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Product • By Linea Light GroupCell


Cell suggests a total integration with architectural space. All Gypsum versions allows fixture’s ceiling perfect merging, making it almost invisible. Special metallized polycarbonate optic uses micro reflector high accuracy, with convex facets single cylindric cut-off cells, to guarantee the highest glare control. The fixture when working seems off and the light springs magically from architecture. More

Product • By LuceplanFortebraccio - Wall Ceiling Lamp

Fortebraccio - Wall Ceiling Lamp

Fortebraccio - Wall Ceiling Lamp guarantees a total light positioning freedom. The lamp’s distinctive handle conveys a highly charismatic, formal look, and provides an intelligent solution to the problem of directing light emission. Moulded in polycarbonate, it includes a switch and is designed in such a way as to be easily held and manoeuvred. Available in aluminum, glossy white or soft-touch black finishes. More

Product • By DreizehngradThe Beat Collection

BEAT Collection

The Beat Collection makes a clear statement. Three faceted metal wings embrace the light source and dispense light downwards and upwards. Minimalist and distinctive in design the pendant lights set exciting accents and are applicable versatilely. Their compact dimensions make for single and grouped arrangements. The precise geometric form adapts to different interior styles and environments. Through powder coating all metal parts feature an easy-care matt surface. The Beat lights are available in three timeless colours: white, stone-gray and pigeon-blue. In addition to the stock colours individual tones can be realized even in small quantities.  More

Product • By SIMESStage Round

Stage Round

Stage Round is a compact projector featuring a high luminous emission and a comfortable optics. Its sophisticated and elegant design stems from the inspiration of the famous Danish Holscher Design Studio. The attention to detail expresses itself in a game of minimalist, clean and essential forms. The comfortable optics, the feasibility of orienting the light in various angles and the advanced aesthetical research are the main features of the entire range. Their sizes are reduced to minimal dimensions yet maintaining the performance that remain at the top, both in terms of quality and light emitted. .STAGE: THE EVOLUTION OF DESIGNInclusive range of LED projectors for the architectureSIMES has widened its Stage range by launching a compact pr... More