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Project • By KPMB ArchitectsHeritages

Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Phase 3 Expansion

Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Phase 3 Expansion in Fredericton is situated directly across from the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada.    The new Harrison McCain Pavilion entry is a multi-function lobby designed to accommodate a range of events including ticketing, membership and visitor services, a gift shop, café, and support spaces.  Caption The gentle curve of the precast concrete façade is both a response to the existing urban condition – taking cues from the curve in Fredericton’s Queen Street on which the Pavilion fronts – and a welcoming and inviting gesture to visitors and locals alike. Caption The precast concrete façade piers are over eight meters in heigh... More

Project • By LAMBER LAMBERMuseums

Steam engine – Museo Franco Risi

“Steam engine – Museo Franco Risi” is a private museum dedicated to the unique collection of steam-driven agricultural machinery that Franco Risi has restored over the last fifty years. The conversion of the existing structures, once used as a workshop by Franco himself, made it possible to regenerate the group of existing casings resulting from additions that took place over time. The museum was designed as a narrative journey trough Franco's life and the development of steam engines while providing flexible spaces suitable for hosting various kinds of events. Francesca Iovene Francesca Iovene The intervention is divided into two parts; first, the low volume of the entrance was conceived as a box within the box... More

Project • By studioplusthreeExhibitions

This is a Voice

studioplusthree were commissioned to design this exhibition for the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney) in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust (London), “This is a Voice” explores the qualities of the human voice- its form, weight and body. The exhibition allows visitors to contemplate the power of voice before and beyond words, and to examine the human voice in an immersive way. Noel Mclaughlin Visitors can experience how the human voice locates us socially, geographically and psychologically, and learn how the voice is utterly flexible and can be altered with treatment and training. Designed as an acoustic journey, it allows visitors to delve inside vocal tracts, restless minds and speech devices to discover how meaning and emo... More

Project • By studioplusthreeUniversities

The Nicholson Galleries

The Nicholson Galleries are the new home for the University of Sydney’s extensive collection of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Italian antiquities, within the university’s new purpose-built Chau Chak Wing Museum. The six exhibition spaces across Level 2 create an atmospheric experience that brings the stories of these ancient cultures to the public through techniques of light, colour, volume and texture. Brett Boardman Brett Boardman Brett Boardman Taking inspiration from classical architecture and construction methods as well as contemporary art and scenography, the Nicholson Galleries establish an immersive and emotive approach to the relationship between visitors and objects, in which massive walls are bisected b... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerMuseums

Inatura Museum

Bruno Klomfar   On a historically significant industrial site, where a hammer mill grew into the most important metal-processing company in Vorarlberg, a natural history museum and city garden was established after the closing down of the company. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar New and additional parts have been added with flair and finesse to the surviving historic buildings, in which the industrial character of the existing buildings was referenced and interpreted in a contemporary manner. Bruno Klomfar The exhibition spaces were designed on several floors. The new constructions can be identified by its cladding of Corten steel plates. The administration buildings protrude from the old facades in the back court. T... More

Project • By IND architectsMuseums

Music Museum in Limassol

The site of the new Music Museum project is located in Limassol, the southernmost point of Cyprus. The city is the second largest in the country and is a major economic, cultural and financial center with a large flow of tourists. The project area is located in a perspective part of the city for renovation and development with an excellent location — there is a constant flow of people going from the center of the city to the passenger terminal.  The area consists mostly of industrial and residential buildings, which creates the need for a cultural and social zone, which will raise the status of the area and become a center of attraction for tourists and a place for leisure and recreation for local citizens. Caption The arch... More

Project • By MosaVisitor Center

Castellum Hoge Woerd

Project Castellum Hoge Woerd, published by Mosa. Location: Utrecht, Netherlands Category: Museums Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By Urban Arch StudioAuditoriums

Statue of Oneness and Cultural Unity

Often referred to as the heart of India, the state of Madhya Pradesh is called the hub for nature-architecture-culture-business-traditions. Adding further to its cultural list, Madhya Pradesh is set to embrace the Statue of Oneness and Cultural Unity dedicated to Adi Shankaracharya. The main aim is to establish a learning center that helps us learn about our culture and roots. The main aim of the project is to carve out an architecturally engaging space that invites one onto the cultural journey. The design also introduces spaces and places to attract larger audiences to experience the nature-cultural realm. This is evident through the vision, design principles and actions. More

Project • By CambridgeSevenMuseums

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Celebrating the outstanding achievements and legacy of NBA and the game of Basketball around the world, CambridgeSeven served as the Master Planner, Architect and Exhibit Designer for the exciting renovation and re-imagining of the iconic Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. The project unfolded over three phases culminating in a grand re-opening in May of 2021.The team was inspired by the dramatic architecture featuring the central domed space, the circular floor plan as well as the game itself. Fast, sweeping, athletic and dynamic, all apt terms for the sport of basketball, were concepts that guided and influenced the design response.Visitors are guided on an immersive journey through the evolution of the game tha... More

Project • By Studio LukaMuseums

FOZ Museum

For the Friends of Zion Museum (FOZ) we created signage, which immediately captures the attention of pedestrians in this magical street of Jerusalem. Our choice of rusted iron was not only based on the pallets of the exterior facade of the building, but was also meant to representent the connection of the museum to this ancient neighborhood.  Architecture & interior design: Diskin More

Project • By Ramon Esteve EstudioArt Galleries

Bombas Gens Art Center

Bombas Gens is an old industrial building with an unquestionable social-historical value and one of the rare remaining examples of the industrial architecture of the thirties. Its Art Deco façades and architecture make it a special, unique location for some new uses according to today needs. The new facilities have been created as an internationally renowned multi-use space where Fundació Per Amor a L’Art will carry out its three-branch activity (arts, society and research). "Our aim has always been to apply a homogeneous intervention criterion to the whole complex, and, at the same time, give each building, be it original or recently built, the characteristic features that it needs for its specific use." - Ramó... More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPEMuseums

Egyptian Museum, Turin

Important focus of Egyptology culture, second only to that of Cairo, the New Egyptian Museum of Turin has undergone a major renovation signed by Isolarchitetti study, which has seen a valuable contribution by Ceramiche Keope.After the first intervention phase which ended in July 2013 - and which saw Keope participate in the realization of the paving of the new Hypogeum - the Reggio Emilia company was also the protagonist of the second phase of restructuring, providing more than 3,500 square meters of flooring porcelain stoneware for the second floor of the museum, the area of ​​the temple Ellesija and bathrooms to the public on the first, second and third floors of the structure. In particular, Kheops has provided the products of the In&... More

Project • By ss67architetti | Lucia Barna | Roberto CastellaniMuseums

MUSNAF | Natural History Museum

The new layout of the Museum of Natura l History and Academy of Sciences, hosted in the former "della Rosa" monastery of the Camaldolese Order in Siena, is the result of an operation with attention to the pre-existent, without ignoring the interpretation of new requirements deriving from the functional and systemic upgrades, expressed in a contemporary, restrained and wel l-ca librated language. The inclusion of the compound in the museum system of Siena since 1996 made it necessary to reorganise and modernise the exposition space by augmenting the cultural, educational and expositional aspects of the museum as a whole. Developed and implemented by a series of successive functional lots beginning in 2000, the design was initially directed b... More

Project • By Listen CommunicationMuseums

Breathing Nature

An AR experience zone within the utopian garden filled with scent of flowers.   As you follow the scent of smoke, you will face a flower that holds the warmth. Inspired by Hanok (traditional Korean house) the exhibition area is an idealistic space where reality and unreality, past and present are coexisting. Traces of little birds and tiger patterned ridge illustrates the creatures of nature and the warmth of nature itself. The garden is designed to offer a comfortable resting space and it is filled with craft products based on the usability, quality contents with cutting edge technology and cultural heritage.   The screen near the entrance of exhibition space features historical contents which reacts to the motion of viewer... More

Project • By Challenge DesignArt Galleries

Cloud Art Center

01 Project Description /A Riverside Cloud in Qingzhen/   In Qingzhen, Guizhou, a pure white "cloud" is floating by the meandering Laoma River, looming through the lush stands of green trees. It is the Cloud Art Museum in Qingzhen Wetland Park. Entering the museum that goes perfectly well with the surroundings, visitors may find that the view varies along the way. The curved see-through glass structure supports the smooth cloud-shaped roof.   Visitors will be surprised at the visual feast of mountains, water, and scenery via the continuous floor-to-ceiling glass wall. The overall building is transparent and light, making its color and luster calming and soft. Along with the restrained base, the museum is full of vigor and eleg... More