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Project • By Studio ST ArchitectsSynagogues

Ansche Chesed: Renovation

"Accessibility was made an important part of the redesign. All the design changes ensure more equitable access and emphasize inclusivity." Esther Sperber, Studio ST Architects' founder.   The the almost century-old synagogue is currently u... More

Project • By Studio ST ArchitectsSynagogues


While working with a synagogue in New York, we pursued a speculative design that creates a new, shared building, for a residential condominium and the synagogue.  The condominium tower stretches over and above the synagogue  occupying the... More

Project • By Moneo Brock StudioChurches

Parish Church 'El Señor de la Misericordia'

The church’s main entry opens right onto a plaza, which functions as an annex to the church. Above the entry canopy, the façade is a large flat wall, an emphatic and square plane, declarative of the otherness of the space within: the sacred space of... More