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Project • By La Errería * Architecture OfficePrivate Houses

Casa Rico&Ana

After many years of large interventions, the time for 'minor-surgery' constructions has arrived. If the new demands of society do not require major interventions anymore, architects should not fill our cities with lavish buildings. This new "small" architecture works like a precise scalpel: repairing the damage and regenerating the fabrics of our cities and homes in an adequate and meticulous way. The renovation for Rico&Ana's house was an example of this. This unfinished "lavish building" - or finished in parts - requires an effective architectural exercise to acommodate the building to the needs of our clients.   This project starts from Brazil, as a curious commission. Our clients wanted to reform a house for their stays in Sp... More

Product • By Bronces Mestre S.ACollection TREASURE by Mestre

Collection TREASURE by Mestre

NEW COLLECTION: Treasure by Mestre The finest Luxury Door Hardware Collection we have ever done. Handcraft, excellence, history and tradition combined to offer a unique design that will remain timeless and given the high end quality to the projects and luxury interiors worldwide. Our values Excellence, Exclusivity, Luxury, Handcraft, Timeless, Made in Spain. Luxury since 1952 More