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Project • By RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTUREPrivate Houses

Hudson River House

After living in Manhattan for decades, the owners sought to trade the confines of city living for a site with sweeping views of the Hudson River. They wanted a compact home that was as extraordinary as the vista it offered, equipped with just enough space for two. Emily Andrews The site is entered via a winding gravel drive through meadow grasses and lilacs up to a framed view of the Hudson River through the carport. The lightness and reflectivity of the façade enhance the reading of a hovering volume in the sky, resting on just a few thin steel columns. Located on one of the town’s highest overlooks, the house was conceived around maximizing panoramic views of the town and river below via floor-to-ceiling windows across... More

Project • By Clear LightingSwimming Pools

Kuwait Pool

Flexglo™ F22 PVC type is superb for pool lighting since it's chlorine-resistant and allows for homogenous and continuous illumination. Chosen as the bordering light no matter around the pool or stairs nearby, thanks to the feature of flexibility, they can always merge to the environment harmoniously and make the design more elegant without compromise on safety. It's reliable for long-term submersible use complying with the stringent underwater standard UL676. More

NewsNews • 18 Jan 2021

House of Sand is designed for the coastal landscape of Valencia

The starting point for this stunning beachfront villa by Fran Silvestre Architects is its position in the land – behind a large and imposing sand dune that protects the coastal area of Valencia from storms. Diego Opazo To optimize views and provide much-needed shade within, two clean and crisp volumes are arranged perpendicular to each other. To take optimal advantage of the ocean views, the ‘day area’ programme of the house is located on the top floor where the house clears the top of the dune. The lower level, by extension, becomes a terrace for outdoor living. Night uses, primarily sleeping, are on the lower level and oriented perpendicular to the sea. Diego Opazo The pool area is the main living space of th... More

Project • By Gronych + Dollega ArchitektenResidential Landscape

Wohnhaus N

The project "Wohnhaus N" is a highly transparent extension of a simple residential house, which was orginally built in the sixties. The concept was the creation of a cantilevering glass body.    The outside area of the property was enclosed with a concrete wall, reliably dampening the noise of the adjacent street.   The measure was also taken to further improve the living quality created by the vivid arrangement of water and terraces around the newly made structural shell. The building itself is accessed by a concrete ramp leading over the water surfaces.   Lumber, concrete and steel are the defining materials of this architecture. The minimation of steel as a supporting element gives the inside area a touch of lig... More

Project • By deamicisarchitettiResidential Landscape

Country Garden

A farmhouse, a garage and a weedy lawn on a slight slope are the existing elements of a property between the hills of Gavi’s terrotory. The project is characterized by four elements: a wooden sleepers pavement laying like an embroidery texture, a clay canopy with an iron structure covering an open-air living room, a bio-pool with a stone-wall following the different slopes of the ground and a perfectly mowed flat circle lawn at the center of a slanting flower garden. The project tries to create a multiplicity of places and to define a process of uses well identified adding them to the existing functions. Every element of the project not only solves a practical problem but also represents the new use with specific design: the theme of... More

Project • By Indigo ArquitecturaHousing

Místico 10 House

Mistico 10 House is located in front of a large lake and a few meters from the beach. These special climatic charasteristics invited us to develop a design connected to the site, with its views of surrounding nature and taking advantage of its location to be ventilated using the thermal influence of the lake and the winds that it generates. The family recreational use to wich the house is intended, conceives unified social spaces without loosing provacy from the outside. For the Mistico 10 House, the lake is always the main protagonist, that is why from all it's internal spaces you can see its reflections, its movement and how its colors change throught the day.   More

Project • By MIEL ArquitectosPrivate Houses


Casa Forbes is a single house that looks boldly on a hillside of Costa d'en Blanes with views over the entire Bay of Palma. In the way in which the hanging gardens of Babylon built a domesticated natural environment, the Casa Forbes provides the necessary horizontality in this seemingly impossible terrain.The outer enclosure of oblique steel slats cut kinetically sieves the landscape as you approach its entrance. After overcoming the bath of views that hides behind them, the vision escapes you towards the garden roof, a fifth façade that displays aromas and colors in concert with a paved solarium worthy of a glass of cava ... per day!To enter the house you have to dive through a staircase that descends to the main floor where the living roo... More

Project • By Landscape Design WorkshopApartments

AMLI Sawgrass Village

Landscape Design Workshop has won a 2018 Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects design award in the Residential category for their project AMLI Sawgrass Village. The project site is located in the City of Sunrise with two residential buildings and a parking garage tucked in between. The 350-apartment community also includes a free standing leasing center, a dog park and intimate garden spaces. Each building is overlooking an interior courtyard. Landscape Design Workshop designed the courtyards as an amenity space for the residents, but did not want them to feel identical. The first courtyard is designed with rectilinear and crisp lines, whereas the second courtyard is designed with fluid and curv... More

Project • By Landscape Design WorkshopApartments

Veranda at Plantation

Landscape Design Workshop has won a 2018 Architecture MasterPrize™ Design Award in the Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Designs category for their Veranda at Plantation project. This lush tropical ‘urban jungle’ courtyard forms the social hub of the apartment complex and helps to mitigate the urban heat island effect. The 6-story residential building wraps around an interior courtyard featuring a lagoon-like swimming pool with a beach entry. Cascading fountains welcome the residents as they enter the courtyard and the calming sound of water can be enjoyed from the apartments’ balconies. All ground-level units facing the interior courtyard enjoy a direct access to the common area, providing a village-like atmosphere and contributing to... More

Project • By Alpha Wellness SensationsHotels

Huyze Fox Hotel

Traditional sauna with dimensions: 250cm x 200cm x 210cm - interior walls in dark natural stone - wood finishing in red Canadian cedar - benches and backrests in abachi wood - front wall in 8mm tempered glass - Finnrock 12 KW sauna heater by EOS - Emotec D sauna control panel - backlit RGB LED.Infrared lounging cabin with dimensions: 160cm x 160cm x 220cm - structure walls in spruce frame - wood finishing in red Canadian cedar - TUV certified and patented ergonomic quartz back heaters with total wattage 3.2KW at 220V - AASC (Alpha Adaptive Smart Control) sauna control panel - TUV certified front wall in 8mm tempered glass. More

Project • By Alpha Wellness SensationsSwimming Pools

Private Wellness Area

Alpha Wellness Sensation is a design-build firm with a team of dedicated individuals committed to offering unique, functional and innovative wellness solutions. We specialize in custom saunas, luxury infrared cabins, professional steam rooms, immersive salt caves, built-in ice chambers and experience showers for residential and commercial clients. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Villa Ocean

The design of this modern and gentle smooth stone is perfect for terraces with straight and architectural lines. The light colour enables creating dream minimalist and timeless swimming pools. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Teselios in Rhodes Island Pool Project

STROMBOLI SERIEThe design of this modern and gentle smooth stone is perfect for terraces with straight and architectural lines. The light colour enables creating minimalist and timeless dreamed swimming pools. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Gennadi Grand Resort Rhodes

CONTEMPORARY MEDITERRANEANThe Gennadi Grand Resort of Rhodes is called to be one of the reference hotels of the Island of Rhodes.The luminosity is the protagonist in this space dominated by neutral colors and warm environments. Our Stromboli Light serie, in 75x75 format, offers this complex elegance, sophistication, simplicity and luminosity with Mediterranean airs.Together with the Stromboli Light color we find our Creta pool coronation system and RJ67 drainage grid, both with straight and simple lines, also in the same color with which we create the "integral aesthetic" effect that so characterizes our collections.We enclose in this email a photographic summary of this impressive complex. We hope you enjoy them. More

Product • By Cerámica MayorCOVE POOL SYSTEM


Porcelain stoneware is a compact, resistant material characteristic for its almost inexistent porosity and therefore, to its low water absorption.A peculiar characteristic of porcelain stoneware pieces is their own composition. Only pure materials, such as minerals, kaolin, feldspar, clay, are used for the composition of each tile.It is a product resistant to external agents. Its vitrified structure, with a low porosity degree ensure a high impermeability to acids, dirt and ice. the porcelain stoneware pavements by Cerámica Mayor are anti-slip, resistant to abrasions, fire and meet the current international regulations. Ideal for residential and public areas (including high transit and traffic density areas), the solutions offered by Mayor... More