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Project • By RMCHotels

Hostel | Porto

The perfect harmony between an old structure and a renovated entrance, can only be achieved with modern material that embodies the rustic and traditional look.   Exactly the case in this splendid building in Porto, our Merrazzo Africa managed to maintain the traditional old Terrazzo look, in a package of modern durable material highly consistent in color and pattern, adding a fresh feeling to an already aged structure.   More

Project • By RMCShops

Peluqueria | Spain

It has been for a while now that architects, designers and marble lovers in general have been waiting for something new, something cheaper, better looking and even better quality than ordinary marble. That's where our company comes in.   Understanding these needs and being able to please the market were, not only the reasons we developed these products but are also the reason we keep working harder and harder every day and every year.   Our  desire for innovation and beauty is what motivated the creation of the Merrazzo Collection . The colors, the patterns and the overall imagination that took place in creating these products have jumped them into our sales frontrunners.   In this project of a hair dresser sal... More

Project • By RMCBars

Odeon Bar | Estonia

Founded in 2019, Odeon is a bar/restaurant and club dedicated to creative communities. Odeon is a contemporary social club on Kopli street . A home away from “home for the curious”, Odeon brings together artists and creative souls.   Located in the heart of the new Tallinn Bohemia: Odeon ‘s stylish and original design exudes elegance, refinement and the promise of impeccable pleasures.    This bar brings new life to a mid-century soviet building, the space is flooded with natural light with views that are both urban and quiet. Inspired by the sequential spatial organization of a train, the layout begins with the restaurant’s vestibule, with two large vintage chandeliers at an entrance filled with a... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAHotels


Located in one of Kansas City’s most elegant and historic commercial areas, Country Club Plaza, the iconic InterContinental Kansas City hotel has been the center of the most exclusive events since 1972. The renovation, carried out by “Dash Design”, has transformed the hotel’s grand lobby and its over 300 rooms, suites, bathrooms, halls, and public areas, without losing its original essence. An interior design that has elevated the space to reflect a more sophisticated elegance using a classic palette, using spacious rooms with the essence of white marbles, bright white subway tiles, bronze details, wood finishes, and touches of color. The essence of marble is transmitted thanks to one of the most spectacular polis... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignApartments

Fusion Penthouse Design

The Fusion Penthouse Design is part of the fully serviced residential tower of Orsyat located in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Featuring stunning views of its beachfront ocean, this suite has been done in rich classical style accents fused with a modern backdrop. The use of plush furniture, art-deco style light fixtures, ornate artwork, & expensive materials create an ambiance brimming with unfettered grandeur & polished elegance. It's a home that is effused with a classic royal vibe - fit for a queen. More

Project • By ATG DesignApartments

Apartment Starbucks - Home for young family

The apartment is designed for home of a young family and is located in the center of the bulgarian capital - Sofia. The apartment is filled with light and space, the white color used as a base visually increases the space, and accent colors bring the feeling of warmth and coziness needed for every home.Everything is interesting in the project: soft shades, unobtrusive accents, contemporary shapes and invoices, where marble dominates. The laconicity of the kitchen makes it practically indistinguishable, giving the interior elegance and minimalism. More

Product • By MEC ArtworksMARCELLA - Waterjet & Mosaic


Simplistic, distinct patterns define this captivating collection of striking marble ornamentations. Developed in collaboration with the award-winning designer Beatriz Elizando; Marcella, translates to “a strong warrior”, which is rightly suited to the bold Marcella patterns. More

Product • By Tile Supply SolutionsMaxfine Tiles

Maxfine Tiles

Large Format Porcelain Tiles More