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Project • By Dietrich | Untertrifaller ArchitektenResidential Landscape

Metzgergrün Quarter

Over the next ten years, the Metzgergrün district is set to undergo a profound transformation and change into a contemporary housing estate without losing its original character. To replace the 27 row buildings from the 1950s, a modern district with about 500 new apartments and generous green areas is being built here. “This urban composition of residential courtyards, social center, high-quality and differentiated open spaces, new networks and the right connections has the potential to become a model and future-oriented quarter,” praised the jury. Dietrich Untertrifaller Manageable Neighborhoods The design arranges the apartments into six blocks, creating manageable neighborhoods. Each block combines three to four-s... More

Project • By Dietrich | Untertrifaller ArchitektenApartments

Waldgartenstraße Residential

For this small estate in a quiet residential area loosely built up with single-family homes, we have arranged two elongated cubes slightly offset to each other. This ensures both the necessary privacy and unobstructed, wide views. To the north, an inviting, semi-public courtyard opens up the complex, while the play ground is located to the north-east, separated from the private areas. The architecture skilfully plays with the contrast of raw concrete and fine wood structure. The façade is extensively glazed, the balconies offer constructive weather protection and summer thermal insulation. The emphasis on the horizontal, the contrast between closed and open areas and the targeted use of daylight appear unobtrusively elegant. Albre... More

Project • By IN8 Design Inc.Private Houses

Condo I

Winner of the ARIDO Award of Excellence 2013. Caption Caption Newly empty-nesters, our clients asked for ultra-contemporary interiors to reflect their personal tastes and interests. IN8’s visioning / imaging work established the bold aesthetic; their detailed analysis revealed opportunities to rationalize and enhance the existing spaces. New flooring, millwork, and finishes complement the re-organized rooms. Caption Caption More

Project • By DOSarchitectsPrivate Houses

Holland park

This beautiful Grade II listed home was a real labour of love for us at Dos Architects. Our client wanted to update this four-storey, 500 square metre Georgian house keeping its original quirks while creating a perfect family home - with all the latest creature comforts - which would simultaneously form the ideal backdrop for a truly spectacular art collection. Having been originally built by a renowned artist, natural light is at the heart of the construction, and our aim was to perfectly complement this with cleverly installed and complimentary artificial lighting throughout. Caption Caption Caption Because the façade is untouchable, we set about altering the interior ceiling heights and updating the lay-out and tec... More

Project • By Tim de GraagPrivate Houses

House 20x3

This narrow 18th century house in the south west of the Netherlands had been in decay since the 70’s when it lost its historical exterior and had lain empty for several years. Essentially reduced to just a 3- meter wide shell by the time the owner purchased it, the property, like similar houses in the area, presented a number of challenges to overcome before it could become a modern and workable home – long dark corridors, poor privacy caused by the ground floor windows facing the street, and critically a lamentable lack of daylight throughout the house. Dutch architect Tim de Graag recently finished the transformation of this residence. Joep Rutgers The dynamic concept for creating a spacious, light and calm interior in w... More

Project • By Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & PlannersOffices

National Urban League

The National Urban League is a historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment to elevate the standard of living in historically underserved urban communities. The new building is a collaboration of private, public, and state organizations, and will house the Urban Civil Rights Museum Experience and the National Urban League Institute for Race, Equity and Justice in addition to the National Urban League’s headquarters. Caption The building will also feature retail, 90,000 SF of office space, and 171 affordable apartments to be constructed with support from New York State Homes and Community Renewal. The rational and urbane articulation of the curtain wall and massing expresses the different uses on 125th Str... More

Project • By Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & PlannersApartments

Essex Crossing, The Rollins

The Rollins is a 15-story mixed-use development on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and one of the nine sites in the 6-acre Essex Crossing Mixed-Use Development Project, the largest stretch of undeveloped City-owned land in Manhattan below 96th Street, also known as Seward Park. The site contains 211 apartments and 73,000 SF of retail space. Half of the apartments will be affordable for low, moderate and middle-income families. The project also includes a 15,000 SF park that marks the site as a key community element. The building design features brick and metal panels that echo the textures of the surrounding urban fabric.   More

Project • By MetrostudioResidential Landscape

Zhengzhou Youwell Cohesion of County

[ABOUT PROJECT] The project is located in Zhengzhou's key international cultural and creative industrial park, the Green Expo area, surrounded by the Green Expo Park, Zhongyuan Bund Park and Jialu River, forming a full ecological green envelope. The landscape design integrates the modern living concept of new Chinese humanities to create a modern and natural high-end urban garden mansion for modern city dwellers, allowing them to live in a poetic manner.   [DESIGN CONCEPT] The project respects the traditional Chinese art of enclosure and five courtyards, and at the same time integrates the modern western symbiosis of human living characteristics, carefully creating four landscape highlights: the entrance welcoming landscape, the ce... More

Project • By Surfacing SolutionHousing


Interior Design meets Real-Estate Development in this Southern Califiornia Residence More

Product • By La Robinetterie de ParisElegance


Une collection aux milles aspects, Marine, Méduse, Goutte d’Eau, Etoile... Une collection qui s’adapte aux envies et projets de chacun.Une collection qui porte bien son nom. ----- A collection with a thousand aspects: Marine, Méduse, Goutte d'Eau, Etoile...A collection that adapts to everyone's desires and projects.A collection that lives up to its name. More

Project • By Forcinito ArquitectosApartments

La Mansa Nordelta

The La Mansa complex has a privileged location in the Golf Islands, surrounded on three of its sides by water. This, in addition to being a virtue, becomes a challenge, since due to its position it concentrates perspectives from different points of Nordelta. The building assumes the resolution of a meandering piece that contains the terrain at different scales, by means of a seven-level curved plate facing the central lake and another low-scale piece bordering the internal shoreline, forming a central plaza between them.The building judiciously resolves the different programmatic demands. The main body houses the most conventional units, typologies of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms with direct views of the water from the semi-public spaces and the sil... More

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsApartments


EOLICA RESIDENCE Location: Pregassona, SwitzerlandBuilt-up area: 4,088 sq. mDate: 2014 – 2017 The urban insertion completes and defines the urban block in a clear way by following the alignments of the buildings north and south of Via Vedreggio. The district Project consists of 4 buildings: orthogonal volumes that are inserted out of alignment in order to create a dynamic green space that on the plan resembles wind turbines. The buildings too are characterized by the centripetal “wind rotation” of the apartments around the central vertical circulation, thus opening the views from the living rooms towards perspectives that are characterized and amplified by the curvature of the living room terraces. The architectural c... More

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsApartments


WAVES Location: Savosa, Lugano, SwitzerlandBuilding area: 2570 sqmDate: 2015 – 2017 Unlike the usual modus operandi, we took over the Waves Residence at a later stage. We intervened in fact during the excavation work of a project commissioned by the client before entrusting us. For this reason we encountered a few project restrictions as far as the volumetric and the structure are concerned. Therefore we focused on other fundamental aspects: the joining of technique, aesthetics and context. The residence is located in an urban area marked by heavily congested access routes that are generating sources of sound waves; a problem that we solved by designing the appropriate shape and surface, following the principle according to which w... More
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects
Clouds - Mino Caggiula Architects

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsApartments


CLOUDSBiasca, Svizzeralocation: Biasca, Svizzerabuilt-up area: 1045 mqdate: 2017 – 2019   “When Pizzo Magno puts on its hat, let go of your sickle and grab your umbrella”    The project Clouds is located in Biasca, a town in Upper Ticino, a deep, wide valley nestled among the mountains at the foot of Pizzo Magno. The landscape features and the people that live there are founding elements of the project, which has its roots in the life experiences, in the tradition, in the culture of the people that live in this place and on the specific plot of land on which the project originates. Vine cultivation is a predominant peculiarity of this part of Ticino, and of the project site too. The daily rhythm of the f... More