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Project • By FlosMuseums

Museo del Gioiello

First opened in 2014, the Vicenza Jewellery Museum is extraordinary and unique. Not only because it is located in the grandiose halls of the Palladian Basilica of Vicenza, enhanced by the design of the Spanish designer with studio in Milan, Patricia... More

Project • By SkB ArchitectsShopping Centres

Ben Bridge Jeweler

Ben Bridge believes jewelry is about more than just adornment. It is a means of expression, love, personality and history. The patina and character of a piece tells a story unique to its owner and its meaning is enhanced over time. As... More

Project • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureShops

The Crown

Being different than typical jewelry stores, The Crown was designed with unique approach. The dominant usage of rose gold in paneling and pink hues in the space has set the trademark for the brand. This resonates with the concept of representing elit... More

Product • By AgrestiGioia Bianca

Gioia Bianca

Armoured jewelry armoire in white bird’s eye Maple polished. Inside safe in white shiny. Brass plated 24 karats gold accessories. Safes to be anchored to the wall with metal screws (supplied). Opening with digital Touch Keypad and emergency key syste... More

Project • By SOMA architectsShops

Koukjian Jewelry

Koukjian is a jewelry store in central Beirut. The existing site was long and narrow, so taking advantage of these conditions, we created on elongated central linear space. Reflecting the use of the space, a jewelry store, we wanted to create an inte... More