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Project • By Boozhgan StudioApartments


The lot coverage of 60%, five single-unit floors above the ground, provision of maximum total floor area for sale, are popular terms for many residential buildings in Tehran. The buildings which are making the reality of the city and its body, which... More

Project • By Terra e TumaPrivate Houses

Guaianaz House

A couple of philosophers presented us a uphill terrain, located between several high buildings and unfavorable solar orientation. They requested a lean project, but with a music studio and a swimming pool lane.   We designed a house with facad... More

Project • By WY-TOShops

Harmony of Senses

Following the design notion of Rebirth in Great World City, Spa Esprit envisions both of its new Raffles City beauty outlets to be an extension in reflecting similarities in terms of materiality and colour palette. The two outlets are interestingly l... More

Project • By Dipen Gada and AssociatesPrivate Houses

Dr. Nene’s Residence

Nestled amidst a sprawling 75,000 sq. ft. of lush green plot Nene's residence is an architectural delight that looks spectacular with its clean, bold lines defining its glory. The house is linear that runs along the east-west axis with the entrance b... More

Project • By Estudio FlumeCommunity Centres

Castanhas de Caju Extension

The project is located in Nova Vida, a small community in Bom Jesus das Selvas in the state of Maranhao in Brazil. It consists of the refurbishment and extension of a small house into the headquarters of the newly formed coconut producers cooperative... More

Project • By VON MChurches

Gemeindehaus und Christuskirche

The oldest church in Kehl, the classicist Christuskirche, should be extended to a multi-functional parish centre through refurbishment  and the construction of a new parish hall.   The master plan targets a rearrangement of the former vil... More

Project • By Silp ArchitectsOffices


The Est 64 is a 1000 sqm office building project, converted from a 40-year-old warehouse on Sukhumvit 64, Punnawithi Railway Station. The former warehouse building was built as a two story reinforced concrete structure, with one mezzanine level and o... More

Project • By Atelier TarabusiOffices

Offices building in Lille

The project site is characterized by the presence of large ancien industrial buildings, terraced houses and small dwellings. In this urban variety, the terracotta, explained in various forms, connects different volumes, programs and epochs. In this c... More

Project • By Luciano KrukPrivate Houses


A well-chosen place ‘Mapuche Country Club’ does not come to be a new born ‘country’ (condominium). Therefore, its lush vegetation, which has grown throughout the years, has added such a value to the place that has led both our clients (and friends... More

Project • By YODA architecturePrivate Houses

House B

Half brick, half corrugated iron, this house in the northern French countryside by Yoda Architecture aims to meld together the local urban and agricultural typologies Designed by Robin Lamarche and Julien Chabert – co-founders of local studio Yoda Ar... More

Project • By Made in EarthHousing


Vellore House is part of an integrated network of architectures for the Indian NGO Terre des Hommes Core to benefit needy local people. The overall program follows children from early childhood and beyond in education and training. The innovation of... More

Project • By BAK ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Mapuche House

‘Mapuche Country Club’ does not come to be a new born ‘country’ (condominium). Therefore, its lush vegetation, which has grown throughout the years, has added such a value to the place that has led both our clients (and friends) and us to agree on th... More

Project • By HARQUITECTESPrivate Houses


The house was for a young couple without children, and had some initial programmatic requirements which were pretty conventional (a garage, three bedrooms, a study, etc). The plot, which was triangular and around 400m2, was part of a land promotion p... More