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Product • By Clear Lighting320° Glow Outdoor LED Sign Light

320° Glow Outdoor LED Sign Light

Bi-domed neon flex is a 2-in-1 new type of sign light, featuring a pioneering shape owning two back-to-back domed emitting surfaces in one piece, steered towards lighting up your sign clearly at a 320° beam angle and maximizing the attention of masses in more than one direction. At night it becomes a powerful tool to emphasize your brand image as billboard or wall sign lighting. The symmetrical lighting can also suit your needs for a two-way striking illumination layout, in an easier way to highlight the stereo visions of sculptures or run two-side continuous façade wall washing. More

Product • By Clear LightingTransportation Lighting Solutions

Transportation Lighting Solutions

Flexglo™ F2222 and Flexglo™ F2219, the large-emitting surface, energy-efficient LED neon flex, offer a satisfactory experience that nicely fits into the context of transportation infrastructure. At night, adequate safety is secured by its unified illumination to serve the passing-by vehicles and pedestrians. Performed in a dynamic way of programmed color changing, it further unveils the vigor of a modern city and takes center stage as an iconic nightscape, meeting your needs in bridge lighting, metro lighting, tunnel lighting, and more. More

Product • By Clear LightingIn-ground Lighting Solutions

In-ground Lighting Solutions

The in-ground linear light series is your next-level choice for outdoor floor applications, featuring the unrivaled resistance to vandalism, UV, water, corrosion, and slipping, as well as the elevated visual experience suitable for a direct view. Paving it on roads, you can anticipate a dot-free, glare-free, and well-lit nightscape presented in countless possibilities. More

Project • By Clear LightingTheaters

Biostaden Cinema

Biostaden Cinema is a movie theater in Uddevalla, Sweden. Flexglo™ F21 LED light has a wide beam angle of up to 160 degrees, perfect for signage lighting. The lighting engineer picked red for the light fixture to match the brand color. F21 lights are flexible enough to be aligned along the curved shapes of letters and brand logo, delivering continuous and uniform lighting. Switch on the power and the letters will look like float off the air. This not only helps moviegoers locate the theater easily, but also enhances brand memory and eventually drums up businesses.  Clear LED lights have a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, helping save electric bills for end users. The PVC C-Mask™ technology protects the surface from UV,... More

Project • By Clear LightingResidential Landscape

Club House

Club House is located in Amsterdam, Holland. FlexgloTM F21 LED light strips are installed in the underside of the roof verge, which not only highlights the structure of the roof, but also creates a stunning wall-washing effect. The light fixture's domed lighting surface mean it could radiate at a beam angle up to 160 degrees and enables the light spread wider out on the lawn. The luminaire has many RGB color options so that the owner can celebrate different occasions and events. More

Project • By Clear LightingResidential Landscape

Pok Fu Lam

63 Pokfulam is a new property in Pok Fu Lam Road, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. The entrance of the building has four arched gates and on the top of each gate sits a recessed surface with geometries. The small Flexglo™ F10 luminaires are attached to the lower line of the rectangles that are flanking each entrance. The low-wattage light illuminates the architectural design at the perfect light intensity without creating light pollution for the building’s residents. As a result, the entrance architecture appears "sculptural”. The visual image seems striking yet subtle in a way that the façade would sit comfortably within the neighborhood context.  Looking further inside the entrance, when you look up, you’ll no... More

Project • By Clear LightingBanks

Sekerbank Genel Mudurluk

Sekerbank in Turkey helps sustain agricultural production and rural development. Flexglo™ F22 flexible LED lights are integrated as part of the facade lighting. The neon flexible lights are fully encapsulated in high-grade silicone. The silicone not only enables the luminaires to withstand extreme temperatures but also ClearTech’s C-MaskTM  technology prevents the build-up of dust over time.  More

Project • By Clear LightingParks/Gardens

Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the most beautiful theme parks all over the world, Flexglo™ F23, mainly mounted beneath the benches and stairs as the landscape lighting, adds extra tranquility & coziness to the surroundings at night out of a slim profile and excellent lighting effects. People who walk by are guided securely and gently under the continuous soft glows without an abrupt interruption, and can enjoy some quiet time away from obligations. Caption Caption   More

Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings


The Artwork project adopts the Flexglo™ F16 product line, enhancing the building’s beauty to deliver breathtaking effects. By the multiple colored lighting, we gave a versatile look to the artwork, resulting in an overall effect less monotonous. The vibrant colors gave life to the piece and made it even more irresistible to the eye! More

Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings

WHA Tower

Warehouse Asia, a fully integrated logistics and industrial facility company in Thai Stocks Market, was as known as WHA. The new 25-storey head quarter of WHA corperation locates in Bang Na, the gateway to Eastern Economics Corridor of Thailand. The WHA Tower is designed by award-winning Palmer & Turner (Thailand) and facade lighting is designed by world-wide engineering consultant company Meinhardt (Thailand). The unique and outstanding architectural design, enhanced by classy and luxury facade lighting at night, the pixel light are installed along the icon glass facade and the top crown. The rest of the building was applied by the horizontal line of LED Neonflex to create a neat straight linear effect. Wtih the nice proportion of eac... More

Project • By Clear LightingSwimming Pools

Hyde 13

This is a fountain project. More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Maslak 42

42 Maslak is an exclusive residential and commercial development in prestigious location that has given the city a fresh lease on life right at the heart of Istanbul's Central Business District. A synergy of art and architecture unearthed Turkey's first commercial office project to receive LEED Platinum certification for the Core & Shell category with total 250,000m² GBA. . With the massive foot traffic due to the location being the pipeline for major public transportation hubs. 42 Maslak fosters a compelling atmosphere of movement and vibrancy, elevating the guests, business professionals, and homeowners with a smooth transition from day to night. Its sleek silhouette is wrapped in an exquisite unified vibration of elegance and s... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Market Village

Market Village, a chain store community mall by Homepro, Thailand, now is expanding to the potential area around Bangkok and its perimeter. This branch of Market Village locates in Klong Si, Pathumthani province, which is very potential and surrounded by many housing estates. The location in the past, there are full with canals which the people used for the transportation. Eventhough at the present, boats and canals are not the main transportation here anymore. But whenever Thai People think about Klong canals and the boat transportation will be reminded.  So Market Village Klong Si is inspired by the historical story of this area. The architectural of the building was designed to be as the old Thai boat. The line of canopy and sun sha... More

Project • By Clear LightingCar Parks

Parking House

The inspiration for this project design evokes from the hem of the skirt of Marilyn, whose ancestors come from Haugesund-Norway, making it become an iconic building in the local. Irregular alignment and on-off of the whole lengths of LED neon, programmed by DMX controller, present vivid and flowing effect, and display a fascinating night scene randomly to adapt to the festival atmosphere in RGBW or mixed color. Caption   More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F21DTW Ambient Lighting

Flexglo™ F21DTW Ambient Lighting

It’s in our DNA to pursue the light stemmed from the perception about the periodic change of day and night, so the most comfortable state is to follow the pace of natural light.  Dim to Warm products always provide the suitable color temperature and brightness simultaneously adapting to the moment without flickering. No matter when relaxing, reading, working, or recreating, it is the right tone that belongs to you.  Contact us and learn more. More