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Project • By BoysPlayNiceWatch Towers

Lookout Tower at Kraličák

The lookout tower is a result of several years of collaboration with the local ski resort Kraličák. It is situated at the highest point between Hynčice and Stříbrnice on the hilltop Štvanice 866 m.a.s.l. The supposed center of the resort, on the... More

Project • By McGregor CoxallResidential Landscape

Valley Lake Lookout

Valley Lake estate, in Keilor East, is located in a visually stunning pocket of the thriving north-west Melbourne, where land formations create a dramatic yet protective atmosphere. Built on the sloping land that was once Niddrie Quarry, basalt for r... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceMemorials

Durch Lookout

In the hills above Valašské Příkazy in the Zlín region in Czech Republic grew up a lookout Durch designed by architect Zdeněk Fránek. Durch is a tribute to the view of the landscape. It is meant to stimulate and realize this beauty. It also serves as... More