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Together, Foster & Partners and Porcelanosa Bathrooms have strived to develop an uncommon collection, in which all individually produced components work simultaneously in a holistic, harmonious way. Tono is defined by the options and flexibility that it offers. Almost any configuration is possible. Unified by a common, simple language of design and a palette of complementary materials and colour tones, the minimalist aesthetic highlights the honesty of the material, the simplicity of the form and the art of manufacturing. It is a full, integrated bathroom with a limitless selection of finishes and materials. More

Product • By Alumil S.ASMARTIA M35


SMARTIA M35 is a “value for money” curtain wall system which ideally combines aestetics and high performances. Its minimal design offering reduced sightline, compared to other typicall Curtain Wall Systems, at 35mm, renders SMARTIA M35 ideal for Transparent Architecture. More

Project • By Alumil S.APrivate Houses

Private House in Halandri

In Halandri region of Athens, in a quiet road, the challenge was to create a residence that blends harmoniously with the environment – the surrounding area has many buildings of different uses  – emphasizing to the element of privacy. This should be achieved by making good use of every square meter, as the open ground for construction was restricted.   The focus of the architectural proposal designed by Afroditi Aslanidi was on the unification of the building with its exterior, in order to create a united construction that would stand out from the neighboring buildings. This vision becomes apparent when you look at the yard that is not only surrounding the house, but it plays a vital role in it. Also, the raised... More

Project • By AcararchPrivate Houses

Villa Draman

Villa Draman is a place that welcomes its guests with intense plants and water sounds coming from the small waterfall. The project was designed by architect Emre Acar, owner of Acararch architecture firm, and Çağrı Helvacıoğlu Aydoğu from his team. Acararch treats plants, sounds and natural light as a design element of both outdoors and indoors. From the beginning of the project, with blending the serenity of minimalism with special details and combining the natural-looking materials such as wood and linen with bold colors, a useful and impressive architectural language was aimed. Acararch aimed to create a spacious environment by effortlessly adding the power of the landscape and natural lights to its designs with the glass openings... More

Project • By ANDU ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Villa B

We are guided by the idea that simple approaches lead to the most elegant solutions, so our architecture is reduced and clean, with an emphasis on the program itself, i.e. contents and their connections. In the case of Villa B, it was necessary to point out the unusual landscape of the rocky hill overgrown with forest as the highest quality locations, so the object is formed on the edge of a hill and predominantly forest-oriented. This makes that piece of nature extra sheltered from outside views, and thus the interior of the house.   In such a complex environment, our desire was to create contrast with architecture. Pure cubic form as opposed to complex found, with the absence of any need for mimicry. Such a juxtaposition showed as... More

NewsNews • 18 Jan 2021

House of Sand is designed for the coastal landscape of Valencia

The starting point for this stunning beachfront villa by Fran Silvestre Architects is its position in the land – behind a large and imposing sand dune that protects the coastal area of Valencia from storms. Diego Opazo To optimize views and provide much-needed shade within, two clean and crisp volumes are arranged perpendicular to each other. To take optimal advantage of the ocean views, the ‘day area’ programme of the house is located on the top floor where the house clears the top of the dune. The lower level, by extension, becomes a terrace for outdoor living. Night uses, primarily sleeping, are on the lower level and oriented perpendicular to the sea. Diego Opazo The pool area is the main living space of th... More

Product • By Alumil S.ASMARTIA FC10


ALUMIL complements the fencing systems with SMARTIA FC10, a system with aluminium and Woodalux® louvers, placed vertically and creating a minimal result. It successfully replaces the steel structures, overcoming the paint, rust and maintenance problems. More

NewsSpecification • 12 Nov 2020

Specification case study: Poisson Blanc by naturehumaine

Naturehumaine designed a minimalistic and refined chalet located in rugged terrain north of Montréal, Canada. The architects shaped the structure in a compact volume to reduce the footprint on the site. The squared floor plan is topped by a gabled roof structure. The modest budget led to a reduction of circulation areas, compact spaces, grouping of services and simple and affordable materials. The result is a minimalistic monochrome volume that fits well within its natural landscape.  Raphaël Thibodeau Wooden facade cladding - Modern Siding in Ultra White-1 by MaibecThe white wooden siding with vertical orientation is factory coated and provides increased protection against effects of the sun and the harsh Canadian e... More

Project • By DEAR studioPrivate Houses


This project gets its characteristic from two black horizontal discs. The bottom disc is installed in the entrance area and its curved shape reached almost the ground. Visitors reach the upper floors of this single-family home via stairs. The glazed façade and the opaque walls reflect the environment. The black building serves at the same time as an eye catcher and a shadow. The building is an architectural foreign body that fits almost unseen in the surroundings. More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsApartments

Chalet Zaarour

The interior features modern Scandinavian-style furniture and a lighter coloured timber, to make the space feel welcoming and bright. Oak timber clads the walls and ceiling to create the sensation of a "cocoon" with views of the mountain beyond, with inherent characteristics that form textures and colours while evoking sensations of warmth, cold balancing feelings of soft and hard to the touch. Concealed sliding panels, discrete hand pulls and hidden cupboards conceal storage throughout the Chalet.   More

Project • By ib22Private Houses

House E N

The House E+N was designed for a couple of retired southern Brazilian (gaúchos), who dreamed of leaving an apartment, to live in a house with garden with enough space to make a vegetable plot. The design is basically a white parallelepiped of 12x14,5m that opens organically creating spaces between interior and exterior, through patios, terraces, connections, and the open garage. This white element is placed on a sloping terrain, with a black wall that contacts the slope. The project is divided into 3 well-defined areas: service area (kitchen and laundry), social area (living and dining room), and intimate area (bedrooms and bathrooms). The kitchen area is integrated with the living room, with a kitchen island appearing as the main... More

Project • By K&M Design StudioPrivate Houses

House J172

Set in a prime location in Bengaluru, the J-172 house is a careful reconstruction of an ancestral home, to meet the growing needs of the family, without disturbing the structural integrity of the house. Modern, minimal aesthetics were the basis of design, wood became the primary choice of material as per clients brief and planning was vastly determined using concepts of Vastu (traditional Indian science of spatial design and placement). Though confined within the boundaries of the existing structure, we were able to provide a playful yet functional planning. The entrance foyer divides the house into public, semi-public and private spaces. To the right is the formal living room and to the left are the family room, kitchen and elders&rsquo... More

Project • By ScapearchitecturePrivate Houses

Secret Garden House

The Secret Garden House is a summer residence designed as a part of the landscape that surrounds it, underlining the relationship between architecture and outdoor living. Instead of yet another white dot on the map, the residence is integrated into the slope. It embraces nature rather than displacing it, and establishes a new kind of symbiotic, sustainable relationship with its environment.   The residence is located in Faragas, on the southwest part of Paros Island, built on a slightly sloped plot towards the sea. A small olive grove at the southern part and a cluster of pine trees to the east mark the property’s boundaries and define the available area for the house. Α gently stepped pathway leads from the carport at th... More

Project • By Virginia LorelloApartments

BVM house

With the simple demolition of two walls, it was possible to completely review the internal distribution. The design choices in fact aimed to make all the rooms, originally dark and not very spacious, brighter and optically larger. The rounded shapes make the passage areas more fluid and the four materials used - brass, lacquered, quartz and oak - follow a compositional rhythm and precise geometric relationships to achieve harmony. More

Project • By Philipp ArchitektenPrivate Houses


This complex and fascinating puzzle of different cubes evolves on a sloping clearing in the forest near Frankfurt, Germany. The basic idea of the design uses the sightlines of two old trees standing on the property and benefits, apart from the general views of the surrounding nature, also from the skyline of Frankfurt. Along these lines of sight, cubes of different proportion are piled up around the central core of the staircase. With a height of nine metres throughout the entire building, this “heart of the house” serves as an exhibition space for the client’s alternating artwork, exposed through a skylight. The two-storey housing cube, stretching into the sky, contains a 6-meter library wall and an equally high window... More