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Project • By S+B UK laboratory furniture and fume cupboardsSecondary Schools

Concord College UK State-of-the-art STEM Labs

Founded in 1949, Concord College is a highly academic independent international school nestled in a beautiful 80 acre site in Shropshire. Concord has been voted one of the best independent schools in the country for a number of years,  attaining 3rd place in 2017. S+B UK S+B UK S+B designed a completely unique, bespoke furniture system to the clients precise specification following numerous design team meetings and workshops with each department head. S+B were subsequently appointed directly by the client to supply the laboratory furniture and fume cupboards , working closely with the Main contractor and Architect. S+B UK S+B UK Following the completion of the new 22 laboratory science building, we received wonder... More

NewsNews • 10 Jan 2022

Frastanz-Hofen Education Centre by Pedevilla Architects places pedagogy at the heart of its design

In Frastanz, Austria, the Frastanz-Hofen Education Centre by Pedevilla Architects is a joint location for childcare, kindergarten, and primary school that places pedagogy, and the transition from elementary to primary school in particular, at the heart of the design. Gustav Willeit Developed from a previously refurbished existing school building, the latest iteration includes four new wings that merge seamlessly with the existing building. Alongside quiet peripheral zones for individual and small group learning, the central ‘marketplace’ provides a dynamic place for meeting and exchange that accommodates parents and children of all ages. Designed to provide the most consistent and targeted pedagogy possible for children b... More

NewsNews • 8 Dec 2021

Erlev School by Arkitema Architects marks a new generation of timber schools in Scandinavia

A timber school with a forward-thinking perspective, Erlev School in the Danish city of Haderslev marks a new generation of timber schools in Scandinavia with its particular emphasis on social, economic and environmental sustainability.   Niels Nygaard Accommodating 500 students, the City of Haderslev had from the outset of the project a clear ambition to push the boundaries of conventional school design. As such, Arkitema Architects were given the freedom to experiment with design, construction and materials in a new way.  Niels Nygaard The resulting design shapes the interior of the school with simple and open geometries that encourage curiosity and creativity. Within these geometries, atypical learning spaces and zo... More

Project • By Triple O StudioPrimary Schools

Thoraipakkam School

A project of its own challenge and uniqueness that prompted us to shape the very definition of a government school. The main focus was to sculpt the school from an existing plan and dimension into a vibrant zone of learning, a place where kids can finally feel that the school is indeed built for them. Light, color, gathering spaces, greenery, scale, and most importantly, the kids have made this government school as what it is. The design breaks free of the typical rigid composition of a school through the use of Jaalis and height variations in the roof slabs which bring in daylight and ventilation, thus making it a breathing structure More