable for powder coating or enamellingCover profiles in aluminium and stainless steel   Element types:Single- and double-leaf doors, with and without fixed side sections and skylights &... More

Project • By JansenApartments

Schlotterbeck Areal

For many years it was the home of the iconic Citroën DS, pronounced ‘Déesse’ which also means goddess in French: the former ‘Garage Schlotterbeck’ was built in 1951 as a showroom and workshop for passenger cars. Citroën used the building for its original purpose right up until 2011. Today, the Schlotterbeck site is home to 2150 square metres of commercial space and 104 apartments. The round building with its access ramps was built to a height of 40 metres with a cylindrical tower.  On the façade, the VISS Basic and VISS Fire EI 60 façade system, with the necessary fire resistance class, ensures narrow face widths and a large glass surface. Windows and double doors are made from he... More

Project • By AMJGS ArchitekturApartments

Renovation and extension of a hertiage-protected

Built in 1891, the heritage-protected residential building has seen many changes throughout the years. While it was able to maintain its exterior appearance, it was completely gutted in the 70’s, leaving little of the original structure. For both, architect and client it was clear that the old building had to be restored as historically accurately as possible reviving the original character of the period of promoterism. In addition, a new structure designed in steel and glass, playfully sets a contrast and recalls industrial buildings of the period. Reestablishing the original appearance while adhering to modern building codes led to a deep intervention within the structure. The oil-fired furnace was removed and replaced with a heat... More

Project • By JansenCommunity Centres

Evangelische Johanneskirche

As part of a fundamental restructure, the parish hall was demolished and the facilities previously housed there integrated into the church itself. The windows, which were previously just two-and-a-half meters tall, now extend to the floor, allowing maximum daylight incidence; the eight-metre glazings were implemented using Jansen’s Janisol thermally separated steel profile system. To allow more light into the interior, the windows, which were originally two-and-a-half metres tall, were extended so that they now over eight metres from floor to ceiling. More

Project • By JansenRestaurants


In order to retain the authentic character of the goods shed, the interior architects used simple and robust materials such as reclaimed wood, black steel and concrete. The 5-metre arched windows made from Janisol Arte steel profiles provide the highlight: a view from the warm across the impressive mountain backdrop. The metalworkers constructed the impressive windows using profiles from the Janisol Arte steel system. They manufactured a total of nine small arch windows and the imposing fixed glazing on the gable end with an arched top and integrated glazed doors. The profiles were reinforced with slender flat steel pipe. More

Product • By JansenVISS Fire EI30 facade

VISS Fire EI30 facade

The updated classification of the VISS Fire EI30 curtain wall provides architects with undreamed-of design prospects. With glass dimensions of up to 2700 mm in width and 4600 mm in height, there are more options to choose from in terms of glazing from different manufacturers as well as different variants for the realisation of corner joints. In other words, greater creative freedom in the comprehensive planning of fire protection façades, including the entrance area, while ensuring that the high functional and legal requirements are met at the same time. Learn more about the new possibilities offered by the VISS Fire EI30 curtain wall. We would be glad to help you do so. Product details Support structures - VISS system profiles- D... More

Project • By ODS - JansenLibraries

Arnhem Rozet

Knowledge and arts complex Rozet been voted Best BNA Building of the Year 2014. This multifunctional building was designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects. This cultural building is organized as a public route that meanders up from the narrow streets of the medieval city center of Arnhem. The cultural activities enroll along this public cascade: library, reading rooms, music classes, art studio’s, study areas, exposition spaces, auditorium, cafeteria and bookshop. A giant bookcase forms the center of the building as a spine for display, storage and vertical circulation. Around it, large column free floors surfaces can be arranged in a flexible way. The route to the top culminates in a panoramic roof terrace, overlooki... More