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Product • By Arjun RathiCellular Fission - Media Facade Prototype

Cellular Fission - Media Facade Prototype

OTLO, was an exhibition curated by Ashiesh Shah and Tejas Mangeshkar was a pop up project showcasing Indian design with a focus on technology and sustainability on view from 11th to 16th of March, 2013. The exhibit titled 'Cellular Fission - Media Panel' is a prototype for a media facade; which is part of the studio's ongoing research in paper architecture systems.The proposed system can function as a external skin for a structure providing shade for the interior space and allows the external surface to be used as a media facade. For the exhibition the experiment was to program a prototype panel to be used as directional signage. The modular nature of the panel also allows for the system to be used for interior architecture design as... More