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Project • By PliteqCities

Trestle Apartments

All-in-One Fitness Flooring Installed More

Product • By PliteqGenieMat FIS

GenieMat FIS

GenieMat FIS (Flanking Isolation System) acts like permenantly resilient gaskets used to reduce sound and vibration transfer through building structures. GenieMat FIS can be used for wood and steel framing, or for concrete block or pour. GenieMat FI... More

Product • By PliteqGenieMat FF

GenieMat FF

GenieMat FF is a robust dimpled rubber pad made from 92% recycled rubber content used when superior sound control is required in mechanical rooms, sound studios, home theatres, entertainment venues, medical facilities, excercise, gym, dance floors, a... More

Product • By PliteqGenieMat RST

GenieMat RST

GenieMat RST is a flat, resilient, reduced sound transmission mat made from 94% recycled rubber content, used directly under hard surface floor finishes and over concrete and wood construction. It is used when superior sound control is required in m... More

Product • By PliteqGenieClip Mount

GenieClip Mount

A unibody molded rubber and steel bracket used when objects, such as T.V.s, kitchen cabinets, head board, or garage door openers, are installed on walls or ceiling of multifamily, schools, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. More

Product • By PliteqGenieClip LB

GenieClip LB

Unibody molded rubber and steel bracket used when superior sound control is required in multifamily housing, high rises, or commercial buildings. More

Product • By PliteqGenieClip RST

GenieClip RST

Sound Control Clip More

Project • By BAUXBanks

OPUS Business Park Helsinki – A Unique Acoustic Space

Commissioned to design the reception areas for the newly renovated OPUS Business Park in Helsinki, interior designers Niina Sihto and Emma Keränen converted an empty, grey tiled space into a warm, welcoming reception hall. They eliminated sound refle... More

Project • By BAUXBanks

KPMG Copenhagen – Scandinavian Style

On moving to their new offices nestled in the newly renovated Nordhaven district in Copenhagen, KPMG wanted to create a space that represented their Nordic business values. Lead designer Francisco Sarria, took his inspiration from the dockside locati... More

Project • By Make ArchitectsOffices

Milton Court

This 46-storey tower in the heart of the City of London offers a unique and highly practical solution to the challenges posed by building within the area's dense urban fabric.The scheme comprises two distinct elements: a pod form at the base of the b... More