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Project • By GriD architects pcPrivate Houses

Deep Creek Lake House

The home is situated on a secluded plot in the mountains of Deep Creek Lake with stunning waterfront views. The space was designed with a modern aesthetic that combines contemporary styles with more traditional materials that tie in the surrounding elements. An open-plan living area allows for plenty of natural light and an unobstructed view of breathtaking mountain views. Inside, the spaces are designed to maximize comfort and convenience, while outside, the landscape was designed to provide a private, tranquil setting. Caption More

Project • By de baes architectsPrivate Houses

House for Two Neighbours

This project brings together two row-houses that shared a party wall belonging to neighbours who wanted to develop together. Their goal was to create two rear-yard extensions that were both individual and worked together as a cohesive whole. The project was an opportunity to find new ways to creatively advance the Flemish architectural tradition of distinctively individuated houses that yet cohere with their context. Johnny Umans Johnny Umans Shared Vocabulary, Distinct Expressions We started with a shared design vocabulary that reinterprets Flemish vernacular architecture in contemporary forms and materials. The design picks up on the type's gabled roofs and punched windows, recombining these elements to create two individual e... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerApartments

Citadelle Dock 1, Deux Rives in Strasbourg

The Deux Rives project is the largest development project in Strasbourg since the Neustadt was built between 1871 and 1918. Aim is to redesign the Strasbourg-Kehl axis and to realise a transnational two-shore metropolis. The Dock 1 construction site on the Rhine Canal (Petit Rhin) marks the prelude of the redesign of the “Citadelle” harbour district. Visible from the Parc de la Citadelle to the Vauban Bridge, our project perfectly fits into the urban context and shapes its identity as an “eco-quarter”. Aldo Amoretti The mixed-use project with 83 apartments on a multi-story car park is part of a new concept based on the interweaving of various functions. This unique program creates a communicative environment ar... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHousing

Qulumbus in Klaus

With a view to careful redensification, we are building the Qulumbus residential and commercial building in the center of the Vorarlberg municipality of Klaus. The project consists of two different structures, connected by an underground garage. Albrecht I. Schnabel The street-facing three-story, crystalline cube houses commercial areas on the first floor and eight rental apartments above. The smaller rear building contains another four apartments. Albrecht I. Schnabel The buildings are constructed of solid wood. Only the base and ceilings are made of reinforced concrete, the exterior walls and gable roof are entirely build of wood. The facade is clad with dark glazed wooden slats. The light wood of the window frames and the wal... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHousing

Erlenstraße in Lochau

On the loosely built-up outskirts of the Lake Constance community of Lochau, we have built a modern residential quarter. In close cooperation with the municipality, the design advisory board and the neighbours, we achieved a careful and well thought-out densification. Spread over four buildings, we created 20 light-flooded flats with generous outdoor spaces. Albrecht I. Schnabel Different typologies provide a high-quality home for singles, couples and families. Built in sustainable timber construction, the buildings blend harmoniously into the existing residential area on Lake Constance. All flats are lit on at least two sides, and on the top floors even on three sides. The common access platforms covers an inner courtyard which, like... More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Laneway Terrace

Evolving a prior JCB residential project, Laneway Terrace is the result of the client acquiring a neighbouring property to expand their large family home. Derek Swalwell The existing dwelling on site was a dilapidated, brick terrace with a significant heritage listing. The client was committed to reinvigorating its history while creating a mix of indoor/outdoor entertaining and room for guests. Derek Swalwell The carefully restored heritage building and single storey addition now extend back along the adjacent laneway. A large operable wall opens to the laneway, activating and celebrating the previously vacant public space. Derek Swalwell Derek Swalwell Removal of the boundary fence between the dwellings creates a lar... More

Project • By Alumil S.APrivate Houses

TOYA (Towards Your Aspiration) – Root House

Modern architecture adopts traditional elements, that are present in Bucharest city, in order to compose a unique private residency. Strict tilts, and clear lines create a magical and harmonious material combination. The reflective attribute of the metal ceiling manages to decrease -at least in appearance- the size and the vertical structure of the house. Similarly, the bricks with earthly colors on the wall, offer unification between interior spaces, balconies, garden, and green areas.  Caption Symmetrically in relation to the building, two rooftops are extended in the front and back area of the house, forming protected exterior spaces for the residents, that they wish to enjoy their time there. Many aspects stand out: Jacuzzi,... More

Project • By NOZ ARQUITECTURAHousing

almada 451

located in the historic centre of Porto, an existing residential building gains new life. the study starts by ensuring the maximum allowed building area is used, and fit to the building context. NOZ ARQUITECTURA the poor state of conservation of the existing building and lack of any relevant architecture features indicates a new build is the preferred solution to make the most use of the available and volume to create an exceptional building with a high standard interior design. NOZ ARQUITECTURA the proposal recovers the intent of a previous project submitted at the end of the 19th century but for some reason never implement. the arched double height ground level windows provide the scale and discreet grandeur appropriate for s... More

Project • By Belsize ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Pilgrims Lane

The Pilgrims Lane project is the complete restoration. remodelling and addition of a loft and rear extension to a four-storey late 19th Century house in Hampstead. The house was structurally unsafe, and internally poorly designed and dilapidated.  The building had to be made sound and family lift brought back to a property previously divided into flats. This required creating connectivity, horizontally and vertically, as well as much restoration. Dani Vazquez Silva With the addition of two dormers a large loft bedroom and bathroom was created in a space previously felt impossible, while the main change was to add a contemporary double storey rear extension which connects the basement with the two rooms above. The new kitchen and... More

Project • By Architects Group RAUMApartments


Gathering, building a house, and living there together is like a dream of our life. Be that as it may, we are witnessing more and more houses are built for various purposes over time. Nevertheless, it is too difficult to gather all potential occupants so as for them to build a house by reflecting all opinions and needs of themselves. Particularly, any house where many families gather to live in downtown must be built as a multi-household housing type which is commonly called a “villa” in Korea. These houses often boil down to monotonous buildings by the land size, circumstances, or construction cost. For all that, “Mo-yeo-ga,” (which means a “Gathering House”) is to fulfill the romantic dream of a house i... More

NewsSpecification • 5 Sep 2022

10 contemporary kitchens with sleek, cutting-edge island units

Active lifestyles and hectic schedules necessitate practical yet elegant kitchens. Being the heart of every household, the demand for a functional and flexible kitchen is ever increasing. It calls for modern design solutions that are not just low maintenance but versatile enough to translate into a diverse range of styles and aesthetics as trends evolve.    Kitchen islands are self-supporting counter-height units with ancillary storage and preparation space. Widely used in lofts, studios and open plan houses, island units offer an unobstructed line of sight between the kitchen and other areas while providing a gathering space.     The modern kitchens selected here have a subtle charm that will never go out of fashion... More

Project • By 2STORM creative agencyApartments

ALPINA Residential Complex

The underlying concept of the complex is "play of silhouettes", where the natural landscape is intertwined with an artificial volume created by an architect. 2STORM creative agency This form is comparable to the existing landscape and the highway, which creates a certain dynamics and romanticism of the area. 2STORM creative agency When we were working with the facade, the requirement for air conditioning was taken into account. The idea of the facade "pattern" was generated, which was then transferred to its surface. 2STORM creative agency Thus, we have obtained a texture that does not contradict, but emphasizes the complex silhouette. 2STORM creative agency We tried to stay away from the traditional development of n... More

Project • By Clear LightingResidential Landscape

The Campton Clubhouse

The clubhouse in the neighborhood has F23 LED lights mounted invisibly in all sorts of corners, e.g. the curved recessed ceilings and the downward corners of the walls. The 2700k warm lighting gives the place a relaxing and soothing ambience, which helps create great first impressions for arriving guests. More

Project • By A I MPrivate Houses

A Peaceful Place

A Peaceful Place: a shelter of meticulos harmony, where the sequence of prospective and the continuous research and succession of full and empty spaces become essential goals. Simone Furiosi A space where you can find peace in the chaotic city of Milan. The starting point of the project was, on one hand the need of reorganizing the space, with the absolute priority of the research between the inside and outside spaces. On the other hand from the need to plan a warm but with precise lines apartment, with the aim of making it tailored according too client’s desiders without being invasive.A kind of palette full of natural colors to be furnished with the countless and decorative items bought and find out of the year. Simone Furi... More

Project • By A I MApartments

Brazilian Taste

The project is born from the prime necessity to convert the property from an office to a residential building. The owner asked moreover to think about an elegant, fresh, flexible space, which could communicate with the numerous plants: their major passion. Caption The whole layout has been then redesigned according to the new needs. That’s how Brazilian Taste is born, an apartment which is characterized by many areas and “microcosms” (living/kitchen/studio/dinner), but all of them are in continuous relation and dialog with each other. Caption The apartment is developed around an iconic element, “concrete box”, a volume which is closed on three sides and which hosts the living room. This is the core... More