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River House Kilkenny

The site presented a number of challenges, including a house over 150 years old, the proximity to a Special Area of ​​Conservation (River Nore) and the existing topography. Although not protected through statutory designation the original house with its modest scale and unassuming architectural aspirations makes a contribution to our quality of life by informing us of our past and adding visual interest to the environment. The project aimed to preserve the heritage while making a contemporary architectural statement derived from a conservation objective. The brief asked for additional accommodation to meet current lifestyle demands. An adaptive reuse of the existing house was envisaged. The new volumes create an amicable relationship with... More
East bridge bank
West bridge bank
Street art


Anti-smog Bridge over Vistula River

Project name:  Anti-smog bridge in Warsaw  Typology: Bridge Localization: Warsaw, Poland  Year: 2017 Team: Jakub Figel, Filip Kurasz, Karolina Jankowska   The concept for the pedestrian-cyclist bridge over Vistula River was created for the international architecture competition. It is based on the anti-smog solution that aims to provide better air conditions in the city.    GUIDELINES  The main guideline for the design of the Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge across the Vistula River in Warsaw became the relationship between the existing bridges and the new form. The proposed bridge due to its lower rank can not dominate or compete with the exisitng Świętokrzyski Bridge. For this reason, architects decided to design a horizontal structure blending... More