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Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


This spacious apartment is located within a residential tower that symbolizes the rebirth of Milan after the post-war period. Simone Bossi In addition to its external beauty, the tower is renowned for its innovative technical solutions and stands as an icon of modern architecture in the city, representing a landmark in the urban landscape.  Simone Bossi The interior renovation focused on preserving the structural framework while transforming the entire space into an ideal canvas to develop the project.A key element that was retained is a large bichromatic marble circle used as flooring in the living area, representing both a distinctive material and a significant symbolic form.  Simone Bossi Freed from the framin... More

Project • By Studio Marco PivaHotels

Palazzo Cordusio

The historic Palazzo Venezia, a building erected at the end of the 19th century based on a design by architect Luca Beltrami, formerly the headquarters of Generali Assicurazioni, reopened its doors in December 2023. Andrea Martiradonna Redeveloped and partly converted for hotel use, the new Gran Meliá Palazzo Cordusio represents the intersection of History and Hospitality, a tangible homage to the synergy between the preservation of collective memory, historical heritage and the desire to create new experiences shaped by the present. Gran Melià Studio Marco Piva, which won the architectural competition, was responsible for the Artistic Direction of the areas subject to monument protection (management of relations w... More

Project • By Edoardo Milesi & ArchosApartments

BN House

The project for the BN House in the historic center of Milan consists of a merger and overall renovation of two apartments on the top floor of a typical building in the center of Milan. Andrea Ceriani Andrea Ceriani All the spaces, naturally lit by large existing windows, have been enhanced through the study and design of all the custom-designed interior furnishings. Andrea Ceriani Andrea Ceriani The living room and distribution areas are entirely covered with boiserie that itself becomes a container container, partly open and partly closed by hinged or folding doors to safeguard the space. Andrea Ceriani Andrea Ceriani The son's room in fir wood, entirely custom-designed, is developed on two levels connecte... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The project involves the complete renovation of a large apartment.The demolition of existing walls has allowed for a proper balance between the sleeping area and the living area.  Simone Furiosi The living area has been opened up as much as possible, creating two conceptual and physical volumes that define different functions and add dynamism to the space.  Simone Furiosi The first volume houses the kitchen, which can be completely isolated or connected to the dining area through full-height sliding doors.  Simone Furiosi The second volume delimits the opposite side and provides access to the more private part of the apartment, including a bathroom, a single bedroom, and a master bedroom with an ensuite bath... More

Project • By Riccardo Mazzoni ArchitetturaApartments

Casa Amaranto

Casa Amaranto is the renewal of an early 1950s Milanese apartment. The redistribution of spaces takes place through two main expedients: the first is the creation of a walk-in closet between the main bedroom and the living area; the volume, conceived as a box, characterizes both spaces becoming a sculptural satin coloured element with iridescent reflections. Matteo Bonetti The second reorganization device consists of a set of two openings at full height, that can be closed by two large sliding oak wood panels. If necessary, the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room can be divided, otherwise they constitute one continuous visually interconnected space.  Matteo Bonetti The old Venetian Terrazzo floors (Palladiana) of the s... More

Project • By mnda studioApartments

Ceraldi Bathroom

As in a bottle of water. In the Milanese municipality of San Donato, a new bathroom comes to life in every sense of the word. Daniel Civetta The new concept is based on the materiality of its coatings, and the indissoluble relationship between light and water. Natural architectural elements capable of enhancing shapes and, above all, colors. Daniel Civetta Originally, our client's request was to satisfy different needs, denied by the presence of a bathtub and furnishing elements; which were dated and bulky, but at the same time functional. Aimed at storing every necessary accessory inside this environment. Daniel Civetta The new shower is the design fulcrum in our intervention, it contains elements and sensations within i... More

Project • By Studio Marco PivaIndividual Buildings

Torre Antonini

Studio Marco Piva has been selected for the reconstruction of Torre Antonini, the skyscraper that caught fire in Milan on August 29, 2021, leaving 80 families homeless. The project, whose work should start by the beginning of  summer 2023, is planned to be completed between 2025 and 2026. Studio Marco Piva The project provides for the partial restoration of the architecture of the pre-existing tower, giving it a distinctive morphology that stems from the cues from the previous structure and translates into a modern architectural solution. The design concept provides for loggias that, enveloping the entire building, establish a connection with the surrounding area and offer usable and scenic outdoor spaces: a soft aesthetic with... More

Project • By mnda studioApartments

DP home

Some houses do not require radical human interventions to have an impact on people's lives and dp home is no exception. Michela Locci Michela Locci This apartment located in the province of Lodi sees in its owners a young couple who love colors and small spaces. The project stems from the client's desire to keep some of the previously purchased furnishings such as the kitchen, as a design constraint for our intervention, an important aspect considering its chromatic impact. Michela Locci Michela Locci Our task was to redefine the spaces and uses that were absent up to now, through the creation of semi-arched openings, fabrics and new materials such as parquet and terrazzo flooring that delimit a well-defined space betw... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The starting point for the renovation of this large apartment was the desire to create a dynamic system of spaces, able to adapt itself to the different needs of its inhabitants.The general layout of the house includes three bedrooms - one with a walk-in closet - kitchen, laundry room, study and three bathrooms. Sara Magni Sara Magni The fulcrum of the house lies in the living room, where the already existing pink granite fireplace and bow window are reintegrated within a new concept, which breaks the idea of a house made up of a sequence of rooms to create instead a more interesting concatenation of different moments in which to live various experiences. The living room is defined by the creation of two rounded and polychrome v... More

Project • By A I MApartments


The renovation project of this apartment in the heart of Milan focuses on the redemption of existing elements that over time have affected the building's structure and the original features of the space. Particularly, the wooden boiserie that covers the entire living room area.The project has been developed according to these classic details which are the main actors of the apartment’s interior.The choice of white as the dominant colour and the restoration of the original marble floor, highlights the desire to keep a neutral approach adding more value to the architectural form. Nicolò Parsenziani Nicolò Parsenziani Moreover, the second part of the renovation is based on reorganizing the space following the nat... More

Project • By A I MPrivate Houses

The box

The renovation of an apartment in the very heart of Milan focused on the moving inside, the relationship with the space and finishing.The project was born from the request to merge two small flats into a single large one; the focal point is the long distance dividing the entrance from the large 70 mq terrace, which surrond the living room. The creation of an iconic element as a white box, containg the service rooms ( toilet and kitchen area) reduced, thanks to the compression ans decompression, that distance creating a real passway experience. Caption The plain shape and softness of the cration, through the light and game of volumes, consecrated the space. Caption The sleeping area develops all around the house and is divided in... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The project involves the complete renovation of a small apartment overlooking Milan’s Darsena. To enhance the privileged view offered by two large French windows onto the surrounding urban landscape, it was decided to fully open the living room and kitchen, making them in fact a single environment. Simone Furiosi The living room wall and the kitchen wall perpendicular to it become a scenic backdrop that delimits the living area, separating it from the more private areas of the house. Simone Furiosi The entrance closet, the suspended cabinet, the full-height door, the kitchen cabinets, the island and the wardrobes that define the window frames are all custom designed elements, which guarantee a... More

Project • By Park AssociatiOffices

Pirelli 35

Snøhetta and Park Associati are the winners of the competition organized by Coima for the refurbishment of the existing 1960’s office block Pirelli P35 in the heart of Milan, Italy. The proposals for the Pirelli 35 competition by the two practices perfectly interpreted the client’s brief on project’s complementary aspects. Coima came up with the idea of offering the two practices the chance to cooperate and create the perfect collaboration. Park and Snøhetta have taken up the challenge and then they have been working hard together to tackle the complexities and develop the two ideas.   The new project – Snohetta’s first in Italy – is the result of a decidedly great collaboration, in w... More

Project • By LPzR architetti associatiHousing


A few steps from Parco Sempione, the green heart of the city of Milan, LPzR architects have designed a new “nearly zero energy” (nZEB) residential building, with innovative technological solutions and a swimming pool on the roof.   “Urban stitching” is the concept. The architects wanted to design a new link between two extremely heterogeneous buildings: a three-storey school complex from the 1800s, and an eight-story residential building from the 1960s. The new volumes align carefully with the adjacent buildings, to fit morphologically into the pre-existing architectures. The compositional language, on the other hand, is admittedly contemporary, even if there are references to traditional architectural element... More

Project • By FlosHotels

Hotel Colombo

Hotel Colombo (Milano) The renowned Hotel Cristoforo Colombo is located in the heart of Milan, in Corso Buenos Aires, one of the city's most important shopping streets. Hotel Colombo outstands because of its refined setting and its elegant atmosphere, all designed by the architect Max Minoja. The building offers three elegant conference rooms and a boardroom, seating for up to 120 participants, to meet all business needs.  In this stylish project, we can appreciate an luxurious lighting design by Flos, where the most outstanding luminaires that are integrated in this project are Find Me designed by Jorge Herrera, KAP designed by Flos Architectural, Minikelvin Flex designed by Antonio Citterio, Taccia LED designed by Achille & Pie... More