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Product • By 9Wood1100 Cross Piece Grille

1100 Cross Piece Grille

An elegant and practical system that is seismically compliant and simple to install and remove.   The 9Wood Cross Piece Grille style wood ceiling offers a design where the individual wood member is deeper than it is wide. The standard panel width is 12″ or 24″. Standard panel lengths are 4′, 6′, 8′, or 10′ (nominal).   The Cross Piece Grille uses a pre-assembled panel fabrication process. This product can be installed throughout the country and is the preferred design in areas requiring seismic compliance. Full panel access is available by means of removing attachment screws hidden in reveals. Repeated removal requires threaded 9Wood T-Bolt™ attachment as opposed to screws. More

Product • By PergoPergo Wide Long Plank - water resistant laminate

Pergo Wide Long Plank - Laminate

Deep, true to nature textures and a matt surface for an exclusive look (Sensation) and superior water-resistance (AquaSafe) More