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Project • By FlosOffices


Cegeka is a family-owned IT solutions provider founded on craftsmanship that works in close cooperation with customers. These offices are B based in Hasselt (Belgium) and they include the following Flos' luminaires: USL 200 Pluto, USL 6060, Abajourd’hui, USO Boob and USL Out.    Images: © Alan Franzolini More

Product • By Lambert KampsFat Furniture

Fat Furniture

Fat shaped Furniture, inspired by the rising rates of obesity in Western consumer societies. The sometimes strange shaped human bodies, was the inspiration for furniture with an obese look. More

Product • By mminterierSoft


„relax, dream, love, listen, chat…“   A new collection of upholstered furniture Soft designed for mminterier. It consists of a steel supporting frame in combination with high-end natural foams and 3D upholstery. From the three rows of soft backing pillows, the last two are loosely inserted. This solution allows the user to create any shape and combination for individual relaxation and other uses. Soft is designed to fit into a small apartment, but at the same time, it can create a comfortable platform in a space of a big cubic capacity. The collection includes a chair, a small and a large sofa. We do not characterize this collection by the usual designation "two-seater" and "three-seater" on purpose. Playing with v... More

Product • By Arper SPAAava


Aava’s essential and evocative form is made even more versatile by the new inclusion of an aluminium trestle base and options for stationary or swivel function. The striking yet sensitive form that seamlessly integrates into any space has added more adaptability and customization to its thoroughly modern silhouette.  Aava transforms the essential and efficient into an evocative form. Intuitive and calm, Aava’s minimal silhouette can assimilate into any environment or articulate its own gesture of stillness, serenity, and warmth. The softly curved shell can now be completed with an aluminium trestle base in a fixed version on wheels, or a swivel option on stationary feet. The new bases are compatible with all Aava shells--polypropy... More

Project • By yellow office architectureShops

Casa Victoria Sweets Store

Casa Victoria Sweets Shop is both sweet in taste and, for the design enthusiasts, it’s the new local piece of eye candy. Using a relaxing pastel color palette combined with various fine tuned wood essences, the architects have created a special atmosphere in this small but delightful shop. The overall design relies on a combination of patterns, both floral and geometric, harmonized by an elegant placement of color and light. For a more playful sensation, the floor and wall finishes feature tiles of various sizes and styles, starting with large wood planks chosen for their natural feel and going through metro tiles all the way to the well detailed floral ceramic mosaic. The shop front opens up to a small but most pleasant terrace... More



Solid wood framework, feather seating cushions, unique metal framework with hexagonal shapes. Colors and metal finishing are completely customizable and the wide range of different elements gives customer endless possibilities. Bed headboard of the same collection available. DIAMOND CLUB reiterates the same hexagonal design but padded, not in metal. More

Product • By KristaliaJoko


Studio Bartoli Design had been working for years on a project for a poetically minimalist chair. The outcome is Joko, an absolute product. The difficulty lay in minimising it as far as possible, without making it too basic or rigid. Its distinguishing feature is the single fused shape, which is soft and organic, of its surfaces that include the front legs, the back and the rear legs. Its continuous surface can be upholstered in a variety of materials: in leather and in fabric in different colours and versions. Upholstered finish: DIVINA MELANGE 2 (Kvadrat®) fabric SCUBA (Kvadrat®) fabric Soft leather Client’s fabric More