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Project • By Maden GroupShops


Project: CARNIVAL Architects: Maden Group Location: Tirana, Albania Area: 150 m2 Project Year: 2021 Photograph: Leonit Ibrahimi   Carnivals are lively festivities that at first glance might look the same everywhere however, they differ based on the location they are held in. This concept of carnivals was inspirational to the design of the Carnival brand stores. It was important that our design maintains its identity as the brand expands in different locations. Although the identity of the constant movement and the different elements as in a carnival will remain the same, it is planned that the chain of stores will have its own unique choice of colors and identifying elements.   With every task undertaken, our office alway... More

Project • By Maden GroupBars


As part of our culture, once we find a new place of residence, we can easily spend different hours of the day for different occasions in the same place, especially when the work is added to the work of different Artists, who give local value. The challenge of this project, in addition to the many pillars in the bar, which we have eliminated through interior design, was also to create a space that fits harmoniously with several components. Works of art, colors and plants, are these three components that complement each other and harmoniously become one.  The chosen ceramic tile, called Araldica, handmade and designed by Italian designer Federico Pepe, gave the space another experience and feeling. The captivating effect of this tile,... More