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Product • By De VormMG Series Side Tables

MG Series Side Tables

MG Series consists of three functional tables that have a clean and modest appearance. Three tables with distinction in size — and therefore in function. The squared tabletop made from high-quality wood veneer has a soft appearance due to the rounded corners, whilst the powder-coated steel frame gives the side table a robust touch. The tables can be used in various settings such as offices, restaurants and bars. More

Product • By De VormMG Round Tables

MG Round Tables

MG Round series consists of 3 functional tables with a clean and modest appearance. Three tables with distinction in size and, therefore, in function. The series completes the MG family with a soft round shape, suitable for a wide range of settings. From a small side table to an inviting dining table - the choice is there to meet the needs of every interior.   More

Product • By De VormMusette Side Tables

Musette Side Tables

The distinctive shape of Musette was inspired by oriental tables used during tea ceremonies. This elegant piece of furniture is composed of a conical base and a generous circular tray. Musette table comes in two variations - the higher coffee table and the lower side table. They can be used independently or as a duo. Simple and functional, Musette will become a humble eye-catcher in any setting.  More

Product • By MomoccaEmma Collection

Emma Collection

Emma is the result of adapting art to designer furniture. A new design concept that allows the confluence of functionality, design and materials in a set of distinctive, organic and unique side tables. All side tables are fully configurable in terms of materials. It is available in 3 heights and can be converted into a pouf. More

Product • By IndustryPlusTokyo Tribal

Tokyo Tribal

Tokyo Tribal chairs and stools carry a simple design and are compact in size to fit the modern urban living environment. The concept of ‘furniture’ and ‘miscellaneous interior goods’ are combined, in contrast to more conventional concepts of interior design that clearly place greater importance on the former. In allowing for these various products and materials to converge and function together, the conceptual aim is to create a sense of a small and tightly-knit ‘tribe’, greater and better than the sum of its parts.   Tokyo Tribal chairs are available in 5 variations, and the stools in 4 variations. More

Product • By OKHALean Side Table

Lean Side Table

The LEAN side table is a simple interlocking construction of three elements.The two vertical and diametrically opposing elements of the timber base slot into one another, each supporting the other; each unable to stand without the other. The circular top, which can be of glass, stone, brass, is a flat disc that sits in a recess provided by the timber base. The beauty of the table lies in its simplicity, in the reliance and relationship of one form upon another to create the whole.Specifications:Base: Ash / Oak / WalnutTop: Ash / Oak / Walnut / Glass / MarbleWidth: 440 mmHeight: 500 mm More

Product • By MarqqaCoat Stands

Coat Stands

Coat stand composed by a metal structure and diferent tops veneered with natural oak leaf or lacquered in solid colors. The Living tops have a recess that allows a simple fit into the Living structure and you can easily change the order of placement.   Dimensions:1035x418x1870mm 720x418x1870mm 405x418x1870mm   More

Product • By Paolo D'Ippolito - idee e designPrometeo


Prometeo is a multipurpose and multilevel coffee table.A cube is in a space dug up and seems to have been removed from the hole at the other side of the shelf.These three elements provide various additional features: riser, vase or container for the "cube", the excavated space can be used as coin tray, while the hole can become a vase or glove compartment (bottles, magazines, plants ...).The possible positions of the accessory are different and can create a new image of the table each time.Prometeo is realized in Adamantx®, an innovative, light and strong material for furniture. More

Product • By Peter Boy DesignR60 + R85 + R110 coffee tables

R60 + R85 + R110 coffee tables

The R-coffee tables can be used either singly or together. The lightweight construction makes them easy to move around. The tables may du to the different heights be pushed under each other. More

Product • By OIA - Furniture & ObjectsCOSMOS Side & Coffee Table


Inspired by the feeling of weightlessness and its connection to the space, COSMOS tables are craft entirely in laminated stone. This advanced technique allows us to get an ultra-thin and high resistant marble table top. COSMOS are light, simple, easy and multipurpose connecting with you and your style no matter what it is.Available: SAHARA NOIR, CARRARA, GRAPHITE AND ERAMOSA MARBLE More

Product • By Neil DavidBT4 Small Table

BT4 Small Table

In and of itself, an aluminum sheet is very flexible. Angled bending transforms a flexible aluminum sheet into a rigid construction. The triangular feet also function as storage shelves. Useful for bedsides, living rooms, waiting and lounge area. The finish is a powder coat matte fine texture. More

Product • By MG12ESTER side table

ESTER side table

Round side table made of stainless steel with regular structure. They are finished with a clay layer that gives much more matterism to the shapes. Ester side table can be disassembled in three pieces made of pure stainless steel: the top and low disc have 5 mm of thickness. The stainless tubular has 25mm of diameter. There are three models having different heights so you can create more combinations changing with each other the top. More colors available for clay finishing. More

Product • By RKNLBoBo


The design for this unconventional side table was inspired by the African Baobab tree. This tree with its wide trunk and fragile branches defies all laws of correct proportions, which makes it one of a kind in nature. The BoBo is expressing the same. Perky and unique. As a side table it sure is handy, offering three plateaus for a cup, mobile phone, iPad, remote control or even an old school book… There are two standard versions of the BoBo: burned oak with brushed brass and solid oak with white steel. The black version is colored using the Shou-sugi-ban technique, an ancient Japanese technique in which wood is burned to form a natural protection. This traditional torching method generates a much richer color than a standard s... More

Product • By HAPTEINStone


Carved from a block of Carrare marble extra white, placed on a bronze pedestal, Stone is alternately sculpture, bedside table, corner sofa or stool. At once sensual and majestic, Stone invites its user to deal with each of his strata to structure or deconstruct its veining. This interaction can create variations favoring a timeless pleasure to use. More

Product • By Tcherassi VilatóMissUnderstood tables

MissUnderstood tables

The Miss Understood tables reflect Tcherassi Vilató's spirit: young, playful, functional and different. It is one of our personal favorites. The inspiration twist from the rockabillies tables from the fifties grants this table a certain style unable to be forgotten. An eyecatcher wherever it goes. Materials: Carved MDF. Sprayed in colours. Glossy finish and protective coating. Gold leaf (optional). Iroko timber legs. w.60xd.43xh.45m w1.20xd.80xh.45m w2.4xd1.7xh.79m More