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Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsHospitals

Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital

Custom Metallic and Mica finishes from #ALPOLIC work together on the envelope of the Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital at the University of Utah to create a welcoming environment that also harmonizes with its natural surroundings. The shining copper color and pearlescent warmth of the Mica metal composite materials evoke a sense of calm and comfort.  Use of these finishes is particularly noticeable on the large canopy at the hospital's entrance. Paired together, the colors extend from the building to shield incoming patients and visitors from the sun, and draw them into a similarly designed place of solace and healing. Steve Tatro Steve Tatro More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsUniversities

University of Virginia Rice Hall

In 2009, construction of The University of Virginia’s newest information technology engineering building began. Rice Hall, part of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, sought to provide collaborative researchers throughout the school and surrounding area with a state-of-the-art facility and new technologies. Mark Rhodes for Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Made possible by a gift from the Rice Family Foundation, Rice Hall advanced engineering and sciences at U.Va. Furthering the University as a hub of information technology engineering activity, the new six-story building includes a courtyard, cyber-lounge, 150-seat auditorium, a Visualization Lab for Scientific Computing, a Computer Vision and Graphics Lab, fac... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsApartments

Enigma On the Park

Enigma on the Park, an 86-unit complex catering to the city’s creative population, represents renewal and growth. Situated on property once scarred by pollution, now bordered by lush green space, the project was conceived by Aragon Properties as a place for residents to harness the energy created in the neighborhood’s revival. Dave Kearney for ALPOLIC Dave Kearney for ALPOLIC Designed by BDP Quadrangle and completed in 2018, the complex stands nine stories high and uses reclaimed materials like exposed brick for interior walls to hearken to the area’s industrial past. Floor to ceiling windows allow for natural light to illuminate living spaces. Amenities like common rooms, a rooftop terrace lounge and artist stu... More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® Pearlescent Finishes

ALPOLIC® Pearlescent Finishes

ALPOLIC Pearlesecent finishes are part of our Effects line. ALPOLIC's Effects Color Line consists of shimmer, pearlescent, and prismatic color panels that are available with a FEVE LUMIFLON finish, a fluorocarbon paint system that features excellent durability and weathering for architectural needs.    ALPOLIC/fr Effects Color Line finished panels with a mineral filled core have been tested by independent testing laboratories using nationally recognized tests. This material meets all requirements of the International Building Code for non-combustible construction: IBC Listed UL Listed   ALPOLIC Pearlescent finishes include Pearlescent Orange, Eclipse and Frost. About Lumiflon FEVE Lumiflon’s FEVE fluoroethylene... More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® Anodized Series

ALPOLIC® Anodized Series

  ALPOLIC® Anodized MCM can transform your next design into a legacy showpiece. Anodized aluminum is an exceptionally strong surface that brings a smooth sheen to your next project, be it a high-end residence, boutique hotel or stylish automotive dealership. Our anodized aluminum panels are available in a choice of six colors that are easy to fabricate, deeply lustrous and tough as nails. These anodized panels reveal the natural beauty of aluminum while enhancing its toughness and aesthetic possibilities. Courtesy of Dynamic Metal About Anodized PanelsAluminum oxide is an extremely hard substance – the molecular basis of rubies and sapphires. Aluminum alloys naturally form a surface layer of aluminum oxide that’s... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsRestaurants

Starbucks at Natamos Crossing

ALPOLIC helps brands stand out. Five thousand square feet of BSM Black finish clads the canopies and roof line of this Sacramento-area Starbucks. The dark color brings prominence to the signage, allowing for high visibility. The finishes also complement the neighboring building in the shopping plaza. Katie Stacy Katie Stacy Katie Stacy Katie Stacy More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsUniversities

Browning Hall at Webster University

Metallic sparkles added to the colors in our Shimmer series mesmerize and catch the eye. Here, over 4,000 square feet of ALPOLIC Orange Gold MCM gives Browning Hall at Webster University in St. Louis a vibrant shine. John Stumpf The sparkle in our Shimmer Series finishes comes from Nova, the latest Fluropon Effects coating. It offers brilliant, shining colors with the same high quality as our other finishes: outstanding color and gloss retention, impressive weathering performance, and resistance to staining and fading. ALPOLIC Shimmer finishes are ideal for projects designed to catch the eye. Used on the underside of Browning Hall, the orange gold color dazzles and alters hue depending on the sun's location. The color also complement... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsShowrooms

Kendall Subaru of Marysville

Kendall Subaru of Marysville, Washington features a grand showroom and service area enhanced by two ALPOLIC finishes. Dark blue MCM, matching the signage, lines the top of the structure. Silver Metallic MCM clads the envelope. Both provide seamless color and superior flatness throughout the project. From video footage provided by Bestworth Rommell and Gaffney Construction From video footage provided by Bestworth Rommell and Gaffney Construction From video footage provided by Bestworth Rommell and Gaffney Construction ALPOLIC and Automotive Corporate Identity With roots in the petroleum industry, providing matierals for gas station canopies, car washes and supplemental facilities, ALPOLIC has branched into design for Corpora... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsUniversities

UT at Dallas Math and Science Building

Over thirty thousand square feet of ALPOLIC Quartz Zinc clads the LEED Gold-certified Math and Science Building at University of Texas in Dallas. We are proud to see our products used on a stunning, energy efficient project. Jason Keen Jason Keen More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsLaboratories

Measurement Systems Laboratory at NASA Langley

Over 90,000 square feet of ALPOLIC White and Silver Metallic MCM clad NASA's Measurement Systems Laboratory at NASA Langley in Virginia. This building houses six research and engineering groups on the campus, and is helping modern the base for future endeavors. Scott Wertz Scott Wertz More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® Metallic Finishes - MCM Series

ALPOLIC® Metallic Finishes - MCM Series

Our metallic panel finishes bring the look of silver, pewter, gold, steel, bronze, copper and other metals to our resilient aluminum composite panels. These finishes impart a luster of quality and distinction to your building – without the expense, fabrication difficulties and instability of natural metals. The durability and prestige of nature’s classic materials – with all the advantages that only modern ALPOLIC® composites can provide. That’s the timeless quality of our metallic finishes.   About Metallic Panel Finishes Cladco Ltd To create metallic finishes, we apply a coat of our Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin using our unique die-coating process that ensures smooth, even results with no... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsHospitals

Center for Health and Wellbeing

The Center for Health & Wellbeing in Winter Park, Florida was completed in 2019. ALPOLIC produced this elegant, muted terracotta color for this wellness facility in Winter Park, Florida. Our MCM tops the building's mostly glass walls for a beautiful effect. Omer Ozbek Overall, this project features: 150 Sheets WPM Red, FR Core 4mm, 62 x 196 (custom color terracotta / terra cotta) 50 Sheets Mica MQN Silver, FR Core 4mm, 62 x 196 (custom color Grey) Omer Ozbek More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® Natural Metals MCM Series

ALPOLIC® Natural Metals MCM Series

Copper panels evolve and weather to a rich patina, adding beauty and depth to any building façade. Zinc panels offer an elegant matte patina. Titanium and stainless steel panels convey an image of high-tech sophistication like nothing else. Our natural metal finishes deliver the opulence of genuine metal at a fraction of the weight and cost of solid sheet alternatives. About Natural Metal Finishes We bond metal skins to our polyethylene (PE) or fire-resistant (fr) core material to create a truly natural metal finish. The result is an MCM panel with all the beauty of sheet metal – and none of the drawbacks. Natural metal MCM is lighter in weight, more versatile, easier to fabricate and designed to remain flat and stable throug... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsApartments

Boren Tower

Newly completed, this impressive multi-residential project in Seattle features 8,000 square feet of ALPOLIC Bronze finish. You can see our MCM framing the entryways and the large windows on the lower floors, and on the canopies and fascia. Katie Dosch Katie Dosch More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsPrimary Schools

Northridge Local Schools

Just outside of Dayton, Ohio you can find “the best kept secret in Montgomery County,” according to the superintendent of Northridge Local Schools, David Jackson. When presented with an opportunity to renovate the K-12 school, Jackson had an idea to create a new landmark for the community. With the help of an intrepid design team and endlessly adaptable ALPOLIC metal composite materials (MCM), the finished project shines with its unique iceberg element, perfectly fitting the home of their school mascot, the polar bear. The eye-catching feature on this 230,000 sqft campus is the work of Levin Porter Architects. CEO Mark Wiseman remembers musing, “I kinda have a crazy idea.” He wanted to create a three-dimensional foc... More