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Project • By beef architektiPrivate Houses

Casa Fly

Visiting the island repeatedly in the process of looking for the right plot of land we were impressed by traditional stone houses in cities and the countryside of Mallorca. 'Pedra en sec' is a very simple and inexpensive local dry stone construction technique and it has been used here since prehistoric times. In 2018, it was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Learning from local architecture, the house re-uses its traditional elements in contemporary typology and incorporates them along with a simple energy efficiency concept based on natural ventilation and heat accumulating properties of its massive walls. Tomeu Canyellas Mallorca is an island full of beautiful natural landscapes together with picturesque s... More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Oasis 2 Residence

This luxury residence was embedded into this steep hillside to overlook Lake Travis from two confluent directions. We were challenged to create views through, and access to, the pool from every room on the main level. In response, we created a glass jewell box that sits on top of a concrete plinth. The main entry area is an open void that bridges the lake to the user upon immediate entry. The lower level is is comprised of four individual private suites that pierce through the concrete shell to accommodate lake views.   More

Project • By Architecture DisciplinePrivate Houses


The 780-square-meters penthouse located in The IVY, in Gurgaon, India exudes sophistication and panache from every aspect.    Wrapped up with frosted film, the glass entrance door provides some privacy to the family whilst giving a hint of the house to the visitors even before they enter. The glow of natural light on the door keeps varying throughout the day which gives it a transposable character. The double height bookshelf acts as a memory shelf exhibiting the owner’s collectibles. The entrance lobby is perspective driven wherein the bookshelf and the flooring pattern helps in exaggerating the sense of depth and pulls the eye of the visitor till the end of the hallway. Brass lamps are placed such that they further accen... More

Project • By Vis-A-Vis Anna WojczynskaPrivate Houses

Two Lakes Residence

We had a pleasure to work on the project of a private residence in a pristine birch forest in the south of Poland. Designed and executed with the utmost care, the residence became a private sanctuary, distant from the haste of the client’s everyday life. We took part in every stage of the project, touring the site before even the foundations were laid, advising the architect and the client from the conception, through the execution and until the final styling.  The client had trusted us fully, giving us almost unrestrained freedom to pursue our vision. A small number of very specific functional requirements, as well as a study of the client's other residences, served as a foundation of a truly bespoke design. The client asked f... More