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Project • By Luigi Rosselli ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Murra Murra Place

Boasting one of the most scenic settings in Sydney, the site of Prince Henry at Little Bay is loaded with history. Firstly as a significant aboriginal site; since the 1880s an important coastal hospital with a rich legacy collection of public buildi... More

Project • By [tp3] architektenPrivate Houses

House BFW

A building with highs and lows These two leading themes are arranged to create a single overall structure through the symbiotic positioning of the different roof landscape. The integrated roof landscape means that at first glance it is not clear t... More

Project • By Turnbull Griffin HaesloopHousing

Atherton Residence

Located on the peninsula south of San Francisco, this house sits on an internal suburban flag lot. The previous 1950s house, removed due to structural problems, featured mature landscaping and a manmade pond that the clients wanted to preserve. They... More

Project • By Turnbull Griffin HaesloopHousing

Hillside Residence

The house is sited to engage the undulating hillside and capture the spectacular views of Mount Tamalpais and the San Francisco Bay. A curved retaining wall follows the contours of the hillside and anchors the house to the steep site. The house is tu... More

Project • By Crone PartnersHousing

Good House

Crone Partners Melbourne office has designed the Good Residence in Sandringham, Victoria. Embracing the challenge of a relatively tight inner suburban location, and restrictive building envelope, the designers worked closely with the client to rat... More

Project • By Franklin Azzi ArchitecturePrivate Houses


The house is surrounded by two extensions of the canvas that will be rooms or lounges summer. The extension consists of wood, canvas covers a camouflage of the Cuban Army. Above boxes of tissues is a wooden terrace overlooking the valley. Slab of the... More

Project • By C.F. Møller ArchitectsHousing

villa alstrup

Villa Alstrup by the Wadden Sea has everything an exclusive villa should offer, but it is also sustainable. The villa is an energy-plus house, which means that it produces more electricity and heat than it uses. The energy is harvested from nature wi... More

Project • By TECTONIC DESIGNApartments

Mason Residence

The Mason residence is a modern reinterpretation of the single family home. One a conceptual level, the house is based on the concept of a jewelry box. Warm wood exteriors open up to a softer sublet clean interior with jewel like lighting fixtures. T... More

Project • By Parsonson ArchitectsHousing

Pekapeka House

This holiday home is an exploration in how to create a building of both a strong architectural character and economy. We have used simple modular construction techniques combined with a very simple form. The plan is a rectangle and is divided into 3... More

Project • By SGA LimitedApartments


A multifarious project that has seen the makeover of a tired, generic 1920’s bungalow into a modern, contextual, architectural home and provided a journey of personal and inventive discovery for the owner/architect/builder and team involved in the pr... More

Project • By Vandeventer + Carlander ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Lake Union Floating Home

Continuing a long and distinguished history of floating homes in Seattle, this new floating home is located on Lake Union, in the heart of the city. Offering panoramic views south of downtown Seattle, Queen Anne Hill to the west, and Gas Works Park... More

Project • By David Coleman Architecture


This is a modest, sustainable building with a big presence in a big landscape. The Hill House is composed of a 20’ wide x 115’ long stepped platform, a shelter formed by the roof and east wall, and several gabion stone walls. It is sited on a long... More

Project • By Randy Brown ArchitectsLaboratories


The architect purchased this property and decided to move into the existing house while phasing construction projects. The intention is for the project to be a laboratory for architectural experiments. The site is in the country in a wooded are... More

Project • By Shed Architecture & DesignPrivate Houses

Backyard House

Located in a central but marginal Seattle neighborhood, the Backyard House is a speculative infill development that takes its name from its site—the subdivided backyard of an existing single family house. The projects fundamental objective, to build... More

Project • By Powerhouse CompanyPrivate Houses

Villa 1

Villa 1 was the first commission for Powerhouse Company, two months after its founding in May 2005. Set in a clearing in a large pine forest, the program of Villa 1 is oriented optimal towards the views on the terrain and the sun. Half of the program... More