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Project • By Mirko FerrariOffices

e-Frame: Modular Prefabricated Construction in AR

e-FRAME is based on the very simple idea of an innovative structural node and rods that can be combined together at will to create buildings of varied complexity. The system is assembled with dry construction techniques, thus making it suitable for very quick and effective setup of buildings under different climatic conditions and at different latitudes. We have built an immersive experience to let users explore a simple prefabricated housing unit typology in 1:1 scale. The immersive experience has both a VR and an AR component. The VR experience is accessed via a standalone application for Oculus Rift S and allows users to virtually explore the building as a virtual environment More

Project • By Neumann Monson ArchitectsHospitals

GuideLink Center

Law enforcement, healthcare providers, and local government agencies joined to create a 24/7, low-barrier facility to provide intervention and treatment for substance abuse, mental health, trauma, and act as a winter shelter. These offerings are an important alternative to traditional police intervention for individuals in crisis situations. The voluntary facility is strategically located near other supportive services, as well as bus, bike, and pedestrian routes.  Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio   The building is organized around its three program elements – office, behavioral services, and shelter – and is punctured across its main facade with primary access points. Inviting entrances incorporate full glazi... More

Product • By Heliartec Solutions Co., Ltd.Aesthetic Energy Panel

Aesthetic Energy Panel

Aesthetic Energy Panel - Innovative integration of aesthetics and functionality to enable generation of solar PV energy from building envelops Functioning as colored laminated safety glass, AEP can replace traditional cladding in the ventilated façade structure and further turn the building envelops into generators of clean energy.   Appealing graphical patterns: High-resolution digital printing technology enables AEP to mimic the patterns of traditional building materials or to realize any designer/architect’s creations.  Special treatment on the glass surface creates a silky texture, enhances the vividness and reduces reflected glare. Superior build quality: Stability and durability are strengthened by utilizi... More

Project • By gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners ArchitectsTrain stations

Berlin Central Station

On the site of the historic Lehrter Bahnhof Europe’s largest station is presently under construction: This is where an east-west and a north-south InterCityExpress railway line intersect, combined with suburban and underground railway lines. The north-south track runs in a tunnel 15 m below ground level, passing below the Spree and the Tiergarten. The east-west track is located 10 m above street level. The central design principle of the Lehrter Bahnhof is the prominent emphasis of the existing railway tracks in the urban landscape. Large filigree glass roofs as well as two bridging office buildings translate this principle with architectural means. In the central area of the station cross, which rests on a building socle, the ceilings o... More