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Product • By Sovet ItaliaSlim


Sila is a chair project from which a lot of different versions take form, starting from simple shapes and natural materials. The body in multi-layer wood, available also padded and covered, is supported by a slim metal base, stackable or trestle. More

Project • By ODS - JansenLibraries

Arnhem Rozet

Knowledge and arts complex Rozet been voted Best BNA Building of the Year 2014. This multifunctional building was designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects. This cultural building is organized as a public route that meanders up from the narrow streets of the medieval city center of Arnhem. The cultural activities enroll along this public cascade: library, reading rooms, music classes, art studio’s, study areas, exposition spaces, auditorium, cafeteria and bookshop. A giant bookcase forms the center of the building as a spine for display, storage and vertical circulation. Around it, large column free floors surfaces can be arranged in a flexible way. The route to the top culminates in a panoramic roof terrace, overlooki... More

Product • By RubinetterieTime Out

Time Out

Designed by architect Marco Pisano, the TIME series is modern and elegant, its minimal form has two distinctive features: a slender, circular body and a broad, flat, spout. The lever is thin and colourful and stands out from the flat and circular tap giving it a slim and slender look. The particular shape of a "clock hand" of the lever features in the entire design of the product, making TIME an absolutely unique tap in the field of contemporary bathrooms. More

Product • By ArcoSLIM


The seemingly impossible Slim Table involves the use of an innovative steel sandwich construction with a lightweight honeycomb-structure core. Designer Bertjan Pot: "Some people will feel that the composite structure of the Slim Table undermines its authenticity, but this is actually what makes it authentic. The inherent properties of the different materials have been used as honestly as possible: metal for its strength and wood for its tactile and aesthetic qualities. Without innovation is minimalism quickly becomes a dead end." More