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Project • By KettalHotels

The Barracks Hotel Sentosa

The Barracks Hotel Sentosa was formerly used as a military outpost during the colonial period, the two-storey buildings were briefly abandoned in the 1970s before housing the Sentosa Tourism Academy. Today, it is one of three new properties by Far East Hospitality on the leisure island, sharing facilities with the adjacent The Outpost Hotel Sentosa and Village Hotel Sentosa. A sense of history is poignantly felt not only in this boutique hotel’s beautifully restored architecture; its storied past is also celebrated with artefacts such as the original doorknobs and exploratory tools framed and showcased along the corridors. An hour-long historic tour of the property is held twice a day for guests to learn more about its heritage. More

Product • By KettalObjects Meteo S

Objects Meteo S

Meteo S is a continuation of the Meteo family designed by Konstantin Grcic, which explores the enormous untapped potential of modern sunshade design. Protection from direct sunlight has become a fundamental condition for our health and well-being. The growing influence of sunshades and other shade systems in the planning and furnishing of modern urban landscapes, leisure resorts and private residences presents the challenge of providing a renewed focus for this specialised product category. This project has been developed on the basis of Kettal’s experience in garden furniture, motivated by a genuine search for performance and quality in design: a contemporary, comfortable product made of the most intelligent materials for efficient a... More

Product • By KettalPavillon O - Hub

Pavillon O - Hub

Hub offers you a third space within your actual office space. Your employees can mingle for chats, impromptu brainstorming sessions or perhaps a quick coffee after an intense meeting with a top client. The flexibility of our Hub system enables you to create scenes that complement whatever vision you have for your office culture. Three zones under one roof. Whether it is for sitting, meeting or taking a break, this curved structure will suit a variety of casual or impromptu interactions. Two spacious meeting rooms either side of a more casual open gathering point. Suitable for either formal or relaxed interactions. A six-person, high-table discussion space attached to a sofa area. Suitable for a variety of semi-private gatherings. An op... More

Project • By KettalHotels

Moon Palace Resort

The Palace Moon Grand Hotel at Cancun is surrounded by an idyllic postcard landscape. Furnished by some Kettal collections. More

Project • By KettalYachts

San Lorenzo Yacht

For over 60 years, Sanlorenzo Yachts has crafted tailor-made motor yachts as unique as a works of art, every one of them with its own story to tell. San Lorenzo Yacht is furnished by some Kettal collections. More

Product • By KettalCala Collection

Cala Collection

‘Cala’ is a high backed armchair inspired by the iconic Emanuelle. The chair has a majestic spatial pr esence with transparent and light surfaces. The open weave of the rope provides a latticed window for visual privacy while maintaining a connection to the natural elements. ‘Cala’ may be used for outdoor dining as well as a chair to lounge in. The wide selection of met al coatings, rope colours and cushion fabrics offer many possibilities to tailor the identity of the chair to suit different projects. More