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Product • By Spacesaver Corporation4 Post and Case Type Shelving

4 Post and Case Type Shelving

Create and alternate how and what you store with 4 post and case type shelving. Our shelving offers more options than ordinary shelving - it's universally slotted, allowing for the attachment of file dividers, bin dividers, and divider rods. Stack boxes, organize colour-coded files with dividers, and store additional material in compartments - all in the same shelving unit. We also offer door and drawer add-ons for extra flexibility. More

Product • By Object InterfaceBrass Rail Shelf

Brass Rail Shelf

Made with materials as beautiful as they are robust.This is not only a statement piece — it's a functional work horse. The 27" wide solid sapele shelves can hold up to 100lbs (45kg) each — perfect for your collection of heavy art books... or simply as space for decorative items to look their best.Built to last lifetimes. Sapele is in the same family as mahogany and unlike other types of wood which fade with time, sapele's colour will become darker & richer. Additionally, the unfinished brass will patina with use, aging gracefully with you and the next generation.Luxurious yet playful. Assembly is easy and reorganizing is fun! Shelves can be mounted at 4" (10cm) increments in up to 21 positions and the adjus... More

Product • By Piarotto - Mobilie sncPYRAMID Fitting Bookcase

PYRAMID Fitting Bookcase

Construction Aluminum Silver, Shelves Silver, Silver Back . Fitting PYRAMID is the latest evolution of the modular system designed to interact with all environments, from home to office, from libraries to the store. A spectacular display at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The first time that an aluminum pyramid is being presented to the public in a world premiere at the Milan Fair. Fitting PYRAMID , the aluminum bookcase ,takes up a wall high cm.413 x cm.731 width but is also available in other sizes suitable to homes and offices, as Half Pyramid (cm.730 x H.229) and Pyramid_04 (cm.366 x H .229). Fitting PYRAMID represents the highest expression of modularity, versatility and the ability to change over time, characteristics that have ma... More

Product • By Piarotto - Mobilie sncNikka WOODY Modular Bookcase

Nikka WOODY Modular Bookcase

A revolution in the world of home furnishings. From today, the world of bookcases will never be the same again, thanks to Nikka Woody, the first and revolutionary completely modular "Made in Italy" bookcase with a heart of natural beech. Built in exquisite solid wood and totally flexible in both composition and use, the Nikka Woody's innovative modular design means it can be assembled and adapted according to the space available in the room and the purpose required. Just add or remove the modules as necessary, modifying the design to suit your own needs, unlike other bookcases, which cannot be extended or reduced in size. The Nikka Woody is the perfect bookcase for any setting, and can be used in the home or in the wine cellar, as w... More

Product • By Piarotto - Mobilie sncSKAFFA Bookcases

SKAFFA Bookcases

Modular bookcases . SKAFFA CC6R cm. 300 x 251 H x 30. Modular bookcases and modern bookshelves . The photographed version consists of 7 shelves measuring cm. 300 x 30 and 12 Metal Box Color Red RAL3002 You can also choose metal box color WHITE, BLACK and RED. - Scratch-resistant white melamine shelves measure cm. 300×30 cm , thickness 2.5 mm , ABS edge 1 mm – Metal Box powder paint semi-gloss measures cm. H. 38 x 12 x 29 – Metal tube divider white painted x 38 H. – Adjustable feet (max 2 cm) white finish diam. 5 x 6,5 H – Nickel metal hardware for easy assembly – Height between shelves. 38 cm Librerie componibili SKAFFA CC6R cm. 300 x 251 h x 30. Librerie componibili e scaffali modulari di design . La versione foto... More

Product • By ON&ONBlack shelving systems

Black shelving systems

A new type of shelving system for architects and designers. Any size up to 5 metres, perfect for the modern office, home, public or retail space. More

Product • By Design by NicoBOOKCASE


Load-bearing, free-hanging bookcase. Combine the elements to create your own design and use at home or in a workspace. More