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NewsNews • 9 Jun 2021

Hanging House integrates country retreat with the local ecosystem

Elevated from the natural ground level, Hanging House by Casa Container Marilia is raised from the natural ground level of its site in the Sao Paulo state in Brazil. Surrounded by native trees, windows are at the level of the treetops and balconies blend in with the branches. The earth remains largely untouched, preserving drainage and root dynamics, which were not harmed due to the minimal use of concrete foundations.   Celso Mellani The concept is that of a country house integrated with the local ecosystem, placing sustainability and recyclability at the fore. A construction system of recycled maritime containers was thus adopted. In total 80% of materials used in the build come from recycled sources. Celso Mellani Common... More

Project • By oitentaedoisApartments

Renovation for the Kims

Apartment renovationin Mooca neighborhood, located in the city of São Paulo - Brazil originally designed by the Brazilian architect David Libeskind, in the 60`s. We were commissioned by a grandfather and grandmother to renovate the apartment where they raised their children for more than 35 years. The apartment had received many small modifications throughout the decades resulting in a space without coherence, as it is common to many Brazilian homes. Since the children had now grown up and left home, the couple wished that the apartment could be remodeled so they could live their old years and to enjoy the visit of their grandchildren.   The project was a long process of reflection with the clients that went on for about 4 yea... More

Project • By Atelier PECLAT+CHOWApartments

Santos Apartment

Santos apartment was undertaken for a young couple in their late 20’s. They requested a timeless, elegant and serene home. The 1950’s apartment is located in the trendy neighborhood of Jardins, São Paulo. The renewal of it’s 120sqm was designed to integrate the living space fully, while clearly defining three different functions: kitchen, living room and home office, whose rhythm is given by a thoughtful sequence of volumes and voids.   The wooden entrance tunnel in Pau Ferro wood intends to guide and intensify the sensorial experience of those who enter from the dark hallway to the bright and clean living spaces of the apartment. The terrazzo floor, widely used in Brazil during modernism, with its opaque sur... More

Project • By Perkins&WillApartments

Oscar Ibirapuera

Burle Marx’s landscaping design, five edifications signed by Oscar Niemeyer and a rich cultural calendar. This unique blend of architecture, art and nature turned Parque Ibirapuera into one of São Paulo’s most iconic landmarks and one of the most famous parks in Latin America.  A day spent in the park inspired the concept for Oscar Ibirapuera, new multifamily residential edifice signed by Perkins and Will’s studio in São Paulo. The project aims to recreate Parque Ibirapuera’s atmosphere inside of the building, providing residents with a full wellbeing experience.  Inspiration by Oscar Niemeyer’s lines becomes evident in the building’s entrance. A wide pavilion with two floating s... More

Project • By FCStudioApartments

VMC apartment

This project's starting point was a large piece of furniture that crosses the entire apartment, reinforcing the idea of integration. Designed as a studio, this apartment represents the contemporary way of living. Everything happens in a single space. On the opposite side of this piece of furniture, the same happens. Laundry, kitchen, and office are part of a single piece. The concept of unity is also reinforced by the use of the same chromatic on the walls, floor, and ceiling. The lighting design highlights the horizontal lines and visually expands the space. As a result, the project becomes flexible according to the need of each moment.Building Vila Madalena Connection   |  Construction and engineering by Engetécnica   More

Project • By Perkins&WillBanks

C6 Bank Headquarters

Freedom in favor of colaborative work is the main concept from C6 Bank’s new headquarters. Global Architecture and Design Studio Perkins and Will conceived a modern, flexible and fun office inside an eight-story building with over 8.000m² in the heart of São Paulo.Developed simultaneously with the bank’s own concept, the project incorporates the company’s main values and culture, that include transparency, freedom and high spirits. “The creative process was interesting and defiant as it was actively conducted with the client”, says architect Fernando Vidal, Managing Director in Perkins and Will’s São Paulo studio. The building’s complete occupation by C6 Bank was fundamental to disseminate the corporate culture in the design. Destined... More

Project • By Perkins&WillOffices

Willis Towers Watson Latin America Headquarters

Global architecture and design studio, Perkins and Will signed the project for Willis Towers Watson’s new office in Brazil. The design for the leading global advisory, broking and solutions company’s new office features various references to São Paulo’s indentity and its most iconic spots.In order to meet Willis Towers Watson’s corporate culture – which places a strong emphasis on connecting office design to the local community, landscape and culture - vibrant colours were used in all of the areas in reference to São Paulo’s iconic grafitti walls. The cafeteria has two grafitti-like murals, created by artist Rogério Pedro, and a breathtaking view from the city’s skyline.Another reference to São Paulo’s culture is the sidewalk’s pattern... More

Project • By Studio LauriaOffices

Stocktotal Headquartes

The new headquarters of STOCKTOTAL, the Brazilian partner of MOTOROLA Solutions, belongs to the peculiar category of interventions, frequent increasingly in Brazil, of the so-called "retrofit do novo". The literal translation is almost impossible but, in fact, it is the construction of a new building based on an architectural project that "corrects" the one used to obtain building permits. In this case, the customer, disappointed with the design commissioned to a brazilian professional, contacted the local office of the Studio Lauria asking for a total revision. Of course within a setted budget and, above all, without the possibility of changing the total area building and the prospects already approved by the municipal offices. The main o... More

Project • By FCStudioApartments


The most important piece of this project is the bookshelf in corten steel that divides the social and private area. It configures the space and provides niches for storage and display of objects. The social area interact strongly with the kitchen, which works almost like an extension of the living room, eliminating the barrier between social and service area. The color, size and language of each piece were carefully determined, so the atmosphere was consistent with the sensations sought in each environment. Its a contemporary apartment. Bedrooms follow the same idea, with specific design pieces for a free appropriation of the space. For the common area on the roof, we chose design pieces that provide social interaction. More

Project • By FCStudioApartments


In this project, we have a total integration between the kitchen and living rooms, which form a single bright and flexible space, allowing varied types of occupancy. The dorms, oriented on a perpendicular axis to the social area, receive intense natural light through the large openings along the façade. The warmth of the wood of the ceiling and floor, contrasts the gelidity of the concrete and steel, all in harmony with the proposed furniture. The most pregnant colors and fabrics were applied at specific points, creating a contemporary identity to the spaces, breaking the monotony of a same color palette. The duplex version gives access to an extensive private rooftop, with an area equivalent to the apartment. In it, we work in the same way... More

Project • By FCStudioApartments


In this project, the biggest challenge was the conversion of a compartmentalized apartment in a home for a bachelor businessman, readjusting the uses and reviewing the hierarchy between social and private areas. The living room, TV, dining room and kitchen have become part of a single space, through the demolition of walls. It’s the most importante space of the project. The green table emphasizes the horizontality of the space and serves as a support for the luminaires that highlight the pictures on the wall. The structure was exposed and the largest wall of the apartment was covered with paginated tiles, incorporating art to the architecture of the place.The materials shows themselves with sincerity. The concrete, the wood and th... More

Project • By FCStudioSports Centres


Following the preexistent building, the volume proposed respects the triangular shape of the roof, which is quite common in Swiss buildings, and it is the identity of Helvétia club.In this proposal, new materials and constructive techniques have been used, which makes very clear the intervention and the intention and the intention of the new dialogue with the old.This project was developed in partnership with PAX. ARQ office. More

Project • By Estúdio HAA!Bars

Box St.

Located in the Vila Mariana, neighborhood of São Paulo, the Box St. project is based on the desire of customers to carry out a food trade with containers that allow a new interaction with external space and even a public use of space. With reduced budget and short term, the program and the implantation were a great challenge, as several difficulties were presented for HAA! Studio. Seeking to minimize resources and materials, prefabricated solutions were employed, reconciling the production of the office with the idea that was presented to us. In a land of 4m x 40m, located in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana in São Paulo, there was the desire of the clients to carry out a food trade made with containers that would allow a greater interac... More

Project • By Estúdio HAA!Parks/Gardens

Santander Parklet

The Santander Bank, from an ideas competition, selected the project by Estúdio HAA! in a partnership with Soul Urbansimo, to accomplish the urban interventions around São Paulo city, in parklet format. The restaurants at the heart of Itaim (São Paulo district), and also nearby universities, gain a new face with the new parklets installed, giving a new function to the city’s parking spaces. The initial idea was to bring a moving and illuminated atmosphere of the automobiles that circulate around the city to inside theses smalls public spaces of permanence and recreation, through a illumination project attached to the small urban intervention. With more comfort e much more to offer, the new parklets promise to make the streets much more... More

Project • By Forbo Flooring SystemsHospitals

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil Engineer responsible: Fernanda Mozes General contractor: Afonso Franca Conrtutora Installation by: RD PISOS Flooring consultant: Mauro Ortis Flooring material: 35000m² Sarlon Tech Sparkling, 3500m² Colorex, Marmoleum tiles More