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Project • By Clear LightingParks/Gardens

Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the most beautiful theme parks all over the world, Flexglo™ F23, mainly mounted beneath the benches and stairs as the landscape lighting, adds extra tranquility & coziness to the surroundings at night out of a slim profile and excellent lighting effects. People who walk by are guided securely and gently under the continuous soft glows without an abrupt interruption, and can enjoy some quiet time away from obligations. Caption Caption   More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F23 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Flexglo™ F23 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Flexglo™ F23 is an exquisite combination of small size and usability. Although it is much easier to find smaller ones on the market, few can compete in terms of appearance, color consistency, heat dissipation, weatherproof, and average lifespan. It achieves a subtle balance to fit high-end design demand, backed by our extensive experience in the lighting industry. With yacht’s having emerged as one of the most promising markets for its use, alongside retail and the landscape. The Slender, and more uniform LED flex neon light have recently begun gaining favor with lighting designers, so the PVC F23 with 10mm by 10mm came into being in 2016, Its exceptionally small physical size with maximizing lumen output and two bending ver... More

Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings


The Artwork project adopts the Flexglo™ F16 product line, enhancing the building’s beauty to deliver breathtaking effects. By the multiple colored lighting, we gave a versatile look to the artwork, resulting in an overall effect less monotonous. The vibrant colors gave life to the piece and made it even more irresistible to the eye! More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F22 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Flexglo™ F22 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Flexglo™ F22 is well-known for its diversity. Optional horizontal and vertical bending; commonly used as façade lighting where high lumen output is required. DTW lighting creates appropriate ambient lighting for indoor or outdoor use without flickering or color discrepancy when dimmed.  At a wide visual angle, three-emit-ting light is appropriate for handrails and artwork. Aquaglo™ F22, which has the same dimensions, is designed for underwater use and is UL676 certified. High perceived brightness and two bending versions (horizontal bending and vertical bending) with same dimension are increasingly important in architectural lighting. F22 RGB with Nichia SMD3030 came into being for marine projects in 2015, subseq... More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F21 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Flexglo™ F21 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Flexglo™ F21, the one and only within the array of products that's boldly dome shaped, while radiating at a beam angle up to 160° (50%). A refined classic neon appearance that offers the opportunity to be used for cove and accent lighting enhancing the ambiance with everlasting aesthetic. The colorful jacket is ideal for stage lighting, while the gray or black jacket is ideal for wall and ceiling lighting to blend in with the surroundings when the light is turned off. Female and male connectors are optional for ease of installation. Domed Neon light with wide view angle is synonymous for LED flex neon. CLEAR combined conventional and advanced technologies to arouse new vitality of the product. By adopting SMD three-in-one RGB... More

Product • By O/M LightU60


The classic U60 is focused on completeness of range and on providing the most extensive variability of functions. The staple of many projects, the U60 and its broad family of luminaires is relied upon for every application: recessed, trimless, surface and pendant. More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Tsim Sha Tsui Centre

The Tsim Sha Tsui Centre in Hong Kong is all about luxury and light. Passers-by can enjoy it at any time of the day and appreciate its decoration. It adopted Flexglo™ F22 product series outlining escalators and elevators. In consequence, this gave both an astonishing look while providing with style and safety measures. Caption More

Project • By Clear LightingCommercial Landscape

Kanakia Wall Street

Kanakia Wall Street Lighting in India makes this the building look more vibrant and shows an unexpected art expression. This is because of using CLEAR Lighting's flexible linear lights and customized shapes to draw a dynamic walking animation, and creating a remarkable night scene. Caption More

Product • By O/M LightO975


Created from tailor-made extruded polycarbonate, O975 is a shadowless, even, and powerful luminaire. Easy to fix, easy to install, robust, and reliable, O975 is high technology and design that come together in a cylinder of light.Design: Eduardo Souto de Moura More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F15 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Flexglo™ F15 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Flexglo™ F15, the first genera-tion of LED flex neon features the ground-breaking ClearTech V-Optic™ technology. Horizontal bending is more commonly used as contour lighting and indicator lighting. As the emitting surface is flat, it is suitable for recess installation, bringing a step closer to perfection in detail when equipped with the flange mounting profile. ClearTech, C-Mask™ and UV resistance prevents lumen decay and staining, adding long-last-ing radiance. Technical developments had pushed forward our LED flex neon light progress. SMD three-in-one RGB LED and FPCB technology meet the requirements of high brightness and color changing for flat lighting surface type. Our second generation of flat lighting surface... More

Project • By Clear LightingCar Parks

Parking House

The inspiration for this project design evokes from the hem of the skirt of Marilyn, whose ancestors come from Haugesund-Norway, making it become an iconic building in the local. Irregular alignment and on-off of the whole lengths of LED neon, programmed by DMX controller, present vivid and flowing effect, and display a fascinating night scene randomly to adapt to the festival atmosphere in RGBW or mixed color. Caption   More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F21DTW Ambient Lighting

Flexglo™ F21DTW Ambient Lighting

It’s in our DNA to pursue the light stemmed from the perception about the periodic change of day and night, so the most comfortable state is to follow the pace of natural light.  Dim to Warm products always provide the suitable color temperature and brightness simultaneously adapting to the moment without flickering. No matter when relaxing, reading, working, or recreating, it is the right tone that belongs to you.  Contact us and learn more. More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F2222/F2219 Façade Lighting

Flexglo™ F2222/F2219 Façade Lighting

It's an architectural-grade lighting meeting the needs of high lumen output yet visual comfort for a direct view, optional at a multitude of colors in white, RGBW, and animation choreography via  DMX control.  The structure adopted ClearTech TwinFlex™ and PinBoost™ further enhance the robustness of inside PCB and LEDs when bending. The exclusive silicone material itself plus C-Mask™ treatment on the emitting surface endow the product with the feature of self-cleaning and UV resistance to maintain the authentic color much longer.  Either factory-assembled or field-assembled connector sealed with the light body, underpinned by InsulFit™ & DryWire™, is IP67 achievable for your convenient insta... More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F23 Marine Lighting

Flexglo™ F23 Marine Lighting

It's popular in the marine market, featuring adaptability and reliability.  The option of horizontal bending and vertical bending allows more freedom in lighting design. The mini dimension and precise length enable the profile to adapt to various narrow spaces perfectly and neatly, thanks to the liquid injection molding workmanship and the short cutting unit at every two LEDs.  Regardless of the physically small size, integrated with ClearTech Twinflex™ and DryWire™, it performs well in heat dissipation and water tightness.  All together ease the use and prolong the lifespan in the seaside environment, come and try it? More

Project • By Clear LightingBridges

Trafalgar footbridge

We illuminated a bridge with a unique charm that made it stand out. The colored line lights perfectly outline the structure of the whole bridge. This, in turn, causes the lights to be mapped on the water, resulting in a combination that doesn’t go unnoticed. The chasing lights give vitality to the bridge and enhance its prominence. More