Laminated stoneware

An overview of projects, products and exclusive articles about laminated stoneware

Product • By MargresTOOL & LINEA TOOL


TOOL grants strong personality to spaces making them unique in beauty and functionality. Its unequal technical features makes this product the ideal solution for the paving and lining of any space, even those with greater technical requirements. TOOL got its inspiration from contemporary architecture environments, with bold and modern lines that take advantage of the solid image of cement, transmitting a feeling of robustness and safety to environments. Its graphic is that of a cement where the effect of salts is glimpsed in matt/gloss reflections. A versatile timeless surface that conciliates aesthetics with the advantages of a coloured porcelain stoneware paste. More



Slabstone reminds us of the beauty of natural stone in its purest form. Keeping the personality traits of each of the natural stones, the Slabstone collection reinterprets them, giving them a sober and elegant character. We highlight the new thickness available – 20mm. This type of material is ideal for outdoor use – gardens, parks, terraces – and in high-traffic public spaces. It can be used on gravel, grass and raised areas, in a fast and functional way, being highly resistant and easily removable or repositionable without the need for cement-based adhesives. It brings great advantages when used on uneven surfaces, since it solves surface flatness problems. It can also be used traditionally with cement-based adhesive... More



Prestige is the enduring representation of a classical era, with glimpses and greatness of striking spaces that today takes the center stage of avant-garde architecture. In the presence of this marble, we realize that in fact it’s a classic like no other, that knew how to surround itself of both enigmatic and historical auras out of its time. Prepared with the most advanced digital print technology, the porcelain glazed tile is a complete marble collection very distinctive and full of personality between them, which allows to present a wide colour range. Outstanding and with exceptional qualities, Prestige is transversal in time and space, with the capability of covering spaces with an extraordinary versatility and, simultaneously,... More

Product • By MargresTIME 2.0 & LINEA TIME 2.0


Time 2.0 is the concept of natural stone materialized in porcelain stoneware. The elegance and timelessness of stone gains expression in Time 2.0 with the highest technical characteristics of full body porcelain stoneware by Margres. Time 2.0 is born from the creativity and technological perfection of the Margres laboratories, presenting a broad range of elegant chromatic tones, formats and special pieces. Available in natural, polished and anti-slip finishings and with an extremely high resistance, Time 2.0 offers a complete range of solutions for the demanding requirements of modern architecture, being the ideal solution both for wall and floor coverings in residential and public spaces. More

Project • By PORCELANOSAResidential Landscape


The bathroom facilities have been converted into objects of desire, which is why we allow ourselves to be surprised by the high sophistication that can be achieved in some designs such as the suite from the interior designer Alexey Aladashvili for residential housing in Rostov, Russia.   Following an exotic line, dark and vibrant colours of the furniture and decorative coating were combined into aguamarine, blue and pink tones with the elegant XLIGHT LUSH White, wood and black-finished tiles.   Eclectic, bright and vibrant. In the room, the classics are reinvented by mixing textures and colours into an incredible pattern of carefully thought-out combinations.   The key to the selection of materials was the ease of maint... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAApartments


The iconic “Berkshire House“, situated in the business centre of Maidenhead (Berkshire, United Kingdom)  has been fully converted into a residence of maximum comfort.    The Essential Living estate agent, has breathed new life into the 1960s building  with a comprehensive refurbishment designed by the architectural office of Goddar Manton Architects with the idea of offering some exclusive apartments in a prime location.   With special care, the comprehensive coverage of the building is a clear example of the project deliverables. Thus, with the objective of creating an eco-efficient insulation that would provide energy savings and sound-proofing, a ventilated façade was designed by XLIGH... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAHotels


With an aesthetic that is avant-garde, timeless, and open to the Mediterranean from the coast of Calpe, Alicante, the Suitopia Hotel is a new concept of holiday accommodation designed carefully by Xavi Pastor, that is incorporated into the chain Sol y Mar Suites Hoteles.   A project that has had the utmost care in the choice of materials both for the rooms and the common areas and has therefore used for its interior design some of the most exclusive products of PORCELANOSA Grupo’s various firms.   Urbatek’s Concrete Grey Nature wall covering has been chosen, a material that also stands out for its resistance and easy maintenance, in its 100×30 large-format version, providing a greater visual uniformity and ma... More