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NewsNews • 8 Feb 2021

Lower Mountjoy Teaching and Learning Centre responds to its historic context with playful modules and pyramidal roofs

Located in proximity to the historic city centre of Durham, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Lower Mountjoy Teaching and Learning Centre offers innovative teaching and learning space at Durham University. The town’s iconic cathedral and historic building grain factor in throughout the project. Designed by FaulknerBrowns Architects, the centre was delivered in a team collaboration with Space Architects and Galliford Try.  Jack Hobhouse In 2017, a new University Strategy was launched to offer a strategic direction for Durham University over ten years. FaulknerBrowns were engaged to support and inform this development with the development of a new University Masterplan. Central to the University Strategy and Masterplan was th... More

Project • By bureau SLAPrimary Schools

Nature and Environment Learning Centre

bureau SLA designed a school building that is a teacher itself. In the Nature and Environment Learning Centre in Amsterdam sustainability can be easily experienced and understood by children. In Amsterdam, every primary school student is provided with his or her own 6m2 garden to care for. These students are also enrolled in classes where they learn about nature and the environment, held in one of the buildings dedicated to the purpose throughout Amsterdam. As of this year though, Amsterdam Noord becomes host to a new building designed specifically for this purpose: the Nature & Environment Learning Centre.This new building replaces two temporary structures (which housed the program for the previous five years). In addition to bein... More