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Product • By TeknionEmote Private Office


Emote transforms the private office into the creative office, one with a fresh look and the freedom to function in multiple ways. Emote is a collection of distinct furniture elements. It brings an expressive quality to the workspace through a palette... More


SFUMATO Shelving System

The dynamic outline of this shelf system evokes the skyline of an urban landscape – spacious and massive at the bottom, broken and fragmented at the top, with a continuous horizontal base. Different configurations and dimensions are realized through... More

Product • By Arlexitalia s.r.l.Lay


A compact bathroom setting, but dynamic and fully equipped at the same time; elegance and innovation coexist in a perfect symbiosis. Considering the important upcoming meeting Il Salone del Mobile 2018, Arlexitalia, in cooperation with the architect... More

Product • By Object InterfaceBrass Rail Shelf

Brass Rail Shelf

Made with materials as beautiful as they are robust.This is not only a statement piece — it's a functional work horse. The 27" wide solid sapele shelves can hold up to 100lbs (45kg) each — perfect for your collection of heavy art books... o... More

Product • By AmorphZiggurat Bookcase

Ziggurat Bookcase

unique bookcase designed and manufactured by Amorph More

Product • By De CastelliSOLOMETALLO


Just metal. An artefact made using metalbending, this is the fullest expression of the material in its natural state. Copper, brass and stainless steel illuminated with sparkling light. The aluminium legs are lathe turned, an ancient yet highly conte... More

Product • By ON&ONColour shelving systems

Colour shelving systems

A new type of shelving system for architects and designers. Any size up to 5 metres, perfect for the modern office, home, public or retail space. More

Product • By Piarotto - Mobilie sncNikka WOODY Modular Bookcase

Nikka WOODY Modular Bookcase

A revolution in the world of home furnishings. From today, the world of bookcases will never be the same again, thanks to Nikka Woody, the first and revolutionary completely modular "Made in Italy" bookcase with a heart of natural beech. Built in... More

Product • By Sui ParkSystematic Cubes

Systematic Cubes

This project is to design two identical containers in a sheet of plywood (8 feet x 4 feet) with minimum waste. These containers are built with Japanese Joinery without any nails or screws. The containers can be used as furniture such as a coffee tabl... More

Product • By ModusMeta


The Multi award winning shelving system, first designed in 2001 has been re-engineered and now offers greater flexibility. Constructed from folded steel, with adjustable shelves, Meta can be extended one bay at a time to any length. Available in a... More

Product • By Piurra FurnituringSeven Skirts Collection

Seven Skirts Collection

Seven skirts of Nazaré makes it’s an old portuguese tradition. Fisher women here still wear seven colourful layers of skirts, as well as wooden clogs and a predominantly black headscarf. It is said that they represent the seven days of the week, th... More

Product • By MOVISI modular lightweight furnitureBUILD modular shelving system

BUILD modular shelving system

BUILD modular shelvingBUILD is the ultimate in versatile, modular shelving. Whether you use it as freestanding shelving, wall-mounted display case, room partition, or as a set of stools, these infinitely interchangeable flexible s... More