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Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHousing

Modern Rustic House Design

This house located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is designed to mix between two contradicting styles, the modern and rustic styles. To incorporate both aesthetics, the team of CAS skillfully blended sleek details and straight lines with a touch of rough t... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern House Design in Muscat Oman

This modern house design located in Muscat, Oman and designed by CAS is a proof that modern does not have to mean cold, as this house exemplifies with its inviting warmth.  The modern and strict geometric elements are softened by the warmth of t... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHousing

Feng Shui Interior Design

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which is used to create balance and harmony in the space. These principles are believed to bring good health and good fortune. This Feng Shui interior design for a home in Fersol, Lebanon, designed by CAS lays on t... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureWellness Centres


Adelaide may be known for churches, wine, and the Crows, but a lofty city skyline is definitely not one of the recognisable features of this mini-metropolis. Elenberg Fraser is here to change all that with our new mixed-use building on Austin Street... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

Swanston Central

Melbourne has a thing with axes – how often have you glanced down one of the mains arteries of the city and realized it perfectly frames a civic monument? Taking inspiration from that axial idea, this tall residential tower, positioned above th... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

Papersmith Apartments

Papersmith is a building of transformation. Transformation of the industrial heritage, transformation of the Yarra River riparian landscape and transformation of materials. The building is robust and confident. The directness of the former industrial... More

Project • By dSPACE StudioHousing

River House

Set on a wooded lot above the Fox River, this contemporary home quietly attracts attention while blending into its surroundings. The owners, a couple with three children, wanted a home that promotes family interaction and outdoor living in this sport... More

Project • By Speziale Linares | ArquitectosHousing

Root House

The house is located in a closed neighborhood in the northern side of Buenos Aires and is implanted in a ​​940 m2 lot. At the back of it there is a navigable canal that leads to the Lujan River.This strongly natural feature and the desire of the clie... More

Project • By Speziale Linares | ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa SL

In an irregular lot, the house is located in order to win the major lake view. In relation to this, the social sector appears on the ground floor, composed of living and dining room, kitchen and an opened gallery, free of columns that frames the view... More

Product • By INTERIOR STOREGlobo Collection


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Product • By VIA GmbHVIA Cement Tiles

VIA Cement Tiles

Our cement tiles captivate through their beautiful visual and haptic appearance. The architects of the past centuries already knew: with their pattern diversity, the slightly iridescent colors and their pleasant silky feel cement tiles create a very... More

Project • By Campos StudioPrivate Houses

Ocean Park House

This project is conceived as a domestic landscape that blurs the boundary between interior and exterior space in a temperate coastal rainforest climate. It is essentially a ranch house typology with a guest house stacked upon it - designed for a phys... More