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Project • By ORA Studio NYCApartments

West Village Apartment

The Memphis, named and inspired by the Milan design style of the 80's, at 140 Charles Street is an example of a typical Post Modern building in Manhattan. When we first had a consultation with the Client, they wanted to do a minimal renovation. Richard Cadan Photography The foot print of the building is a trapezoidal shape that made the plan interesting but created a lot of irregular shaped rooms. The Client’s apartment had the ideal combination of location, space and great views with a terrace in each corner.  When we illustrated the concept and the potential of the space unfolded, their interest was piqued. We envisioned the space that was previously chopped out into small rooms, into a seemingly larger living space with... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsPrivate Houses

Tamanna Residence

The future of residential metal architecture is bright.  In Western Canada, Excelsior Architectural Product is forging new ground with several projects that speak to a bold future of residential architecture. One recent project, a new home for the owners of Tamanna Concept, Ltd., has become a showpiece for the company, where people can see the advantages of installing metal composite material (MCM) on their home. Tariq Malik, a custom home builder, and his wife Afsana, an architectural designer, envisioned a forward-thinking design for their Vancouver property that would remain stylish for years to come. Excelsior worked closely with them in the design and completed the fabrication and installation for the project. Excelsior Archi... More
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Project • By The SharHousing

Chashmandaz Villa

himself and one for his father as a gift for all his favors during his life. The back and forth relationship between father and son characters is shown in Iranian legendary books and is indicating the unbreakable connection between them. The presence of father as a symbol of conservative life and son as the forerunner of the new generation, as a family in spite of different lifestyles, is an undeniable and challenging situation. So putting together the father and son by observing each one’s privacy, accepting and understanding different personalities and lifestyles and highlighting the integration element is the goal of this project. Caption The other challenging part of design was the width of the site because it was impossi... More

Project • By Yakusha DesignApartments


A family apartment in Kyiv with a focus on functional aesthetics and the balance of textures - soft panels on the walls, the abundance of wood and marble, brass accents. The main challenge was to reconstruct the space. The authentic space featured lots of dark corners, we wanted to let the air in. Multifunctional bedrooms are both for sleeping and meetings with friends. Wardrobes, cabinets, and storage places are planned in detail. Comfort is the main word here. Entering the apartment, guests enjoy a panoramic view of the living room fluently passing into a kitchen. A cooking space is visually clean, zones are functionally built in a wooden cabinet. Three-meter high cabinets in the living room fade imperceptibly into walls. No slices are... More

Project • By FORMA ConstructionPrivate Houses

Marina Residence

A successful and beautiful project sometimes has an equally compelling story behind its creation. Such is the case with Rico Way, a home designed and built out of a re-kindled friendship, a novel design intent, and complete mutual trust. This Marina residence is a true collaboration among friends; Victor Mezhvinsky of FORMA Construction and Lindsay Gerber Interiors.   FORMA worked closely with Lindsay to completely transform this Marina Residence. The client wanted color with a degree of "glamour", while at the same time being warm and inviting for a family of four. Venetian plaster, lacquer, and statement lighting pieces complete the space making it truly one of a kind. More

Project • By MetrostudioResidential Landscape

Zhengzhou Youwell Forest Florid

Accompanied by nature, enjoy the ecologicalThe wide world, inhabits the forestHome into the forest, met poetry and the distance   The project is located in Baisha Group of Zhengdong District, Zhengzhou City, adjacent to Zhengdong New District in the west and Lvbo Group in the east. It is surrounded by double rivers and green land with ecological environment, hence its name - Forest Florid. Landscape design combines the image of the core business district with modern urban idyllic style, creating a modern natural forest series of high-quality scenic communities.   【Design Concept】 The architectural design adopts simple and elegant style, with vivid and delicate modeling, presenting an elegant and generous appearance. Landscape... More

Project • By HeliotropePrivate Houses

Cascade Residence

This new residence for a young family currently under construction in north Seattle, is nestled into a private, heavily wooded site minutes from downtown. Organized as three, connected, wood-clad, pitched-roof pavilions, the layout gives every room in the house a direct and immediate connection to the landscape. The design seeks a comfortable and understated elegance in support of the family life well-lived.   Location: Seattle, Washington Interiors: Amy Baker Interior Design Landscape: Land Morphology Landscape Architects Contractor: Dovetail General Contractors Building Area: 5000 sf Completion: 2021 (currently under construction) Renderings: Notion Workshop More

Project • By HeliotropePrivate Houses

View Ridge

Located on an eastern sloping parcel above Lake Washington, our primary design directive was to capture abundant lake and mountain views – taking into consideration possible future down-slope home construction with potential to impede the view. Caption Caption Caption The design solution places living spaces on the top floor, guaranteeing the view in perpetuity, and shifts the upper and lower level floor-plans in order to create a roof terrace off of the living and dining spaces. Garage and support spaces are placed below-grade, with a high floor-to-floor height that places the entry flush with grade at the high portion of the site. A 15ft grade change from sidewalk to front door is mitigated by generous, shifting stai... More

Project • By Perkins&WillApartments

Aimberê Perdizes

A multifamily apartment building that rescues the experience of living in a house in the middle of a big city. Designed by global studio Perkins and Will for You.Inc – one of São Paulo’s most prominent real estate companies – Aimberê Perdizes is located in the Perdizes, a traditionally residential region, connected to the city’s main economic and cultural points. The design seizes the neighbourhood’s bucolic and welcoming atmosphere, creating connection with the city without losing life quality.  “Quarantine has reinforced a latent need for broad residential with natural lighting and ventilation and connected to nature, providing the true feeling of being in a house instead of an apartm... More

Project • By Urbanscape ArchitectsApartments

Apartment at DLF Magnolias

Designed for a modern-day family of four, the single floor apartment at the DLF Magnolias, in Gurugram manifests an unexpected evocative story that has been built through colour, textures, details, patterns, and forms that exudebeauty, adventure, eclecticism, and romance. The brief from the client was to have a house that felt like a home. The designers refrained from conforming to conventional notions of ‘style’ and instead crafted spaces that were inspired and ingenious. Since, no structural changes were allowed to be made, the biggest challenges faced were the constraints with respect to the positioning of the toilets, and the low ceiling height. Given the limitations of the layout, the designers have aimed to achieve the be... More

Project • By Dick Clark + AssociatesPrivate Houses


On a sloping site in West Lake Hills, this house slides in between mature Live Oaks to create a strong connection to nature. The form of the house is long and linear, following the topography of the site and directing the perspective towards impressive views of downtown Austin. Sliding glass doors pocket completely into the walls, creating a 40’ wide opening between the living area and outdoor spaces. Stucco, stone and zinc create a natural and low-maintenance exterior, while floor-to-ceiling glass and deep overhangs make spaces both dramatic and comfortable. Key products used: Earth toned stucco and cinnamon-colored stone, along with zinc panel siding and black metal accents, make the exterior of the house low-maintenance and give... More

Project • By Square Feet StudioPrivate Houses

Morningside Residence

Morningside’s brief was direct - create a private, resort-like forever home for a professional couple. Two simple forms sit effortlessly atop a concrete foundation on a steep and narrow site. These forms belie an open interior that contains ample amounts of public entertaining and intimate private space, centered around a private pool deck. Structure plays a key role, as the home expresses how it was built, and materials were chosen for durability and tactility. We focused on simple and deliberate solutions, and the result is a home that provides tranquility and respite from life in the city. More

Project • By Christopher Polly ArchitectPrivate Houses

Starling House

The proposal for a young family entails a new two-storey house on an inner-suburban site. Its formal composition to the street and rear is a uniquely crafted and direct response to setback and building height plane controls. It offers a model for densification of a compact site to enable room for not only a growing family, yet a multi-generational proposition for increasingly extended stays of the owners parents. A thin front facade is extruded in section to the centre of the plan and pinched-in at this point to provide a covered second entry, expanding to a greater width at the rear for an asymmetric gable-end form inventively accommodating the client’s brief over both levels. The front half provides for a side driveway and off-stre... More

Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Vanush

A villa project located in VANUSH, Mazandaran province, on a site, approximately 1200 sq and 750 sq substruction facing from the north to the sea and from the south to the forest.View and landscape and the presence of surrounding buildings on all four sides of the site defined three levels (layout) of perspective for this building.1-Determination of the blind spots of surrounding buildings due to the benefit of the landscape and disposition of the buildings.2-Empty spaces, resulting from linear and vertical synchronization between shape and function from inside and outside.3-Locating trees around the site and inside the building so as to face the neighbors' outlook.In this project, the empty space defines function, shape, landscape, privacy... More

Project • By Clayton KortePrivate Houses

Fernwood Residence

Located in an established neighborhood, the home is situated within a tight canopy of mature oak and beech trees and organized to take advantage of natural topography allowing living spaces to meet natural grade on two levels. To achieve the owners’ vision of a home equally suited for entertaining friends and relaxed living for family, this residence is designed with varied ceiling heights and room volumes that become more spacious in areas that open up to natural views. Guests are guided to the entry through a central treed courtyard, which uses lush native plantings to focus the core of the house to the inner beauty of the site. Living and sleeping spaces enjoy an added veil of privacy from a curtain of existing mature planting, di... More