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Project • By GKD Metal FabricsRestaurants

Emilio Balthus

A curved ceiling made of Lamelle metal mesh adorns the Emilio Balthus restaurant in Santiago de Chile. Rodríguez & Rufin Arquitectos designed the interior of the restaurant so the ceiling would become the central element. Architect: Rodríguez & Rufin Arquitectos More

Project • By Bean BuroRestaurants


Yakinikumafia   "We created a poetic narrative drawn from the nostalgia, excitement and glamour, where the airport was considered as a highly theatrical space for humanistic exchanges." – Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   "The restaurant was designed and constructed throughout the lock down (due to the Coronavirus), and opened just as the city began to ease its restrictions. The project's ethos was to 'ride out' the contextual challenges, entice customers and support the communities of farmers and producers." – Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   The Brief: 'Ride It Out' Bean Buro was tasked with the design of Yakinikumafia on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, a restaurant bra... More

Project • By dade-designHotels


DADE CONCRETE ELEMENTS AND CONCRETE TABLESThe Hotel Zürichberg, part of the Sorell Group, has a remarkable history of architecture – changing with the times and breaking new grounds. The restaurant, which also serves as a breakfast room, was reopened in February 2019 and designed as a contemporary urban space. The project was planned by the architects of the IDA 14 office and concrete played a significant role – dade design implemented the ambitious project in proven swiss made quality. 3D CONCRETE COVERSThe conical pillars of the room were given modern 3D concrete covers with recessed moveable lamps. Parts of the walls were also covered with panels which are not only modern but also functional.5-METER-LONG DADE CONCR... More

Project • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

Wolfie's Kitchen

Located in Hove, Wolfies Kitchen, was designed by Liqui to be a distinctive restaurant interior design that reflects the great quality of food they offer. Every aspect of this restaurant design was pushed to be the very best. The unique metallized copper bar, the handcrafted lighting features, together with the tables and chairs were all created specifically for this interior – making it a truly bespoke interior design for diners to enjoy. Everything was manufactured in its entirety at our Brighton based workshop by Liqui’s bespoke furniture makers. And before anything was built our interior design team produced full virtual reality renders for the client; making it possible for them to ‘step inside’ their virtual r... More

Project • By Liqui GroupRestaurants


This relaxing and informal beach front restaurant design was conceived as a franchise model. And, once again, Liqui and Crate47’s dual involvement in this project has worked seamlessly to create a considered designer restaurant with a strong but friendly brand identity. The interior design makes full use of reclaimed materials producing a warm, relaxed environment. Utilitarian style lighting combined with dark and weathered woods creates an industrial beach shack aesthetic which is further reinforced by the use of surfboards and stylized imagery carefully placed throughout the interior. This selective choice of materials not only creates a welcoming and immersive restaurant interior design, but also satisfies requirements for an affo... More

Project • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

Nine Restaurant

Liqui’s restaurant designers conceived Nine as an indulgent interior for the top floor of a skyscraper in the heart of London’s financial district. This well-considered luxury restaurant design features a standout cocktail bar that has a shimmering bronze front that forms a repeating geometric pattern. Together with the polished black walnut surfaces, subdued lighting and modern aesthetic this refined interior design creates an opulent eatery for diners to enjoy the stunning skyline views of the high-end location. With our branding agency Crate47 providing all the branding, logo design, menu, and web design while Liqui offers full restaurant interior design and build capabilities this comes together to provide a unique turnkey... More

Project • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

The Organic Kitchen

Located in the heart of Buckhurst Hill, Essex, The Organic Kitchen was conceived by Liqui to be a restaurant interior design with an airy and natural feel where diners could relax and enjoy the organic food on offer. Liqui created an eye-catching interior design where the main feature is a ridged structure running through the length of the restaurant. This allows for retail products to be displayed on the integral shelving and for a little bit of greenery to be brought into the interior – reflective of the healthy living ethos of the brand. More

Project • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

Zucha Bakery

Liqui’s restaurant interior design work is undertaken for clients all around the world; in the case of Zucha Bakery the location is Dubai. Our restaurant designers utilised high-end details which they twinned with a minimalist aesthetic resulting in a stunning paired back and refined interior design. Combining a striking steel mesh and pine ceiling installation with the use of walnut fixtures this spacious restaurant interior successfully blends industrial touches with Scandinavian flair. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design

The split-level design of the Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design located in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is a study in refreshing elegance and nature-inspired aesthetics. With a lush patio and lots of indoor plants (both hanging and floor-oriented), the thematic value of this restaurant interior is charming and eclectic. The use of bold colors and unique patterns throughout the space evokes an Amazonian effect, as if you've entered a vibrant paradise within a busy city. More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesBars

Kid Rock’s Made in Detroit

Architect:            McIntosh Poris Associates                Michael Poris, AIA, Principal Laurie Hughet-Hiller, AIA, Associate/Project Manager Charles Heid, AIA, Architect Jennifer Bueso, Interior Designer   Client:                  Kid Rock and Delaware North   Owner:                Olympia Development   Size:                     5,600 square feet; one floor   Site Little Caesars Arena is the centerpiece of The District Detroit, a 50-block, mixed-use area that includes eight theaters, three professional... More

Project • By Barovier&TosoRestaurants


The Marea Dubai restaurant if the first international branch of the famous 2 Micheline star restaurant Marea New York. The space is located in the heart of DIFC Dubai and spans over two floors on an area of approximately 4500 square feet. The main inspiration behind the design was marine architecture. Enveloped with the rich silk moire wallpaper and an electric blue Alexandria chandelier hanging from the ceiling like a sea anemone. More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesBars

District Market

Architect: McIntosh Poris Associates Michael Poris, AIA, Principal Laurie Hughet-Hiller, AIA, Associate/Project Manager Charles Heid, AIA, Architect Jennifer Bueso, Interior Designer   Client: Delaware North Owner: Olympia Development   Size: 7,600 square feet; one floor   Site Little Caesars Arena is the centerpiece of The District Detroit, a 50-block, mixed-use development that includes eight theaters, three professional sports venues and five neighborhoods.  The District Market, shared kitchen, and adjacent restaurant are situated on the arena’s ground floor with direct access to Woodward Avenue on the outside, and the public interior concourse of the arena (called the Via).    Program T... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Upcycle Cafe ( Ferdowsi Cafe )

Upcycling Café is about 360 square meters.It is a part of Persian Golf complex in shiraz .The main goal of designing is creating environmental , social and economic sustainability .The waste materials , existing in the location of the project and a locality of collecting wastes ,have been applied .The designing details is in such a way that employer was able to implement them without professional builder. Devoting part of the cafe to eatable vegetables not only provided economic self-efficiency , but also filtered the interior air . We destroyed a portion of exterior wall to supply natural light for plants . Social interaction has been realized through variety of seating , an insular counter and a stage . We used some materials from the pre... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHotels

Quarter Hotel

The Quarter Hotel & Suites Interior Design respects the ever-growing financial district needs of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, by delivering luxury and branded accommodation to business travelers. Its post-modern design is absolutely extravagant. With lots of classical details, soft curves and lavish light fixtures, this hotel redefines the concept of splendor. The double-height lobby, stylish furniture and elegant materials are all complemented by subtle Arabic details like gilding and mashrabiya as well. More

Project • By Deve BuildHotels

Tianxi Oriental Club

The design concept for this case is benefited from the regional culture of the design unit and a marketing strategy of Party A, namely the oriental ideas and culture. Such two-way culture/region relationship determines the atmosphere of the hall space of the Apartment Building: 1. A derivative from the oriental philosophy and culture.  2. Modern interpretation over its regional characteristic, namely the fully embody over mountains and the sea.  3. Primitive sincerity of worshiping the space, which creates a space triggering your feeling of sincerity. More