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Project • By Azócar Catrón ArquitectosSculptures

Two towers and a trail

With two towers and a trail, I sought to promote the appropriation and restoration of the Boca Maule Marshland, located in the city of Coronel, in southern Chile’s Bio-Bio Region, by building two lookout towers, aligning, with an architectural vision, the local community, academia, the city council and trekking organizations.   The Project emerges from a cross-sectional diagnosis of Chile’s large cities, where the lack of public space, more than lack of free space, is construed as a lack of spaces set up for these ends. Natural “empty” spaces, like marshlands, estuaries, lagoons or hills, are trapped within the urban sprawl or in their devaluation, at the mercy of the market, or close to vulnerable groups. &n... More

Project • By NARTARCHITECTSWatch Towers

Lookout Tower at Galyatető

The project is located in the center of the 1100-kilometer long "Blue" national tourist route which passes through the North of Hungary between hills. The look-out tower is an innovative and contextual impact on Galyateto, that will enhance the experience of the second highest peak of Matra mountain's location and nature. It is a found object made of stone. The materials used are quite puritan, the harmony of the extant stone quarry and exposed concrete prevails in the building's reconstruction and extension. Together the old and new materials create a contemporary built environment.The Galyateto lookout tower is situated the highest among the lookout towers in Hungary, top of this is 1000 meters. Through the years the tre... More

Project • By Francisco Reina ArquitectoPrivate Houses


Pinillos house is located in the historical centre of Cádiz, whose compact urbanism was developed between the XVII and XIX centuries as a consequence of the role played by the city after the discovery of America. During this time, merchants coming from different locations built their houses until exhausting the urban fabric limited by the city walls and the sea. These manor houses share features that are very distinctive, such as its four levels organized around a patio or the lookout towers, singular element from the local domestic architecture. The building was donated to the Museum of Cádiz in 2006. The main objective of the intervention, promoted by the Ministry for Culture, was to regain its cultural values as well as equipping it wi... More