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Project • By VanitarOffices

Wooden Floor Office

A company office in Yerevan which used Herringbone parquet flooring from Weiss. Weiss Herringbone wooden flooring, From Austria.Vanitar supplied these flooring for this office @vanitariran @vanitariran @vanitariran More

Project • By A I MPrivate Houses

Out of the blue

The project “Out of the blue” consists of the restructuring of a 150mq detached house in Milan. From the very beginning , in agreement with the commitent , alongside the functional requirements, an architectonic language developed thus magnifying the intrinsic characteristics of the house and improving the perceived ratio between the different programmatic areas, creating a new balance and harmony. Caption The nerve-centre is a monolith of Deep Titanium Corian which accomodates the induction hob , designed to create continuity throughout the kitchen and living area; an iconic and versatile element which can be used as a work-top in the preparation stages, then transformed into a dining table for lunches and intimate dinne... More

Project • By A I MApartments


The renovation project of this apartment in the heart of Milan focuses on the redemption of existing elements that over time have affected the building's structure and the original features of the space. Particularly, the wooden boiserie that covers the entire living room area.The project has been developed according to these classic details which are the main actors of the apartment’s interior.The choice of white as the dominant colour and the restoration of the original marble floor, highlights the desire to keep a neutral approach adding more value to the architectural form. Nicolò Parsenziani Nicolò Parsenziani Moreover, the second part of the renovation is based on reorganizing the space following the nat... More

Project • By Virginia LorelloApartments


The project re-evaluates a two-room apartment in the heart of Milan, in a 1960s palace. The objective of the renovation is to make the apartment as large and bright as possible. The constructive memory of the existing is not entirely lost, but enhanced: the Palladian marble and the Italian herringbone parquet are maintained and smoothed; with small punctual interventions the contribution of light to the rooms is enhanced. Virginia Lorello Architetto The 1960s residential building is one of the most common building types in Milan. At that time there was certain care in the selection of finishes, but the interiors reflect a culture of living that was totally different from ours. The apartment consisted of a small kitchenette, a small li... More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETVersailles


The Geometries Versailles: versailles american walnut, pattern standard dimension 50x50 cm / 100x100 cm. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETContemporary American Walnut pattern

Contemporary American Walnut pattern

The Geometries Contemporary American Walnut pattern More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETOak pattern inlay

Oak pattern inlay

The Geometries Oak pattern inlay More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETEuropean Walnut Mandorla

European Walnut Mandorla

Archisound European Walnut Mandorla: brushed, whitened, oiled. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETOak Polka

Oak Polka

Archisound Oak Polka: brushed, silver coated, varnished. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETOak Jeans

Oak Jeans

Archisound Oak Jeans: brushed, saw cut, antiqued, denim patined, varnished. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETAsh Two-colours Effetto Grezzo

Ash Two-colours Effetto Grezzo

Archisound Ash Two-colours Effetto Grezzo: brushed, raw effect varnished. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETChestnut Mambo

Chestnut Mambo

Thermo Chestnut Mambo: brushed, oiled. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETOak Corten

Oak Corten

Thermo Oak Corten: brushed, water based varnished transparent. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETOak Titanio

Oak Titanio

Thermo Oak Titanio: brushed, water base transparent varnished. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETOak Manchester

Oak Manchester

Opera Prima Oak Manchester: hand planed, brushed, antique like, varnished, waxed. More