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Project • By Banker WireSecondary Schools

Griffin Middle School

In Frisco, Texas, the new Griffin Middle School campus was designed with modern education in mind, focusing on small learning communities within the school, as well as spaces for larger group gatherings. Spanning over 180,000 square-feet over two stories, the high-traffic areas require durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily school activities. Banker Wire’s architectural woven wire mesh pattern FPZ-16 was chosen by designers for both its sturdiness as well as it’s aesthetic benefits. The iconic curved glass front of the building, as well as the numerous broad windows, create an airy atmosphere in the school’s main hall. FPZ-16’s 66.5% open area produces a strong barrier to ensure the safety o... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Corporate Office Cafe

In designing a prominent corporate office located in Chicago, Illinois, IA Interior Architects created “The Halo” in the building’s café and barista area, incorporating an elegant focal piece to the space. The lighting fixture is crafted from Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern IPZ-25 with a stainless steel and bronze finish. This blend of alloys gave the designers a color that complimented the miscellaneous materials used throughout the design, contributing to the classic atmosphere. “Creating a timeless environment was the most essential goal for the project,” says John Hopkins, Design Director, IA Interior Architects. “We found a vast array of products, patterns and finishes from Banker... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Corporate Office Building

For the design of a new prominent corporate office headquarters located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects utilized Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire mesh pattern—in a stainless steel and brass mixed alloy—to create a striking ceiling installation. Bridging two separate, glass-clad office spaces linked by a five-story, atrium-like structure, the wire mesh-fabricated ceiling visually anchors the interior as a key focal point. Similarly, SZ-4’s placement within the organic ceiling shapes nod to the mountainous exterior landscape while adhering to the building’s safety requirements. “Selected for both its aesthetic and technical qualities, the high-quality nature of Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

4747 Bethesda

To provide a show-stopping lobby experience in commercial office building 4747 Bethesda, located in Bethesda, Maryland, ZGF Architects created a dramatic staircase feature wall utilizing Banker Wire mesh pattern SZ-4 in stainless steel and copper. “In regards to the wire mesh finish, the combination of the copper and stainless steel is not only unique, but sophisticated,” says Ruben Quesada, designer, ZGF Architects “The high quality of the material warrants a front-of-house application; this mesh should not be hidden.” The reception desk of the lobby is set against the backdrop feature wall comprised of Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire mesh, fabricated by Synergi. Spanning three stories—from the lobby to the ab... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Dutch technology startup MX3D completes world’s first 3D printed stainless steel bridge over an Amsterdam canal

Over one of the oldest canals in Amsterdam’s Red Light district, MX3D realized the world’s first 3D printed bridge made from stainless steel. The bridge is designed by Joris Laarman Lab in collaboration with Arup as structural engineer. Thea van den Heuvel The project started in 2015 with a proposal to print a metal bridge with robotic 3D printing technology as a playful example of how digital tools can create a new architectural language.     “Evolution is a truly wonderful process that we try to harness in our work. Endlessly trying, refining, improving until slowly, something emerges that is so ingenious it looks like magic if you don’t know what went on before. In our work, we try to captur... More

Product • By Linea Light GroupNautilus


No Description More

Product • By Landscape FormsMultipliCITY Path Light

MultipliCITY Path Light

The MutipliCITY path light shares the graceful visual vocabulary of the collection in which robust verticals end in winged forms. The energy-saving path lights are offered in a hardwired version. It is a great solution for path lighting applications and can be specified with type 4 or type 5 light distribution. MultipliCITY offers distinctive solutions for path making and wayfinding in outdoor environments. This product is Buy America Compliant. More

Product • By MHBMHB Steel windows

MHB Steel windows

MHB's steel windows are the most exclusive, aesthetic windows for your project. The windows are made entirely by hand in our own facilities. The robust, sharp-edged steel frames are unique, durable and ultra-slim with a profile width of only 50 mm (1 15⁄16”). We strive for aesthetic perfection and the highest safety of our products. We monitor our entire production process to ensure that your windows are flawless.   Highest technical standards All our steel frames are weather resistant up to Class 6A - 600 Pa according to the NEN-EN 12208 standard. The thermal insulation of MHB windows is unprecedented thanks to the advanced insulation system in our solid steel profile systems. We add micro-engineered, fully double... More

NewsNews • 25 Nov 2020

SOM completes graceful dedication to the United States Military history

20 miles outside of Washington DC, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill placed a series of rigorous steel pavilions on top of a plateau to evoke the sense of monumentally befitting the National Museum of the United States Army (NMUSA). The museum is foremost a dedication to the story of the individual soldier and draws inspiration from three core military ideals: discipline, modesty, and rigor. © Dave Burk | SOM The facade is composed of laser-cut, stainless steel panels based on a three foot grid that refer to a sense of rigor and discipline. At each corner of the pavilions recessed glass panels alternate with painted aluminum fins. © Dave Burk | SOM “Symbolism and community were at the core of our design. We wanted... More

NewsMaterialization • 3 Aug 2020

Say No Mo challenges traditional concepts of ‘beauty’ through design

Say No Mo is a conceptually new format for a salon. Designed by balbek bureau, a traditional perceptions of a beauty salon – and its gender distinctions – are erased. For example, at the heart of the design is a bar used for both beauty services and traditional cocktail receptions. Yevhenii Avramenko Located within an old building in Kyiv, the salon has a total floor area of 200 square meters over two levels. The ground level features several zones: reception, lounge, manicure/bar and pedicure, with the basement level containing makeup zone, hair care cosmetology restrooms and facilities. With a curved-wall geometry and without a single parallel wall, the space also boasts 4-meter high ceilings. Yevhenii Avramenko On... More

Product • By LoooX b.v.LoooX BoX Collection

LoooX BoX Collection

Bottles of shampoo, make-up, toothpaste – these are just some of the things that we all store in our bathroom. Luckily we have some smart solutions, including the LoooX Colour Shelf BoX. Available in matt black, anthracite, white or brushed stainless steel. Which colour do you prefer?Handy to know: this item is ideal for mounting in the shower. The base has a slit to allow water to escape.  Do you prefer oak? Have a look at our LoooX Wooden Shelf BoX. It’s also very handy for putting all your things on. More

Product • By Banker WireL-196 Large scale wire mesh pattern


The Banker Wire L-196 is a Lockcrimp woven wire mesh specification. This square weave can be woven in a variety of alloys including: Stainless Steel, Plain Steel, Weathering Steel, Pre-Galvanized Steel, Galfan, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel/Brass, Stainless Steel/Bronze, Stainless Steel/Copper. More

Project • By VIBHOR SOGANISculptures

Joy by Vibhor Sogani

Joy is a 30 feet tall installation in Dubai Creek Harbour, UAE. The project is an initiative by Art EMAAR. The installation is envisioned as an ode to celebrating everything in life that is beautiful, joy-giving and unadulterated. Depicted as a bouquet of balloons, it reflects the ever-changing environment as the passer-by catches a glimpse of themselves in it. The installation is in close vicinity to the new upcoming Dubai Creek Tower, set to be the tallest tower in the world.   Inspired by a child who derives joy from simple pleasures, this shimmering beacon can transport the viewer from the mundane to a realm of pure bliss and calm. More

Product • By Patalab ArchitectureTwisted Plinth

Twistes Plinth

Twisted Plinth is a 'Patalab designed stainless steel display stand that can be adjusted in height and tilted from 0 - 90°. The capacity for reconfiguration is achieved by cutting the plinth along a 45° plane that acts as a joint allowing the upper part to slide along the cut plane for height adjustment, or, tilting displays into more favorable presentation angles.   This mechanical plinth thus provides higher levels of flexibility for the exhibition of objects than static ones. Assembled in groups of two or more the plinths’ individual configurations can add to a sense of communication amongst the displays themselves. In terms of construction, the plinth is a straightforward wireframe box composed of 8mm square steel... More

Project • By Archi-TectonicsPrivate Houses

Chelsea Townhouse

The existing 3,400 SF [316 m2] brownstone townhouse is a landmark, located in Chelsea, NY. It will be gut-renovated and a 550 SF [52 m2] garden extension will be added with two floors and a roof terrace. The client, a fashion designer, is interested in a ‘textured’ and layered approach. The new rear extension is conceived as a light airy space which creates a filter to the garden space beyond, adding more light and better views. The new garden façade is a 3D folded steel and glass structure with reclaimed tropical palisander infill. It extends the library on the garden level, the living room on the parlor floor and creates a terrace for the master bedroom area above. The interior of the townhouse is gut-renovated; the t... More