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Project • By Manço ArchitectsMosques

Mosque in Mardin

The aim of the architectural design submitted to the Mosque Design Ideas Competition opened by the Ministry of Environment & Urbanism has been providing a “particular” solution to the place and functions chosen, rather than introducing an “original” form for mosque buildings. The location of the unspecified plot was assumed to be in a newly developing suburb of Mardin, a historic town in Southeastern Anatolia, and additional facilities that will turn the mosque into a public gathering place in such a setting were sought at the beginning of the design phase.In response to the relatively low education and income levels, housing shortages worsening with internal and external migration, as well as the lack of social spaces in the peripherie... More

Project • By SELIM SENINShopping Centres

Mixed Use Building/Residential-Commercial

The project has two main functions: commercial market and house units. Commercial function and houses have entrances in opposite directions. The market unit is considered as a base for the floors of houses, and the different functions are separated in mass. The floor where the residential function started, the common social area is designed for the residential users. More