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Project • By INK ArchitectsBanks

Multifunctional complex City

Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Project year: 2018 Type: Multifunctional Complex Plot size: 20,66 Ha Building area: 625 175 m2 Residential area: 218 924 m2 Commercial area: 162 636 m2 Total apartments: 1164 Total floors: 7-16 Stage:  Technical design    The multifunctional complex is located in the capital of Kazakhstan, near the futuristic exhibition pavilion EXPO, and is at the stage of detailed design. The basic concept of the project proposes to embody the idea of the life of an upscale and vibrant community, that after a productive working day, can rest within one district. The multifunctional complex is a new business point of the capital that offers places for coworking, rest, meetings, active team building within walking distance —... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsOffices

Triathlon Towers

The fundamental aspiration for the Triathlon Towers project is to create a point of interest at the Ishim River. For centuries of the cities history, rivers divided cities both socially and economically. Our task was to join two parts of Nur-Sultan city and erase the boundaries.  The project bridges two riverbanks on the ground level, connecting left and right river banks as well as the City and Nur-Sultan Triathlon Parks. A sky bridge connects the two towers at 90 meters mark. It will frame the river views as well as let the citizens enjoy the panoramas of the growing capital city of Kazakhstan. Being located next to a major highway intersection creates new challenges for minimizing the separating effect of the high-traffic roads. Th... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsOffices

Sensata BC

Location: Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanType: Business CenterScale:  14 912 m2Status: Completed   The business center “Sensata” became a continuation of the architectural ensemble of business centers located along Turan Street in the center of Nur-Sultan, while maintaining its unique image of the modern business space. The composition of the building also became the starting point for creating the concept of the residential complex “Sensata”, which continues the style of building in this area of ​​the city. INK Architects developed the architecture, interiors, and lighting of the public areas of the business center, which made it possible to sustain both the exteriors and the interior space in... More
Under construction. November 2019
Under construction. November 2019
Under construction. November 2019
Under construction. November 2019
Under construction. November 2019

Project • By INK ArchitectsSports Centres

Athletic Complex

Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Type: Athletic sports complex by IAAF Standard 2008 Project year: 2017 Category: International competitions Plot size: 9,0843 Ha Building area: 36 654 m2 Capacity: 7000 seats Stage: Construction   The athletic complex in Nur-Sultan is one of the vivid examples of the use of fundamental knowledge about the fine arts in architecture. Spectacular silhouette, rich texture and nuanced color scheme with bright accents create an image that can be attributed to a work of art.   The critical feature of a painting is its illusory nature, the creation of a three-dimensional space on a plane. The building’s design implements the artistic illusion techniques to its` large surfaces to refle... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsApartments

Crocus City

The modern residential complex “Crocus City” is located in the newly developing area of ​​the city of Nur-Sultan and adjoins the botanical garden. The complex will become one of the key elements in the infrastructure of this area and an important city-forming facility. The first floors of all blocks are occupied by parking lots, commercial premises, educational and entertainment facilities, which makes Crocus City a new center of gravity in this area of ​​the city.   The residential complex includes 18 residential blocks of different heights, spacious yards, comfortable and safe playgrounds, sports fields and recreation areas. Spacious space planning and long distances between the towers provide scenic panoramic views fro... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsShopping Centres

Dream City

Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Type: Residential complex Scale: 77 483 m2 Stage: Construction   A residential complex of slender rows of vertical towers executed in the high-tech style. Transparent glass covers the surface of the facades, while a minor protrusion of the walls enriches the plasticity of cubic form, creating a chiaroscuro of the surface. A grid of rectangular frames combining the window openings of two floors into one window span creates the illusion of a large-scale increase in the facade - further supporting the monumentality of the overall figurative expression. More

Project • By INK ArchitectsOffices


Aura is a business center located in Nur-Sultan`s rapidly developing area. The business center Aura and its interior were entirely designed and specified by INK Architects.  The combination of cubism fine art movement and the interpretation of the traditions of classical architecture are used in the composition of the design project. The primary emphasis is on the expressiveness of linear rhythms and light-color combinations of forms. The color relationships of different tones of marble, carpet; contrasting linear rhythms of metal constructions; tinted glasses lining up in harmony; create a quiet world of modern man. Each zone has an independent language: noble grey contrast and a linear arrangement of golden metal hues on front glas... More