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Project • By STUDIO SAHEBApartments


Niloofar 22 is a 10-unit infill apartment. In Tehran, we encounter a type of building resulted by domination of market economic behaviours and structural system over architectural form. The two dimensional order of infill typology along with the common constructed route, seeks easy and readymade answers and thus hindering more sophisticated and untested architectural forms. This project is an effort to counter this condition in Tehran.   The main concept to change this condition in this project was to divide the building mass to separate individual boxes and then redefine the building mass by setting these boxes alongside each other in a new order. The boxes have two missing opposite faces. By a 90-degree rotation along vertical axis... More

Product • By S-VITECHFL2000 - Ellipsoidal stair stainless steel and glass


The central staircase is built with an ellipsoidal structure and a glass railing.The steps are oak coated, with incorporated LED ́s. More