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Project • By spillmann echsle architektenExhibition Centres

House of Switzerland

The House of Switzerland is a mobile building that serves a diplomatic function representing Switzerland’s professional sporting interests in various locations. Its wooden construction makes a connection between traditional and highly modern timber engineering. The largely standardised construction consisting of 193 elements has a tectonic expression. Four archaic, radially arranged structures connected to each other by metal locks enclose an inner courtyard.  Structurally active red tension belts create associations with stacks of wood or freight. The image of a tied bundle is a key part of the concept: it symbolises Switzerland, made up of different regions, national languages and cantons. The dimensions of the prefabricat... More
Mobile Hut

Project • By ARTIKUL ArchitectsHousing

Mobile Hut

Mobile hut is the result of the search for a new form of mobile living. It is a designer house providing complete comfort for living with one difference – it is possible to “pack” and transport it anywhere you want. The aim of this product which is halfway between architecture and design is to open new ways of temporary living in exorbitantly expensive cities and in places where it is usually not possible to build. The dwelling is in harmony with the current trend of nomad lifestyle trend and offers its users the possibility to escape from stereotypical habits of the consumer society and get closer to the nature. The form of the house follows the shape of archetypal house with gable roof. Glossy aluminium covering is a pe... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceHousing

Baba Yaga`s Hut On Chicken Feet

Introduction   It’s difficult to find a place for comfortable life in contemporary cities. Global urbanization and decrease in the number of really affordable housing are the modern tendencies. Although the idea of constructing more low-rise buildings was recognized prospective and humane, developers often don’t follow these rules, and the cities continue to grow upwards and to press with their giant scale upon the citizens. Also the idea of coliving is developing. But it is not appropriate for everyone; the sad experience in the use of dormitories and communal apartments in the Soviet Union proves it completely. Coliving is more suitable for very young people under 25 years. There are also some problems with work space.... More

Product • By OIKOS housingWooden modular mobile homes from OIKOS housing

Wooden modular mobile homes from OIKOS housing

OIKOS houses are built to last with chosen materials which are friendly to nature. Nowadays we seek simplicity in our busy lives and OIKOS houses bring the joy of simple compact living. Experience the aroma of new wood in the raw wooden interiors in our affordable modular home solution. Smart architectural design meets modern building solutions – made with the purpose of creating a sustainable eco house with the intention to change and touch the lives of our clients and the community. Make a statement with your OIKOS house.For more information visit our website More