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Project • By MVSA ArchitectsShops

Shoebaloo Amsterdam

SHOEBALOO, a designer footwear boutique in the Netherlands, has three shoe shops in Amsterdam and is as popular for its shoes as for its cutting-edge interiors. One of the shops is situated in the ultra chic P.C. Hooftstraat. Despite being only 100... More

Project • By OBJEKTⒸInternational Private Houses

Celluloid Jam House

“I once read that to build architecture does not merely mean to put something on the ground. Rather, the idea is to bring the ground and the structure together appropriately.” These words come to life when you take a look at Japanese architect Norisa... More

Project • By SubarquitecturaLaboratories

Laboratories Near to a Lemon Orchard

The building is located inside the Campus de los Desamparados in Orihuela, next to a lemon orchard. There, the conditions of light, lack of rain and heat are really extreme, exceeding 40º C during the summer months. Laboratories and departments are... More

Project • By Jeanne Dekkers ArchitectuurFire stations

Firestation Houten

The fire station is situated on the edge of Houten, in allotments along the De Kruisboog road, an area where the architecture of the allotments served as inspiration for Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur. Wood and transparent materials from the architectur... More

Project • By Supermachine studioUniversities

BUCC Bangkok University Creative Center

BUCC is a project that critiques, challenges and questions today’s identities and activities of the youngsters as well as new policy in Thai society. For the past few years, Bangkok university has one of the most active organization to echo Thai gove... More

Project • By gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners ArchitectsMuseums

Maritime Museum

Two light roof shells, facing each other and overlapping, that in the broadest sense evoke in the observer the idea of a maritime shape and an analogy to a sail, create the identity-forming landmark of the Museum that is so decisive for the overall c... More