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Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices


India’s first listed power sector infrastructure investment trust. Established to own and operate power transmission and renewable energy assets in India.   Client Brief: Design an Office for this young company that meets with their current and future requirements and exudes their image appropriately to its internal team and the outside world. Yamini Krishna Photography Yamini Krishna Photography Client Expectations:  Raw, Rustic and yet Elegant design with a clear hint of company’s true business and values communicated aptly across the entire office space. Yamini Krishna Photography Challenges: Design challenges were addressed well by the experienced design team. It was the pandemic that hit just... More

Project • By M Moser AssociatesOffices

Kids2 Shanghai office

With an objective to make parenthood easier, “one tiny win at a time”, Kids2 has been inventing baby products for more than 50 years. Growing its China operations to attract world-class professionals in every department and engage with various partners within its ecosystem, Kids2 required a high-performance space to not only bring staff together but create an environment that fuels innovation, creativity and transfiguring ideas within its teams and with its partners.   It was also important for Kids2 to create a space that cultivates its entire growing enterprise of entities that include a media company, multiple joint ventures and a venture capital arm.   Translating key values into design details The design conc... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

[β] Lab (Beta Lab)

Those driving down Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road might slow down at seeing a gorgeous piazza-like forecourt of an eye-catching entrance, done up with greenery, artefacts and featuring a massive rustic double height door. If you’re headed to the Space Matrix [β] Lab (Beta Lab), you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.   [β] Lab — The Genesis [β] Lab is not just a design studio or a workspace — it is an amalgamation of various work environments that function as a testing ground, both for us and our clients. One might say it’s a real-time workshop that brings together the art and science of design, essentially in permanent beta mode. Over the last few years, work has ste... More

Project • By Partner DesignOffices

Office Bacardi-Martini Ukraine


Project • By Raw Design ConsultantsOffices

The Workshop by Ascendas

The workshop offers a ingenious launch pad for aspiring businesses.   A brand new concept created by Ascendas Singbridge. An imaginative co-working space with the aim of benefiting SMEs, start-ups and industrialists in a redefined industrial space, with the use of flexible, modular arrangements.  Two prominent features that helped achieve the industrial effect are the black lattice that frames the private spaces and the cement screed floor that spreads through the shared spaces. The harmony of warm hues and wood elements, creates anambience cosy enough to make one feel at home. ​ With private offices lining the perimeters of the space, a centralized pantry and bespoke coworking space is created. The lines between working and... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices


The typewriter, the floppy disk, the pager — all these office staples were breakthrough technologies in their time. Today, you would be hard pressed to find even a single one of these items in a modern workplace.   With technology and design evolving at breakneck speed, staying relevant in an ever-changing market is no mean feat. As most companies realise, future-readiness is the key to success. Being future-ready however, is not just about the products you create — it should also be reflected in the space you work in. It is no longer enough to design workspaces for immediate requirements. One needs to anticipate future needs, plan for growth and design a comprehensive future-facing workplace strategy.   This is es... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices


Walk into any high-end gym today, and you’ll see that they are more than just a collection of intimidating machines. They are likely to have a retail store selling sports gear and a nutrition booth selling post-workout smoothies. They may even partner with local health food stores to save you a grocery run while helping you stay on track with your diet. In other words, they cater to every aspect of your fitness goals.   Gone are the days when businesses just provided singular products and services. With consumer needs and lifestyles evolving fast, companies now have to identify customers’ pain points and offer comprehensive solutions. Businesses that provide combined services thus, are fast becoming popular. Today, we see... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

Spencer Ogden

Thanks to technology and international exposure, most companies today are highly globalised. A senior executive in the US may spend much of his day collaborating with his peer in the company’s office in China. Both executives speak the same language, use the same technology and operate on similar company values.   However, local cultural context still plays an important role in the way companies function. After the meeting, the executive in the US may go back to the open workspace, sit right next to a junior employee and take decisions consensually with his team. The executive in China, on the other hand, may still value his hierarchical standing, and prefer to work from his corner office. A forward-thinking company finds a way... More

Project • By desiRingOffices

Pub plus

A 1000 sqm Office in the heart of Tel Aviv, filled with color combinations and an impressive graphic work from wall to wall More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices


Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. They work with business and technology leaders to develop customer-centric strategies that drive growth through proprietary research, analytics, custom consulting, executive peer groups and learning offerings. They requested from Space Matrix a new office interior to accommodate expansion in Singapore and to provide a modern, sleek, updated corporate interior design space for their employees that is easy to upkeep, while being sustainable. They also wished to encourage greater collaboration and interaction across various teams and business units. The client requested for a user-friendly, intuitive workspace design with multiple collaboration points to encour... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices


Azqore, a technology services company, was launched in 2018 as an independent subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Private Banking Services, to help wealth managers and private banks transform their operational efficiency and ensure compliance with regulations. Azqore Singapore first shared their office with Crédit Agricole at Mapletree Business City but relocated as they were expanding and wanted to bring the Azqore team together, in one central location, giving them their own branded office workplace that would foster a sense of belonging and a stronger team culture.  Space Matrix found that automation is one of the biggest trends that is impacting Singapore’s financial workforce, an industry that Azqore is in. In 2019,... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

Nutanix - Pune India

A Case Study in Sustainable Modern Office Design: Nutanix Singapore by Space Matrix   Nutanix is a cloud computing software company that sells hyper-converged infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage. The company wanted to establish an Asian headquarters for sales team who were currently working in a serviced office. They requested from Space Matrix a corporate interior design for their new tailored and branded office to be an inviting and open workplace their team could be proud of, promote collaboration and account for their plans to grow. With Nutanix, Space Matrix wanted to take the opportunity to ensure that a commercial building has a positive ecological impact on the surrounding site, rather than being a disrupt... More