Stone floor tiles

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Project • By RMCHotels

Hostel | Porto

The perfect harmony between an old structure and a renovated entrance, can only be achieved with modern material that embodies the rustic and traditional look.   Exactly the case in this splendid building in Porto, our Merrazzo Africa managed... More

Product • By RMCMerrazzo Africa Grande

Merrazzo Africa Grande

Merrazzo Africa Grande provides an even bolder alternative to Merrazzo Africa – bigger stones, keeping the creamy base decorated with yellowish and redish stones. More

Project • By RMCResidential Landscape

Private Residence | Greece

As a showstopper, this private residence, in Greece, is in a category of its own. The architects did a wonderful job in fusing this amazing house into the rustic and unfinished background. The entire property has very sleek lines with dark and g... More

Product • By RMCImperador


Appreciate the beauty of earthy dark brown in combination with golden shadows inside. Its bigger stones are suitable mainly for larger areas. More

Product • By RMCMina


Would you like to build a luxuriously looking bathroom? Or a glamorous one? RMC Mina is the best choice. Its black colour which is just gently supported by small white stones, gives your bathroom an extraordinary effect. More

Product • By RMCAzores


Very modern light grey colour which is enriched by gentle white veins inside. These give your bathroom a feeling of gentle movement like whispering water. More

Product • By RMCBranco Nevada

Branco Nevada

The RMC whitest plain colour which can light up interior space. Many years of experience have also proven that white façade of Branco Nevada gives a building pure and fresh look. More

Product • By RMCMerrazzo White

Merrazzo White

The current trend in stone design is a basis for our new product Merrazzo White. It has become very popular with its mid-size stone pattern. More

Project • By RMCShopping Centres

Five Spice Restaurant | Singapore

In the complexity of designs, each aspect has to be carefully considered to take its place on the imaginative canvas of the architects’ portrait. With a major focus on hospitality projects, our partners at Grey Matters chose our Merrazo collect... More

Product • By RMCMerrazzo Algarve

Merrazzo Algarve

With its name referencing the region in Portugal popular for its sun and beaches our new product, the Merrazo Algarve, follows the current trend in stone design. It has become very popular with its mid-size stone pattern. More

Project • By RMCShops

Peluqueria | Spain

It has been for a while now that architects, designers and marble lovers in general have been waiting for something new, something cheaper, better looking and even better quality than ordinary marble. That's where our company comes in.   Und... More

Project • By RMCBars

Odeon Bar | Estonia

Founded in 2019, Odeon is a bar/restaurant and club dedicated to creative communities. Odeon is a contemporary social club on Kopli street . A home away from “home for the curious”, Odeon brings together artists and creative souls.  ... More