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Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Penthouse Sitting Room Design

Timeless architecture and modern interior decoration artistically combined together for the sitting room design concept of a penthouse in Burj Khalifa Boulevard, Dubai, UAE. The home interior has an aristocratic yet cozy appeal with its luxurious natural stone flooring of Black Marquina Marble, contrasted with White decorative ceiling in classic style and paired with walls of various materials, of which the trendy glass panel walls with panoramic view of the city stands out. Dressed with contemporary furnishings, the home design definitely gets fabulous with the daybed and armchairs, both of Lux Velvet upholstery in relaxing fusion of Cream and Strong Blue colors set off with relaxing abstract wall art, coffee table in high gloss black lac... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Stylish Sitting Room Design

Stylish and opulent well balanced sitting room design for a private villa in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Its ceiling dome and gypsum crown molding in rich texture enhances the home interior making it appeal more timeless and luxurious. The walls in light French Beige color along with diamond shaped mirror in renaissance gold finish becomes an eye catching element in the interior design with its classic pattern hand made wallpaper framed by an admirable wall decorative relief in intricate style. The extravagant home lounge room design has a welcoming and blissful ambient as abundant natural light fills the space through the oversized window with soft silk translucent draperies and sparkling chandelier in Swarovski crystal. The extravagant... More

Product • By IONS DESIGNCozy Contemporary Living Room

Cozy Contemporary Living Room

Design for comfort and relaxation, this contemporary living room concept for a private villa in Dubai is creatively layout in symmetrical manner to form a unified space, a remarkable characteristic of this interior. It serves as an everyday reminder of how essential unity and togetherness is to every family. It has a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere brought about by the natural light glow that comes from a wide open, ceiling-high window adorned with graceful silk curtain complemented by a stunning chandelier in Swarovski crystals and plain fabric cup. The relaxing neutral color from the sleek ceiling to elegant oak wooden walls with trim molding to polished Crema Marfil flooring and high end custom-made silk rug places the admirable minim... More

Product • By IONS DESIGNAdorable Luxury Fireplace Lounge Interior Design

Adorable Luxury Fireplace Lounge Interior Design

This lovely lounge is designed for a private villa in Qatar. It is layout symmetrically with the neoclassical fireplace as the focal point, an epitome of calmness and serenity. The large window furnish with translucent drape allows substantial natural light to fill the space adding freshness and tranquility to the interior. An over-sized arch window opposite a stunning glass chamfered divider and a remarkable high ceiling makes the room looks bigger and welcoming. There is sense of luxury and elegance brought about by the invigorating white color gypsum decorated walls, intricate cornices and antique paint finished ceiling embellished with exquisite Swarovski made chandelier. It is gracefully adorned with gorgeous sofa in Waltz White fabric... More